Yreka Police Department

  • Agency: Yreka Police Department
  • Address: 412 W. Miner St., Yreka, 96097 CA
  • Chief: Brian Bowles (Chief of Police)
Phone: (530)841-2300
Fax: (530)841-2310

Yreka Police Department is located at 412 W. Miner St., Yreka, 96097 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Brian Bowles. The Yreka Police Department phone number is (530)841-2300.

Yreka Police Department News

On 11/1/2018 at approximately 6:30 a.m. an altercation occurred at the 1300 Block of Comstock Drive in Yreka, CA. During the incident a 29-year-old male was stabbed several times by the suspect. The victim is currently in critical condition and transported to a trauma center. The suspect is Joseph Alonzo Millan (04/20/1988). Millan is described as a Hispanic male, 5’ 10”, 180 pounds, short black hair, and brown eyes. Suspect fled the scene prior to arrival of Officers. Suspect is known to ride a motorcycle. It is a Harley Davidson motorcycle, black in color and displaying a CA license plate of 22H1315. Millan made statements that he would not turn himself in to Law Enforcement. During the evening of 11-01-18 YPD received information of the possible whereabouts of Joseph Millan. Millan was determined to be at a residence in the 700 block of Jackson Street with multiple people and children inside. Surveillance on the residence was established and officers waited several blocks away for him to leave. During this time, we were able to obtain clothing and vehicle description on Millan and a female he arrived with. At about 10:05 pm the surveillance team advised the suspect vehicle was leaving and they were behind it. Multiple YPD marked patrol vehicles and the SUMIT (Siskiyou Unified Major Investigation Team) members initiated a high-risk traffic stop on the vehicle and took Millan into custody at about 10:10 pm without incident. Millan was transported to the Fairchild Medical Center where he was treated for injuries sustained in the attempted murder case. The female driver was initially detained and questioned before being released. This case is still under investigation. Anyone with information about this case please call the Yreka Police Department 530-841-2300.

On 9/24/18 the Yreka Police Department responded to the 300 block of Lawrence Ln. on a report report of a deceased person. The deceased person was identified as Shelia Jean Martin, 33, of Hornbrook. Martin was reported as a missing person to the Yreka Police Department on 9/16/18 by a family member. The Yreka Police Department through the investigation, obtained surveillance video that showed Martin crawling into the fenced area on 9/11/18 where she was located. The Surveillance video shows no other person in the area or around Martin until she was found deceased. The investigation and autopsy have concluded that there was no foul play. Chief Dave Gamache and the Yreka Police Department send their deepest condolences to the family.

On 8/24/18 at about 0450 hours the Yreka Police Department received numerous 911 calls regarding a loud explosion. Officer were able to determine that the explosion had occurred in the 600 block of W. Miner St. Evidence from the scene was collected and A.T.F. (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) was contacted. We are not able to release any further information at this time due to the fact that the incident is still under investigation. If anyone has information regarding this incident please contact the Yreka Police Department at 530-841-2300.

The Yreka Police Department is accepting applications for Part time Dispatchers. If you are interested please come by the Yreka Police Department and pick up an application. Please check out the attached flyer for details.

The Yreka Police Department is currently hiring full time Police Officers. Please refer to attached flyer. If you have any questions or would like an application please feel free to stop by the Yreka Police Department.

The Yreka Police Department is pleased to announce the promotion of Detective Derek Duncan to the position of Patrol Sergeant. Duncan was born and raised in Yreka and comes from a long line of police officers. Duncan had been with the Yreka Police Department for almost 10 years with the last year as a Detective. Duncan’s grandpa got hired as chief in Yreka in 1970. He previously worked his way up through the ranks at the Eldorado County Sheriffs Department. He retired from the Yreka Police Department with just over 36 years of service. Duncan’s father was hired with the Yreka Police Department in 1987 and had almost 17 years of service before retiring as a Patrol Sergeant. Duncans uncle Rick Riggins was hired by the Yreka Police Department and retired from YPD in 2002 as a Lieutenant and went on to become elected as the Siskiyou County Sheriff. Duncan is just another example of a long time Siskiyou County native staying home to serve and make Yreka a great place to live.

A lot of people are probably wondering what was going on, on S. Main Street. There was multiple agencies involved in the operation, all suspects were taken into custody without incident and all officers are safe. To preserve the integrity of this case, this is all the information we will be able to release at this time. We would like to thank the public for their continued support.

The Yreka Police Department was proud to present Hailey Conner with the Jesse "Bo" Hittson Memorial Scholarship. Hailey was presented a $500 check by Chief Dave Gamache. Hailey will attend College of the Siskiyous and study Administration of Justice.

On 06/16/2018, at around midnight Yreka Police Department Officers responded to Raley’s shopping center in Yreka on a report of an armed car jacking. At the scene YPD Officers were told by the reporting party that he had been sitting in his vehicle with his wife when a white pickup truck had pulled in front of their vehicle blocking them in. The reporting party told Officers a male suspect with a bandana covering his face exited the pickup truck and demanded he give him all his money. When told there was no money the suspect removed a gun from his waistband, pointing it at the reporting party ordering him and his wife out of the vehicle. The suspect then got in the reporting party’s vehicle and fled the area following the white pickup truck. It was further reported that the white pickup truck had approximately 4 other suspects inside of it at the time of the car jacking. Based off an unsuccessful car jacking the previous night in the Yreka Walmart parking lot committed by a armed suspect with the same description and same white pickup truck YPD Officers had already formulated leads on the identity of the suspect. With the assistance of the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol, Officers were able to locate the white pickup truck at a trailer park in the 1300 block of Fairlane Rd. The vehicle was occupied by multiple suspects. All suspects were detained. The reporting party was brought to the scene where he positively identified the gunman as 18 year old Devan Daniel Wylie of Yreka and the driver of the vehicle as 22 year old Nathaniel Marquez-Griffin, also of Yreka. Both Wylie and Marquez -Griffin were placed under arrest for a multitude of felony charges including car jacking and conspiracy. A search of the suspect vehicle incident to the arrest of the suspects was conducted and a loaded concealed handgun was located. Officers further located the reporting party’s vehicle which was covered with a tarp less than 50 feet away from where the suspects were contacted. This case is currently still under investigation. Please contact the Yreka Police Department with any information linked to this case.

********UPDATE******** The Yreka Police Department would like to thank the Siskiyou County community for their help. The suspects were in the Weed California area last night and recognized by a citizen that called the police. The suspects were contacted and taken into custody by the Siskiyou County Sheriffs Office and transported to the Siskiyou County Jail. Medford Police Department has been contacted and the case is still under investigation. This pictured couple went to an open house in East Medford yesterday, posing as buyers. While they there, they stole the realtor's purse and proceeded to go on a spending spree around town. Today the same two burglarized a house in the Scott Valley area then came to the City of Yreka and again went on a spending spree with the victims credit cards. Please contact the Yreka Police Department or Siskiyou County Sheriffs Office if you recognize either of these suspects.

The Yreka Police Departments newest police officer Dusty Wilson was sworn in this morning by Chief Dave Gamache. It is a pleasure to add Officer Dusty Wilson to the Y.P.D. team.

Yreka residents can apply for a free bus pass at the Yreka Police Department. This is for students between the ages of 5 and 17. Children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Go Swimming! 🏊‍♂️☀️

On May 28th 2018, at approximately 830pm YPD Officer’s responded to the 700 block of W Miner St on a report of an assault. The suspect was identified as 36 year old Jarod Skillen of Yreka who had fled the scene driving recklessly just prior to Officer’s arrival. Officer’s received another call that Skillen was now at his residence in the 1300 block of Comstock Dr. Upon Officer’s arrival at Skillen’s residence he barricaded himself inside with two juveniles. Officer’s learned Skillen had made suicidal comments and was possibly armed with multiple firearms. Negotiations were made with Skillen, and the juveniles were released from the residence unharmed. A criminal history check by Officer’s revealed Skillen is a convicted felon and prohibited from owning firearms. Shortly thereafter Officer’s obtained a Ramey Warrant for Skillen’s arrest and a search warrant for his residence. Skillen was subsequently taken into custody without incident. During the execution of the search warrant Officer’s located (4) handguns, an AR-15 rifle with numerous high capacity magazines, and a large quantity of ammunition. Skillen was booked into the Siskiyou County jail on multiple felony charges including felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, possession of an assault rifle, and child endangerment.

On May 20th 2018 at approximately 1:30 pm the Yreka Police Department received a report of a burglary at the Yreka little league snack shack located at Ringe Field. YPD Officer Taylor arrived on scene and determined the burglars entered the building through an unsecured window. Officer Taylor discovered approximately $450 worth of snack foods were missing. In addition to the missing snack foods Officer Taylor learned several valuable electronic items including (2) Apple IPads were missing and over $1,000 in cash. While on scene Officer Taylor discovered shoe impressions at the point of entry which were consistent with being the size of a juvenile. Using the "find my Iphone app" the reporting party was able to provide Officer Taylor with a timeline and location as to where the suspects had been after the burglary. The app indicated the suspects had been near a residence within a block of the burglary. While searching the area YPD Officer Hasemeyer and Officer Taylor observed items consistent with being taken from the snack shack sitting on the front seat of a vehicle near where the IPads had last shown as being. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and with the help of the reporting party the items on the front seat were confirmed as belonging to the snack shack. A search of a residence where the vehicle was located was performed. Officers located most of the stolen items inside the residence. Ultimately (3) juveniles (2) being linked to the residence where the stolen items were arrested. All three juveniles were booked into a Siskiyou County juvenile detention facility. The case is still considered active as there are still several stolen items missing at this time. Anyone with potential information about this case is encouraged to call the Yreka Police Department. We can be reached 24-7 at 530-841-2300.

Today May 17 at approximately 230 PM a report of a single loud "pop" consistant with possibly being a gunshot was heard in the area of the Fairchild Medical Center. Shortly there after the Yreka Police Department was notified that the Fairchild Medical Center had self initiated a lockdown. Officer's of the Yreka Police Department responded and determined incident as unfounded. The Yreka Police Department also learned that the local schools in the area had self iniated lockdowns also. It is believed that the lockdowns are a result of social media's coverage of scanner traffic. As a reminder we would like to remind everyone to stay vigilant and never hesitate to report suspicious activity to the Yreka Police Department.

The Police Department has had numerous calls on bears being back in town reeking havoc on trash cans. The California Fish and game is aware of the situation. Here is some helpful information on managing the bears in your neighborhood.

Yreka Chief of Police announces retirement! Dear City of Yreka and Siskiyou County business owners and residents, I have given notice of my intent to retire from the Yreka Police Department as of 04/28/2018. I want to thank each of you for allowing me to serve you in various Police Officer positions over the last 27 plus years. It has been a distinct pleasure and honor to serve the community of Yreka as the Chief of Police for almost 14 years. Without your continued support over the years for YPD our job would be more difficult and challenging. As I walk out the door of YPD I leave it in good hands. Succession planning has been done and the Department is preparing for the big move into the new Yreka Police Department facility. I thank the community for Measure C for the City of Yreka, without this funding we would have many additional problems. Working with the outstanding people at the Yreka Police Department and giving them what they need to do their job has been the highlight of my career. Seeing the dedication, commitment and passion to help the community in each person at YPD puts a big smile on my face every day. Helping the community and many victims throughout the years is what has allowed me to keep my Law Enforcement passion alive. I look into the eyes of new Police Officers and YPD employees and I see a great future for the Yreka Police Department. The City of Yreka does not know how lucky they are to have such great people working for them at YPD. The Yreka Police Department has been my home for many years and it will be very hard to leave. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with my beautiful wife and family members. Being retired will be like starting a new job, I look forward to it and will enjoy working at it. I will be scheduling some fun and exciting adventures for many years into the future! My career has been a dream come true, and I just want to thank you for being part of it! A retirement event is planned at the Yreka, Etna Tap House on Sunday 4/29/2018 at 4:00 pm . Respectfully your Chief of Police, Brian B. Bowles 1YPD badge color

YPD respond with maximum Police Officer Presence and Rescue Vehicle. Over the last two weeks the Yreka Police Department has investigated numerous threats at two Yreka Public Schools. Each threat has been fully investigated and found to be unsubstantiated. All the investigations have been sent to the FBI for their information/review. Last night 2/22/2018 YPD became aware that one of the numerous threats investigated and found unsubstantiated had blown up on social media. It was apparent that Social media had caused a public panic to parents and many people were concerned about the threats and taking their kids to school. Yreka Police understands the public concerns and has always taken a pro-active approach when able to do so. The public schools requested police presence at the schools and we deployed numerous uniformed police officers, Probation agents, SUMIT (Siskiyou Unified Major Investigate Team) , CHP and Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department deputies to each school along with our mobile Rescue Vehicle. The Yreka Police heard the community and responded this morning with everything we have to serve and protect the children and citizens in Yreka. As Chief of Police I would like to thank all law enforcement for their dedication to their job and commitment to the communities they serve not just today but every day and night 24/7. Chief of Police Brian Bowles


Big shout out and thanks to Callahan, Siskiyou 4-H & Scott Vally Jr. High for the treats!!!!

The Yreka Police Department is looking for a few good men and women!!! $5,000–$15,000 Signing Bonus Program for Police Officer academy Graduates/Lateral Officers..some rules apply. We are also looking for Part Time Dispatchers..... For more information click on http://ci.yreka.ca.us/employment-opportunities If you are looking for a fun team environment this is the place for you!!!