Denver Police Department

  • Agency: Denver Police Department
  • Address: 1331 Cherokee Street, Denver, 80204 CO
  • Chief: Robert C White (Chief of Police)

Denver Police Department is located at 1331 Cherokee Street, Denver, 80204 CO. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert C White. The Denver Police Department phone number is (720) 913-2000.

Denver Police Department News

PROTECT YOUR PACKAGE Free shipping is all the rage, making your trips to the actual department for that holiday shopping few and far between. We get it -- shopping from the comfort of your couch rocks! What doesn't rock is not getting that package because it was pilfered by a porch pirate. Luckily, we have some tips to help you protect your package(s)!

TIP OF THE HAT TUESDAY: APD SGT. WHEELER Today, we at the Denver Police Department are tipping our hats to Sergeant Nick Wheeler of the Albuquerque Police Department in New Mexico. Last Wednesday, schools across the country held their annual Halloween costume parade. Sergeant Wheeler volunteered to help during one at a local elementary school, when he overheard one of the students trying to comfort another student who did not have a costume. Sergeant Wheeler learned that the boy’s mother could not afford to get him a costume this year and jumped in to help. The good sergeant told the boy to go with him to his cruiser, where he quickly suited the boy up in his tactical vest and Kevlar helmet. It wasn’t much, but with Sergeant Wheeler’s quick thinking, the boy got to be a police officer for the day. This is too sweet. Hats tipped… *Photo courtesy of APD’s Facebook page – Go LIKE ‘em!

TIPS FROM A *REAL* THIEF Holiday shopping season seems to start earlier and earlier every year, and this year is no exception, but before you load up your car with all those great deals you just scored, watch this! A real thief is about to tell you all the tricks of his trade -- remember them the next time you consider leaving any valuables in your vehicle.

MUG SHOT MONDAY: LIBRADO MARRUFO Friends, can you help us locate Librado Marrufo? Marrufo is wanted for SEXUAL ASSAULT, ROBBERY, KIDNAPPING and eluding. His criminal history is extensive and includes assault, aggravated robbery, felony menacing with a deadly weapon, felony tampering with government records, and possession of a controlled substance. Marrufo is 33-years-old, born on March 15, 1985; he is 5'11", 260 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. His known addresses include residence in the 1100 block of S. Tennyson Street and the 11600 block of Community Center Drive. If you see Marrufo or know his whereabouts, please call 720-913-7867.

SUNDAY NIGHT SPECIAL: GRADUATION They punched thier ticket to the greatest show on earth this past Friday and tomorrow these brand new officers will take to the streets. You saw the pictures and now you can relive the ceremony... Watch it now, then join us in wishing them the very best one more time!

SUNDAY MATINEE: THE GIFT OF PROTECTION Last Monday, Shield616 generously donated ballistic helmets, plate carrier vests and trauma kits to 55 of our officers. WATCH NOW as we take you back to the moment the officers recieved these life-saving gifts...

DPD WELCOMES 48 Yesterday, the Denver Police Department added 48 new officers to its ranks. The Denver Police Class of 2018-1 have successfully completed the academy phase of their training and will now take to the streets for field training. Join us in congratulating these brand new officers on their graduation and wishing them luck on the next phase of this journey! Officer Christopher Logan Officer Andrew Carman Officer Blake R. McGregor Officer Chanee Lintel Officer Jillian Simon Officer Sean McCandless Officer Briana Monson Officer Darrin Threlkeld Officer David Sechrist Officer Ryan Spell Officer Matthew Peterson Officer Andrew Bergner Officer Jerome Ortega Officer Thomas Moen Officer Julie Weinheimer Officer Jannika Ryan Officer Kenneth Bridges Officer Valentin Kerchev Officer Bobi Limon Officer Kyle Renny Officer Maneechot Phanpaktra Officer Kaylan Campbell Officer James Adam Officer Jayme Mehrer Officer Christopher Brown Officer Anthony Dietz Officer Sarah Krcal Officer John McAndrews Officer Suzanne Shaffer Officer Ramses Aranda Officer Brian Goodman Officer Haley Peyton Officer Meaghan Witkowski Officer Samual Bailey Officer Joshua Alcon Officer Steve Gameroz Officer Jeremy Montoya Officer Ethan Robinson Officer Cory Stuper Officer Matthew Jeffrey Officer Christopher Vose Officer Kara Beauchamp Officer Richard Eberharter Officer Angelina Hunter Officer Kristin Valdez Officer Frankie Archuleta Officer Julian Barajas Officer Annalissa Reynolds

SUNDAY MATINEE SNEEK PEEK: THE GIFT OF PROTECTION This past Monday, Shield616 generously donated ballistic helmets, plate carrier vests and trauma kits to 55 of our officers. Tomorrow, right here on Facebook at 1:05 PM, we'll take back to the moment the officers recieved these life-saving gifts -- don't miss it!

SCAM ALERT SATURDAY: PIRATE PEDDLER Last month, officers responded to the 1300 block of S. Milwaukee Street on a report of a disturbance. When officers arrived on scene, the victim explained that the suspect came to his door and claimed to be selling magazines. The victim agreed to purchase a subscription and wrote the suspect a check. After the suspect left, the victim researched the company that the suspect claimed to be working for and learned that it was a scam. The victim then confronted the suspect, who was a few doors down and explained that he wanted his check back. The suspect initially refused, but after the victim said he was calling the police, the suspect threw a check at the victim and left the area. The check the suspect threw at the victim did not belong to him. Friends, door-to-door salespeople are not uncommon. Remember that legitimate peddlers must be wearing a photo ID on the outside of their clothing, and they should also carry their licenses at all times for inspection and review. For more information on peddlers’ requirements, visit

SUNDAY MATINEE SNEEK PEEK: THE GIFT OF PROTECTION This past Monday, Shield616 generously donated ballistic helmets, plate carrier vests and trauma kits to 55 of our officers. This Sunday, right here on Facebook at 1:05 PM, we'll take back to the moment the officers recieved these life-saving gifts -- don't miss it!

FUREVER HOME FRIDAY: SAM ADAMS (ID A331947) Friends, today we want to introduce you to the handsomest boy. His name is Sam Adams and he is a 1-year-old American Bulldog. Sam is not just photogenic, he's also energetic. He loves running, playing and romping around the yard. Sam is looking for an active human who could use a wing-dog for all their outdoor adventures and he'd ideally be the only furkid taking up space in your home and heart. For more information on Sam Adams, or any other adoptable animals at the Denver Animal Shelter call 311 or visit For information on the adoption process, go to

VIPS CHAMPS OF THE WORLD It comes as no news to us that our Volunteers In Police Service at the Denver Police Department program (VIPs) is top notch. Made up by over 250 highly-skilled and dedicated volunteers, our program has proven to be an irreplaceable resource that is constantly adding value to our department and increasing our efficiency. And we are proud to announce that DPD's VIPs program was recently awarded the “Leadership in Law Enforcement Volunteer Programs Award” by the International Association of the Chief’s of Police. This is an extremely prestigious award, given by the world’s largest professional association of police leaders with more than 30,000 members in 150 countries. The Leadership in Volunteer Police Service Programs Award recognizes volunteer programs that demonstrate innovative, effective practices for augmenting paid staff and improving service delivery to their communities. Please join us in congratulating our VIPs programs and their leaders for this well-deserved honor and thanking them for their hard work! *Photo features VIPs Director Marie Dabis and Assistant Director Megan Pletcher at the 2018 Annual IACP Conference where they accepted the award on behalf of the department.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: HALLOWEEN! Yes, we're only throwing it back one day but that's because we love Halloween and we had a great time yesterday celebrating with you fine folk! Thank you to everyone who came out to any one of our four parties -- they were one for the books and it was all thanks to you! BTW, Cooper dressed as a dragon!

12 GOING ON 20 Last week, Mayor Michael B. Hancock recognized 12 officers for their 20 years of service to our community. They took the oath in 1998, and today we honor them for their unwavering dedication to the safety of the citizens of Denver. Please join us in thanking these officers for their continued service to our city! Sergeant Daniel Dunn Sergeant Brian Conover Sergeant John White Detective Richard Brest Detective Nash Gurule Detective Manuel Hays II Detective Paul Hogan Detective Gary Staab Detective Lynette Nederhoed Technician Kenneth Brown Officer Timothy Luke Officer Marisa Willcockson

WALK A MILE Officers around Denver have recently started participating in the Walk A Mile Program. Designed to help officers better engage with residents, officers are getting out of their patrol cars and walking neighborhoods with the people that live in them. Together, they are identifying security issues and inviting people to take part in neighborhood watch programs. It's was during one of these very walks that Officer Jim Lopez met young Alec, who is pictured here. So committed to neighborhood safety, Alec dressed up in some pretty sweet digs to help Officer Lopez traverse the neighborhood.

SUNDAY MATINEE SNEEK PEEK: THE GIFT OF PROTECTION This past Monday, Shield616 generously donated ballistic helmets, plate carrier vests and trauma kits to 55 of our officers. This Sunday, right here on Facebook at 1:05 PM, we'll take back to the moment the officers recieved these life-saving gifts -- don't miss it!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN From us here at the Denver Police Department to yours, we wish kids big and small a safe and happy Halloween! And before you head out to celebrate, be sure to take a minutes go over thise handy safety tips: AND don't forget to stop by one of our Halloween parties tonight! • District 1: 4:00-6:00 PM at the Aztlan Recreation Center, 4435 North Navajo Street • Districts 2 & 5 co-hosted party: 4:00-7:00 PM at theDenver Police Academy, 2155 Akron Way (near E. Montview Blvd. and Central Park Blvd.) • District 6: 4:00-7:00 PM at the Denver District Six Station, 1566 North Washington Street • District 4: 4:00-6:00 PM at the Denver District Four Station, 2100 South Clay Street

HALLOWEENING LIKE A PRO Friends, we've got the safety tips you needs to make sure you survive Halloween like a pro -- watch 'em now and share 'em with a friend!

FOUR PARTIES!? SPOOKTACULAR! Halloween is tomorrow and we are hosting FOUR parties. Be sure to stop by any or all of them for some free, safe, family fun! There will be candy, haunted houses, candy, games, and did we mention CANDY!?

TIP OF THE HAT TUESDAY: MBPD OFC. ALLSTON Today, we at the Denver Police Department are tipping our hats to Officer Aaron Allston of the Myrtle Beach Police Department in South Carolina. Earlier this month, Officer Allston was on patrol when he saw a few teenagers tossing around a football. He got out of his patrol car to join the game and noticed that the ball they were playing with was in pretty poor shape. A week later, he saw one of the teenagers again and stopped him to gift him a new football. The teen explained that he didn’t have a book bag to carry it in, so Officer Allston personally delivered it to the teen’s home. It was there that he met the young man’s mom who explained that the family had fallen on hard times and the teen didn’t have much in the way of clothes. Officer Allston then rallied his fellow officers around an effort to raise money to help the teen out. With their help, Officer Allston raised more than $300 to take the teen on a shopping spree for new clothes! Fine work, officer. Hats tipped… *Photo courtesy of the MBPD Facebook page – Go LIKE ‘em.

WHAT SHOULD COOPER BE?! Therapy-pup, Cooper will be in-house on Wednesday doing some reverse trick or treating and spreading his usual joy to the people at DPD's headquarters. His only dilemma is that he has no idea what to dress up as! Last week, Cooper did a bit of a fashion show for us and now he's asking for your help to decide. Cast your vote for your favorite costume by commenting below!

IT'S ALMOST HALLOWEEN And we're pretty pumped about it. So pumped in fact, we are hosting FOUR family-friendly parties! Just load up the mini-van and join us for some free, safe Halloween fun!!

MUG SHOT MONDAY: SARAH LORE Friends, can you help us locate Sarah Lore? Lore is wanted for failure to appear for DANGEROUS DRUGS and she has an extensive criminal history. If you see her or know her whereabouts, please call 720-913-7867.

SURVIVOR SUNDAY: FINDING HELP Johanna is an Intake Specialist at the Rose Andom Center and she wants to remind those experiencing abuse that they are not alone…

SUNDAY MATINEE MINUTE: IS THAT A JEEP!? That's right, friends -- we've added a Jeep Wrangler to our fleet and it helps officers better patrol northeast Denver. Plus, it's a real showstopper. Check it out now...