San Jose Police Department

  • Agency: San Jose Police Department
  • Address: 201 W. Mission Street, San Jose, 95110 CA
  • Chief: Chris Moore (Chief of Police)
Phone: 408-277-8900

San Jose Police Department is located at 201 W. Mission Street, San Jose, 95110 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Chris Moore. The San Jose Police Department phone number is 408-277-8900.

San Jose Police Department News

Lots of fun at another “Trunk or Treat” today in our parking lot.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun evening.

On October 28, 2001, Officer Fontana was assigned as “71A4” in Southern Division. At 0415 hours, Officer Fontana and one of his teammates were traveling Eastbound on Blossom Hill Road when the other officer noticed that Officer Fontana was no longer behind him. It was later assumed that Officer Fontana saw a suspicious vehicle and changed course to investigate. Officer Fontana followed the vehicle into a residential neighborhood. The vehicle made three consecutive right turns and pulled onto Calle Almaden, a dead-end street. Officer Fontana used his patrol vehicle to block its escape path. As Officer Fontana approached the vehicle, the suspect, fired one shot from a handgun, fatally striking Officer Fontana. The suspect then fled the scene on foot. Shortly after, a 9-1-1 call was received from a resident on Calle Almaden reporting that an officer was down. Officer Fontana was the first unit assigned by Communications to respond to the call. When he did not respond to the radio traffic, arriving units responded and found him lying next to his patrol vehicle. Officer Fontana was pronounced dead a short time later. Officer Fontana was the eleventh San Jose Police Officer killed in the line of duty.

WELCOME HOME! This week Officers Georgina Barajas, Edward Carboni, Michael Short & Jared Johnson were sworn back in as San Jose officers after short stints in other departments. Visit to join our growing department.

Officer Desmond Casey 1961 - 1999 Killed in the Line of Duty October 25, 1999 We Honor the Sacrifice He Made On October 25, 1999, Desmond Casey was attempting to duplicate a mechanical problem he experienced with AIR1 two nights prior which caused him to perform an emergency landing at Reid Hillview Airport. The mechanical problem could not be duplicated and all systems were functioning properly. Officer Casey and a certified mechanic decided to fly the aircraft back to Mineta San Jose International Airport for further tests. While on final approach to the airport, AIR1 went unexpectedly out of control. Officer Casey struggled with the controls and guided the helicopter to a location north of Highway 880 and The Alameda where no one on the ground would be injured. Despite Officer Casey’s heroic maneuver, the helicopter crashed landed killing Officer Casey and the mechanic on impact. Officer Casey was the tenth San Jose Police Officer to die in the line of duty.

Freeze! San Jose Police have a new tool to build bridges and fight crime with, and it is coming to a neighborhood near you.

We had a great afternoon handing out ice cream to hundreds of happy kids at the Boys & Girls Club in our new truck dedicated to fallen Officer Michael Katherman.

Today Chief Eddie Garcia joined by Mayor Sam Liccardo and Boys & Girls of Silicon Valley CEO Max Duganne unveiled a San Jose Police Department branded ice cream truck to over 200 kids from the Boys & Girls Club and Escuela Popular. We may have to set up a new phone line for people calling the police to order ice cream.

From coast to coast, people are relocating here to wear the San Jose patch and join America’s finest police department. Visit to apply today.

SJPD Career Day Open House

SJPD Career Day Open House

Episode 4: It is unfortunate that after having committed previous felonies, these young gang members were still out cruising the streets with loaded handguns. A gun doesn't know the age of the person pulling the trigger, nor do the families of the countless victims of gang violence. Your San Jose Officers know the dangers of gangs and guns. They never hesitate to put themselves in harm's way to stop gang members from causing more senseless violence in your community….and this their story from the streets.

Please Join the San Jose Police Department as we welcome the 19 newest Community Service Officers to serve the residents of San Jose.

SAN JOSE POLICE CAREER DAY WHEN: Saturday, October 20, 2018 WHERE: San Jose Police Department Substation TIME: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM RSVP: Space is limited, so register early •Explore career opportunities at the SJPD •Learn how to prepare for testing, including the physical agility test •Understand a police background check Register at

Burglars and Robbers Beware! SJPD will now track down criminal crews that prey on our city with an elite new squad of dedicated detectives charged with reducing neighborhood crimes like home invasion robberies and burglaries. The "BPU" Burglary Prevention Unit, now has the resources in personnel and technology to stop these crimes before they occur. We have heard our community loud and clear about reducing these types of crimes, and BPU will be in your neighbors answering your call.

Congratulations to Officer Hoa Tran #3084 on his retirement. 27 years of dedicated service to San Jose!

That's a wrap! Great meeting all of you today at National Coffee with a Cop day. Building relationships one cup at a time. #CoffeeWithACopDay #CoffeeWithACop

Meeting lots of great people at Academic Coffee on S. 2nd St. for national Coffee with a Cop Day.

Still talking with neighbors Hannah Coffee on the Alameda till 11am. National Coffee With a Cop day #coffeewithacop

Coffee with a Cop @ Elva’s Coffee Shop on Lincoln. Come say hello, we are here until 11am. #coffeewithacop

Today is national Coffee with a Cop day. Swing by one of our locations for coffee and conversation with SJPD finest! 8am-11am Hannah Coffee and Sweets 754 The Alameda #80, San Jose, California 95126 Evergreen Coffee Company 4075 Evergreen Village Sq, San Jose, California 95135 ELVA's Coffee Stop 2206 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, California 95125 Academic Coffee 499 S 2nd Street, San Jose, California 95113

Robbery Suspects Arrested! Patience and perseverance by San Jose Officers brought two robbery suspects to justice Friday after a nearly two-hour standoff in the Oakridge Mall parking lot. The suspects had committed a robbery at the Home Depot Store on Blossom Hill Road and fled in a van but did not get far when a very observant Officer Araya located it circulating in the mall parking lot. While male and female suspects did not give up immediately, officers eventually negotiated a peaceful end to this Bonnie a Clyde saga. Well done by all involved.

San Jose Police Department Career Day Saturday, October 20th, 2018 8:00 AM Free law enforcement career seminar open to the general public. Our emphasis will be on knowledge, preparation and your success towards a career as a San Jose police officer Get to know what opportunities await you. Click the link to register.