Davis Police Department

  • Agency: Davis Police Department
  • Address: 2600 Fifth Street, Davis, 95616 CA
  • Chief: Landy Black (Chief of Police)
Phone: (530) 747-5400
Fax: (530) 757-7102

Davis Police Department is located at 2600 Fifth Street, Davis, 95616 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Landy Black. The Davis Police Department phone number is (530) 747-5400.

Davis Police Department News

**COFFEE SHOP ROBBERY SERIES** Over the last two months, patrons of some Davis area coffee shops have fallen victim to “strong-arm” laptop robberies. All of these robberies have been perpetrated by young males. In these cases the suspects entered a coffee shop, looked around, and began grabbing laptop computers. In some cases, the suspects grabbed computers out of the hands of people sitting at tables conducting business or studying. Some victims attempted to retain their property and the suspects responded with violence. At least two victims suffered minor injuries. We believe these crimes may be related and are part of a regional trend. We ask that people review the attached surveillance footage and report any knowledge about these crimes to the Davis Police Department. The following is a list of occurrences: August 14, 2018: Robbery occurred at Temple Coffee in downtown Davis. On the same date, the Starbucks in Dixon Ca. experienced a similar robbery. August 28, 2018: Robbery occurred at the Starbucks located on 403 Mace Bl. September 23, 2018: Robbery occurred at the Peets Coffee located at 1411 West Covell Blvd. September 25, 2018 (last night): Robbery occurred at the Peets Coffee located at 231 E Street. If you are a witness or victim in something like this, try to get as much information at the scene as possible and immediately call 911. While some have been brave, and tried to chase the suspects to recover their property, for your own safety, we do not recommend this. Once again we remind you to record all your serial numbers on your electronics so that we have a better chance at getting them back to you if recovered.

More police officers die by suicide than in the active line of duty. Today is Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Day. Law Enforcement Officers, you do a great job helping people in their worst moments. Remember, if you are in crisis, there is someone there to help you through yours. Text BLUE to 741741. Help is available.

This Schwinn Ranger bicycle was located at the scene of an arrest on 9/24. We are trying to get it back to its owner. If you believe this to be yours, or if you have any information regarding its owner, please contact us at 530-747-5400. Proof of ownership must be presented before release.

The laser traveling out of a LIDAR gun comes out at 186,000 miles per second and not only measures speed but also distance. Yesterday, an officer working speed enforcement on Russell Blvd. observed a speeding black Mitsubishi quickly change lanes and go around a “slower” vehicle before flooring it when he thought the coast was clear. He apparently did not see the officer sitting in his patrol car 444.2 feet away with a LIDAR gun in hand ready to go. You can see the speed result below. Oh, and the speed limit there is……30 MPH. With UCD starting next week and K-12 schools already in session, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SPEED! Russell Blvd. and its arterial streets can get very busy with motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. At 30 MPH, you are covering 44 feet per second. At 68 MPH, you are covering almost 100 feet per second. This becomes critically important when you factor in perception/ reaction time and stopping distance.

Since July 1st, Davis PD has taken 28 residential burglary reports. A majority of the reports occurred near or at apartment complexes in west Davis (see map below). All of the reported burglaries occurred in the overnight hours while the victims were home and involved unlocked windows or doors as the method of entry. While a majority of the burglaries occurred in areas with a high density of students, we are asking all residents to remember to lock their doors and windows as this remains the best form of crime prevention. Also, we recommend recording the serial numbers of your electronics and keeping them somewhere safe in the event we recover your stolen property at a later time.

Here is a great opportunity to get to know more about Davis Police Department. Hope to see you there.

**EDIT** This is not a new parking program. This is the same as we have done every year. The only difference is now you can purchase them online. Just a heads up! The week of 9/17 we will begin issuing parking citation WARNINGS in the preferential parking zones. Then, beginning the week of 9/24, we will be issuing citations. If you haven't yet purchased your preferential parking permits for the year, or maybe you aren't sure if you even need one, please visit this link. You can also visit the Police Department at 2600 5th St, or the DPD Annex downtown at the Hunt Boyer Mansion, we would be happy to help you! https://davisparking.t2hosted.com/Account/Portal

A Samsung Galaxy was turned into our lost and found on 09/10/18. If you believe it may belong to you, please contact the Lost and Found Unit at (530) 747-5441. Ownership must be proven prior to release. Property must be claimed by December 9, 2018.

Woman's Self Defense (R.A.D.) Classes starting soon!!! Thursday Evenings from 6pm to 9pm; Sept 27th, Oct 4th, Oct 11th, Oct 18th, and Oct 25th. You must attend all 5 classes and be 16 years or older. The classes will be held at the Davis Police Department, 2600 5th Street in Davis. To register please contact via email rad@davispd.org. Space is limited. $45 materials fee to be collected at first class.

Remember, no matter what method of transportation you use, whether it be car, bicycle or even horse, you must obey all the stop signs. Chance takers are accident makers!

Today, the City of Davis honored those first responders who gave their lives on September 11, 2001.

Yesterday in south Davis, officers took a case involving a vehicle burglary where the victim was sitting in the car at the time of the crime. In summary, an unknown black male approached her passenger side window, smashed it and proceeded to take all the items on her front seat. The male then left the area in an awaiting white 4 door sedan. At this time we are asking that you please remember to be aware of your surroundings. Don’t hesitate to call the police department if you observe suspicious behavior, such as lingering in parking lots, or suspicious vehicles. **stock photo for illustration purposes**

Operation G Street Plaza clean up is in full swing.Code Enforcement is out this morning cleaning up trash and power washing the plaza.

Officers never know what they will be faced with each day. Thankfully this Florida officer was ready. https://fox13now.com/2018/08/18/dramatic-video-shows-police-officer-rescuing-girl-from-hot-car-after-being-trapped-inside-for-12-hours/

Come on out to this fun family event! Heroes Cup Soccer Game at Papa Murphy's park. See flyer for details.


On Labor Day, two young ladies, Maddie and Abby, approached Cpl. Pheng Ly and Ofc. Morgan Hatcher at the Marketplace Shopping Center to say hi. They were treated to a few magic card tricks and left with Davis Junior Police Officer Badges! It was very nice to meet you ladies!

A Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was turned into our lost and found on 08/20/2018. If you believe it may belong to you, please contact the Lost and Found Unit at (530) 747-5441. Ownership must be proven prior to release. Property must be claimed by November 18, 2018.

Thank you so so much to everyone who donated back packs to our drive for the schools. You have done so much for the kids of Davis. Special thank you to University Retirement who donated 60 filled backpacks! Next the backpacks will be sorted and the officers will take them out to all the schools.

Our Davis Police Department Substation is now open for business in the Dresbach Hunt Boyer Mansion located at 604 2nd St. At this new substation, we will be able to serve the public in many ways, including, citation sign offs and parking permit sales.

We are incredibly saddened with the news of the line of duty loss of CHP Motor Officer Kirk Griess of the Solano CHP Office. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and fellow officers during this difficult time. #ChpSolano

We are excited and grateful about the backpacks and supplies that have been donated so far for Pack the Patrol Car. We still have next week left and would LOVE to be able to give every kid in need a new backpack full of supplies. Can you help us give back to our city and families?

There is still a week left! If you are considering donating a backpack and supplies, it's not too late! We have such a need in the City of Davis, let's help the kids have a GREAT school year!

Sergeant Rifredi, Today we celebrate your retirement from the Davis Police Department after 19 years. We are immensely grateful for your service and your humor. You will be missed. Congratulations

An Apple IPhone was turned into our lost and found on 06/25/2018. If you believe it may belong to you, please contact the Lost and Found Unit at (530) 747-5441. Ownership must be proven prior to release. Property must be claimed by October 11, 2018.