San Mateo County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 400 County Center, Redwood City, 94063 CA
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Phone: (650) 363-4911

San Mateo County Sheriff's Office is located at 400 County Center, Redwood City, 94063 CA. The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office phone number is (650) 363-4911.

San Mateo County Sheriff's Office News

We are so proud of the Sheriff’s Activities League teams (S.A.L.). These teams are made up of volunteers, S.A.L. team leaders, and Community Policing Deputies. Together they recently helped two elderly sisters clean up around their house in North Fair Oaks, taking away excess debris and painting their fence. They also spruced up Fair Oaks Elementary School, helping them remove graffiti and hanging out with residents after the work was done. These community outreach events not only make the neighborhood more beautiful, it also provides an opportunity for the residents to talk with deputies about any concerns they might have and allows the deputies to get to know the residents of the neighborhood better. If you are interested in picking up a FREE graffiti removal kit, stop by any of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Substations or come to the Community Policing Unit at 3151 Edison Way, Redwood City. For more information about the Sheriff’s Activities League visit their website here or follow Sal Salamander on Facebook.

The cop on a rooftop event was a great success. Thank you to everyone who came out and donated. Paul the Manager of Dunkin' Donuts even bought a Special Olympics Northern California t-shirt and wore it during his shift to show support. If you are still interested in donating to Special Olympics you can do so here

We need help finding Marc Bajet. Marc went missing on Halloween night and hasn’t been heard from or seen since. He was last seen at 11:30pm that night, and left his personal belongings at home, including his cell phones and car. He recently had a change in behavior and lifestyle, which lead family and law enforcement to be concerned for his well being. If you know Marc Bajet or see him please call Detective Carroll at 650-363-4067

The recent T.A.I.L.S. graduation was certainly something to wag about. T.A.I.LS. stand for Transitioning Animals Into Loving Situations and we have trained lovable dogs looking for their forever home. The TAILS program is a partnership between the Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) and the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office. Inmates housed in the transitional housing unit of Maple Street Correctional Center have the opportunity to train select dogs from the PHS over an 8 week program to make the dogs more attractive for adoption and more likely to find a forever home. The dogs learn basic obedience, tricks, crate and house training and the inmates learn life skills that can help them with patience, personal relationships as well as job oppertunities. All of the dogs from the past two T.A.I.L.S. classes were adopted before the 8 week course was complete and their new families couldn't hardly wait for graduation day to take the dogs home. We have some great opportunities for this graduating class, with 8 dogs still available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs check out the PHS website here or email Maria at

Here is a glimpse at a "Day in the Life" of School Resource Officer Vake Helu. School Resource Officers are a group of deputies assigned to the Community Policing Unit (C.P.U.) and they act as liaisons between the schools, students, and law enforcement. C.P.U. deputies work closely with the Sheriff's Activities League (S.A.L. or Sal Salamander) as coaches and mentors as well as engaging in community outreach through the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office - Caron program. Most recently, Deputy Helu was honored as “Deputy Of The Year” by the Sheriff’s Activities League at their annual “Food, Wine, & Heroes” fundraiser banquet. The Community Policing Unit hosts over 50 programs and provides services for over 11,000 community members throughout San Mateo County. They also sponsor over 700 families during the holidays as part of the San Mateo County-Redwood City-Woodside Fire Toy and Book Drive. If you are interested in learning more about these programs click here: To watch the extended version, including extra footage of Half Moon Bay students rapping about cops visit our YouTube channel here: Or check out this post on instagram to see what kind of horsing around they really get up to!

Happy Halloween from Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and all of the men and women of San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. There were a lot of Halloween festivities over the weekend, including a block party-BBQ hosted by the San Mateo County Sheriff's Activites League in unincorporated Redwood City, but the fun continues today and into the night. We want to remind everyone to please drive safely, watch out for pedestrians, take all precautions, and have fun. For more information, check out these safety tips or look for our post here

If you pass by a Dunkin' Donuts this Friday November 2nd, it might look like the ultimate donut heist! 🍩👮🏻‍♂️🤫 But don’t worry, law enforcement personnel from across California will be rappelling off the rooftops of multiple Dunkin Donuts locations to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics Northern California. We know cops and donuts have an infamous past, but we swear we are there for kids! You can find us at the Dunkin Donuts in Half Moon Bay and San Carlos. All funds go directly towards the Special Olympics Athletes and programs. For more information and how to donate click here

Training is so important, especially when it comes to skills that could save someones life. Over The weekend, our Search and Rescue team went over the edge of Devils Slide on the coast to practice their cliff rescue skills as well as cleaning up the coastline. For more information about our Search and Rescue team visit

The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office has partnered with Keefe Commissary for inmate commissary products in both San Mateo County Correctional Facilities. With Keefe, we are able to offer healthier options for the inmates, products they have never had before, and the online process is more straight forward for families wanting to send money. For more information regarding this service, click here: To deposit money for an inmate click here:

We are so proud of these graduates for finishing their general education development through Five Keys at Maple Street Correction Facility. Five Keys has been widely recognized for its successful education-based approaches to reducing recidivism and multi-generational incarceration. The ‘Five Keys’ are Education, Employment, Recovery, Family, and Community. The Mission of Five Keys Schools and Programs is to provide adults and transitional age youth from economically isolated communities with opportunities to restart their education. Accredited teachers use evidence-based pedagogical practices and transformative approaches that integrate Restorative Justice principles into Five Keys’ programs, with the aim of repairing the harm caused by criminal behavior. Congratulations to Steven Cearley, Michael Davis, Gregory Stoft, and Adolfo Moreno* (*earned his diploma but was not present at the ceremony). Thank you very much to the Five Keys staff for investing in our communities through education.

Families can make a difference! Listen to your kids, promote positive values, and strengthen their self-esteem were some of the tips given to the parents last night at the substance abuse prevention workshop at Moonridge in Half Moon Bay, through the Community Alliance to Revitalize Our Neighborhoods (CARON) Program and Captain Saul Lopez. Thank you to all who participated!

Another group of dedicated individuals had their badges pinned and read the oath of office today. Both of which are great traditions of law enforcement. Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos swore in one deputy, five correctional officers and three professional staff members. Please join me in congratulating them on a job well done. "We refuse to lower the standards for hiring and instead we are raising them. It is a difficult road to get here and we are happy to have them join our team." -Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

October is not only Breast Cancer Awareness month, but it is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Pickens County Sheriff's Office in Georgia put out a powerful video depicting domestic violence from a different angle. Viewer discretion is advised. Domestic Violence impacts over 10,000 people in San Mateo County each year. Let's work together to bring an end to domestic violence. For local information on domestic violence resources visit: or

📣 We’re hiring! Join our team today. 📌Continuous Hiring: Deputy Sheriff Trainee & Correctional Officer 🚨 📍College of San Mateo 🤚🏻 Stop by and say hello. We will be at CSM’s career day from 11:00am-2:30pm to answer any questions. Go Bulldogs!

These pictures might seem seem intense, but we assure you it was a happy ending for Cody (the horse). Here’s what the horse owner said about it. “Thank you, thank you! To Sheriff Deputy Mike, who’s patience, kindness, and muscles helped extricate Cody from his very awkward predicament. While riding in San Macdonald Park we found ourselves stuck in a deep ditch, unable to climb out. With help from La Honda Fire, San Mateo County Rangers, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, PHS-SPCA, and CalFire Cody was safely returned to solid ground.” -Chris Smith We are so thankful for the team effort made to help this wonderful animal and his family.

Care for Yourself Today, for a Better Tomorrow! The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Community Alliance to Revitalize Our Neighborhoods (CARON) Program participated in the sixth annual Sana, Sana, Colita de Rana event. Community members learned about healthy habits, healthy communities, nutrition and access to mental health services. This year’s theme was “Tradiciones que Sanan el Alma” which means “Celebrating the Culture of Healing the Soul”. Sana, Sana is an initiative of the San Mateo County Latino Collaborative. Thank you to all who participated!

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office has special breast cancer awareness patches available for purchase through the link below. Many people have requested these patches for memorabilia, or to support the cause, you can keep them for yourself or give them to that special collector, and some just love them because they are PINK! Whatever the reason, you can make this wonderful purchase knowing that it goes to a great cause.

Flood Preparedness Week starts tomorrow, 10/20 – are you ready? For more information, follow the California Department of Water Resources on socail medai below or click here: • Twitter: @CA_DWR • Facebook: • Instagram: @cadepartmentofwaterresources #CAFloodPrepWeek

There was a house fire today in Redwood City and we were able to save not only their pet “smoky” but also their home thanks to the help of Menlo Park Fire and Redwood City Fire Department.

Today, for the #GreatShakeOut our jail’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) simulated an emergency evacuation of inmates and medical staff. Trainings such as these keep us prepared for the real emergencies.

Want to have a sp👀k-tacular Halloween? Check out these tips to help keep you and all the boos and ghouls (boys and girls) safe this Halloween season. You can also download and print these tri-fold pamphlets to have at home, or pass them out at your work or school. English and Spanish provided. We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!

Opiate and fentanyl related overdoses and exposures are increasing throughout the Bay Area. To help combat those sometimes fatal situations, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office has now equipped all personnel with Narcan. Narcan is an effective tool administered through the nose (similar to a nasal spray) to reverse the effects of a lethal dose of any opiate. Recently, an individual was arrested and taken to Maguire Correctional Facility (San Mateo County Jail). Shortly after going through the booking process, that same individual became unconscious and stopped breathing. Unbeknownst to staff, the inmate had taken a lethal amount of opiates prior to being taken into custody. Thankfully, Narcan was used to revive the individual and he received further treatment. Had this vital tool not been accessible, this could have been a very tragic ending. To view the news release click here:

Getting notes like these makes our hearts so happy! Recently, a few of our K9s visited Clifford Elementary School in Redwood City to do a little show and tell. The kids loved learning about the K9s and how they protect the community. The students and teachers loved it so much they wrote “thank you” notes complete with portraits. 😍 Thank YOU Clifford Elementary School !

Weekends are for festivals! Pumpkin Festival is happening right now in Half Moon Bay and there is nothing we love more than being out with residents celebrating all of the diversity and arts that these great communities contribute. If you visit the Pumpkin Festival, please be sure to stop by the Sheriff’s Activities League (SAL) booth where youth from the SAL programs are selling delicious pumpkin cheesecake! 🎃🧀🎂 All proceeds go directly towards underserved youth throughout San Mateo county. Also, please be patient and expect long traffic delays on all routes leading into and out of Half Moon Bay (SR 92, HWY 1, SR 84, and potentially I-280).

“Call when you can, text when you can’t.”