Oakdale Police Department

  • Agency: Oakdale Police Department
  • Address: 245 North Second Avenue, Oakdale, 95361 CA
  • Chief: Marty West (Chief of Police)
Phone: 209-847-2231
Fax: (209) 847-3790

Oakdale Police Department is located at 245 North Second Avenue, Oakdale, 95361 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Marty West. The Oakdale Police Department phone number is 209-847-2231.

Oakdale Police Department News

Stop by the Oakdale Police Department if you missed Operation Halloween 2.0 to pick up a bag of Halloween candy. We will be giving out the remainder of the candy until 8 p.m. tonight.

Operation Halloween 2.0 #opd #community #halloween #kids

Oak Valley Hospital partnered with Oakdale Police to ensure the safety of the candy we were handing out for Operation Halloween 2.0 #opd #oakvalley #community #itsforthekids

Oakdale Police Initiate “Operation Halloween 2.0” http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/49e361_66c834b5bc9c427b86ef4b516295c18a.pdf

Police Investigating Report of Tampered Candy http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/49e361_b2041a01465b4c9084374c071fb29ec6.pdf

OPD took a report of tainted trick or treat candy that was handed out in the Burchell Hill area this evening. Parents discovered the tainted candy before allowing their children to eat it. Please take the time to safety check your children’s candy.

Oakdale Halloween Parade 🎃 Have a safe and fun Halloween! #opd #halloween #community

Safety tips for a safe and fun Halloween. #opd #happyhalloween

Come see us at TL Davis Park. We are with the Oakdale Soccer Club. Check out the ARV and visit CAPS for child fingerprinting. We are here till 1:00 pm. #opd #community

Congratulations to Officer Magana for receiving his P.O.S.T Basic Certificate. #opd

Congratulations to Police Services Coordinator Dan Hilgen and Dispatch Supervisor Janeen Yates for graduating from the Aspiring Leaders Program. The Aspiring Leaders Program is designed to enhance leadership development for both line-level employees and front-line supervisors. Job well done! #opd #oakdale #leadership

CAPS Volunteer Range Day. We are fortunate to have such amazing CAPS Vounteers. #opd #caps #volunteers


Oakdale High School Parade 2018

At the Peace Officers Memorial Run this morning remembering those officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. #opd #pomr #2018 Peace Officer Memorial Run

The Oakdale Police Department is showcasing your Armored Rescue Vehicle and Patrol Vehicle at the Ripon Emergency Vehicle Car Show. Come joins us for some family fun and have a look at some cool emergency vehicles, old and new!

Oakdale Police and Blue Line Wives join with over 100 other police agencies across the nation this October by participating in the “Pink Patch Project”. Please follow the link for further: http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/49e361_fb545212d8d443d1afc698c4c604e0e4.pdf

Happy 10-4 Day!

Coffee with a Cop! #nationalcoffeewithacop #opd #community