Parker Police Department

  • Agency: Parker Police Department
  • Address: 18600 Lincoln Meadows Pkwy, Parker, 80134 CO
  • Chief:
Phone: 303-841-9800
Fax: 303.805.6990

Parker Police Department is located at 18600 Lincoln Meadows Pkwy, Parker, 80134 CO. The Parker Police Department phone number is 303-841-9800.

Parker Police Department News

Long lines at the Ballot Drop Box off at the Parker Police Dept. Shorter lines at Parker Field House and Legend High School

Was Your Ballot Accepted? So you dropped of your ballot at the Parker Police Department, but where is it now? Did you know that you can go to the Secretary of State's website to see if your ballot was accepted? Visit their website and enter your name, zip code and birthday and they will tell you the status of your ballot. Your ballot must be received by 7:00 p.m. or your vote won't be counted. You can't drop it in the mail, it must be placed in the collection box at Town of Parker, Colorado Town Hall or the Police Department. Hooray! My ballot was accepted and will be counted.

Bring your ballot to PPDs ballot box

Get Ready Parker Are you prepared for what winter is getting ready to throw at you? Winter driving can be taxing under the best of circumstances but downright dangerous if your car, truck or SUV is not ready. The Colorado Department of Transportation has compiled the below list of items you need in your vehicle during winter driving conditions It will only take a few minutes to read and if you check your vehicle now, while the weather is still nice, you will be thankful when it turns nasty. Get ready now. Winter is coming... Safety Checklist Make sure you have the following items in your vehicle in case of an emergency: •Flares/reflectors to signal for help and warn other motorists •Sturdy scraper/snow brush/snow shovel to clear snow •Battery or crank-powered radio to listen to emergency broadcasts •Flashlight with extra batteries or crank-powered flashlight •Survival blanket or sleeping bag •Chemical hand warmers •Extra set of clothes, including coat, hat, mittens, boots, etc. •Gallon jug of water and nonperishable food •First Aid Kit and essential medications •Tire chains and tow strap •Non-clumping kitty litter/sand for traction •Jumper cables •Extra cloth or paper towels for cleanup if necessary •Deck of cards or board game for entertainment

K-9 Training for Halloween In an effort to prepare our K-9's for Halloween, our Officers and K-9's trained in a haunted house. Here you can see a little video of Kato searching one of the rooms with strobe lighting No word on whether our K-9 team has lined up a tour of a turkey farm or Santa's Workshop over the next few weeks.

What to be Thankful For We are thankful for the tremendous response and input to our interactive traffic map. Since February, Town of Parker, Colorado residents have placed nearly 600 pins on our map letting us know the areas that you think need increased traffic education and enforcement. Your input has helped shape our traffic teams plans and areas of emphasis. We have a brand new map up for November. If there is an area that you would like to see increased education and enforcement let us know and place a pin on the map.

**Roadway is now open** - Mainstreet and Pine Dr #MYPD

ROAD CLOSURE - Multiple lanes shut down for accident at Mainstreet/Pine Dr. 2 lanes Northbound Pine Dr to Westbound Mainstreet and Southbound Pine Dr is shut down. #MYPD

Keeping our Streets Safe K-9 Captain America and the rest of our heroes will be out patrolling Town of Parker, Colorado to help keep all of our trick-or-treaters safe tonight. Please remember to drive a little slower, put down distractions and keep your head on a swivel for little monsters that may move erratically.

Mainstreet Closure Mainstreet is currently closed for Trick-or-Treat on Mainstreet until 9:00 p.m. The event goes from 3:30-7:00 p.m. and we will have Officers, dispatchers and explorers handing out candy and assisting with the event. Be sure to stop and say hi.

Happy Halloween South Metro Fire Rescue. We Heart you! When bundling up your little Boos and Ghouls Town of Parker, Colorado residents, make sure their vision isn't obstructed by their costume.

Trick-or-Treat on Mainstreet Here's a look at last year's Trick-or-Treat on Mainstreet. Please join us on Mainstreet today from 3:30-7:00 p.m. for a safe and fun place to get your Trick-or-Treat on and meet members of our staff. Don't forget...police officer costumes get double candy and always cross the street at a cross walk.

FOUND DOG- friendly dog found near Motsenbocker and Clarke Farms. Dog will be held temporarily at the PD before being taken to the Buddy Center.

Trick or...More Tricks First Mother Nature tricks us with a cold snowy Halloween, then the Denver Broncos trick us by trading Demaryius Thomas to the Houston Texans. DT will take the field in Denver Sunday wearing a Texans jersey. He's going to get a bigger round of applause than the guy giving out full size candy bars tomorrow night. Be sure to wear bright costumes and only cross streets at the cross walk so tomorrow is a day of treats. I think we've all had enough of these "tricks."

Citizen's Academy Graduation This weekend was the graduation for our 2018 Fall Citizen's Academy. Congratulations to the 36 Parker residents who completed the 10 week course, including David Bugos the 500th graduate of our Citizen's Academy Program. The intensive look at the police department included visits from our Mounted Patrol and K-9 units, SWAT, crime scene processing, traffic and DUI laws. The class was punctuated with a trip to the firing range and the opportunity to go through the use-of-force simulator after graduation. All of our graduates will now be able to join our Copps Parker Citizen's Academy Alumni Group (COPPS-Citizen's Offering Parker Police Support). COPPS provided lunch for the graduates while taking that time to talk about what they are doing for Town of Parker, Colorado residents and the Parker Police Department. Watch our website and social media sites for announcements regarding the dates and registration of our spring 2019 Police Citizen's Academy. Thank you for your commitment to learning about our police department and community!

Every Day is Prescription Drug Take Back Day at PPD Saturday is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Did you know the Parker Police Department has a permanent Medication Collection Box in our lobby? In six months we have collected more than 1100 pounds of your unused and expired prescription drugs. We are thankful Parker residents have been so responsive to this new service. The Medication Collection Box is available to the public during normal business hours, Mon - Fri 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sat – Sun 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. The success of the program depends on proper use. Here is a list of items that can or cannot be accepted: Can be accepted: •Prescription medications, including prescribed controlled substances (DEA Schedule II– V). •Over-the-counter medications. •Liquid medications (small amounts in original, non-leaking containers). •Medicated patches (Used Fentanyl and Duragesic® patches are extremely hazardous. They may be folded in half, sticky-side together, and flushed down the toilet.) •Medication samples. •Medicated ointments. •Vitamins. •Pet medications. •Unused drug injection cartridges, e.g. unused EpiPens® and insulin pens (must be unused with needle still protected inside). •Unused inhaler canisters, e.g. Advair®, Spiriva®, ProAir® and Ventolin® (must be unused, no empty canisters or unneeded plastic holders/mouth pieces). Cannot be accepted: •Marijuana. •Illicit drugs (e.g. DEA Schedule I drugs like heroin, LSD, etc). •Needles, syringes, and other sharps. •Chemotherapy drugs. •Medical tools and supplies. •Bloody or infectious waste. •Personal care products. •Thermometers. •Empty containers. •Medication wastes generated by health care facilities, including nursing homes.

Why did the Ghost go to the bar? For the Boos! How did he get home? A designated Die-ver! We have quite a few safety tips for this Halloween...and they are way better than our puns. Please take a minute to watch this video for costume tips and safety messages you need to share with your kids. Don't forget to join us for Trick-or-Treat on Mainstreet Wednesday, from 3:30-7:00 p.m. We will have a few Officers talking to the kids and giving out candy. Pro tip: Kids dressed as Police Officers get double candy. One last piece of Halloween wisdom to pass on... Why don't Vampires bite Taylor Swift? She's got bad blood. Happy Halloween and stay safe!

A fantastic story on the University of Denver's website about Parker Police Department Detective Tyler Herman and his role in how our department helps those with mental health issues. “My own understanding of mental illness was shattered,” he says. “You look at those suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar — if you’re not raised around it, you don’t really understand it. And [you won’t] until you challenge your own notion of its existence and you go meet with these folks. … Then I realized, on the street we’re coming into contact with some very sick folks. We need to not only listen to them but know how to get them the help that they need, recognizing that the law enforcement is not intended [to solve] the world’s problems, but we are problem solvers.”

Ice Cream Weather Officer Graham and K-9 Kato are enjoying this great weather with some ice cream! We'll all have to remember this in a few weeks when the white stuff is on the ground, not in a bowl.

UPDATE- Dog has been reunited with its owner! ***FOUND DOG*** Friendly male dog found in the Clarke Farms Neighborhood. No Collar. The dog will temporarily be held at the Police station before being transported to the Buddy Center in Castle Rock. #MYPD

UPDATE**DOG HAS BEEN REUNITED WITH ITS OWNER** ***FOUND DOG*** Friendly male dog found in the Clarke Farms Neighborhood. No Collar. The dog will temporarily be held at the Police station before being transported to the Buddy Center in Castle Rock. #MYPD

Thank You We are so appreciative of the continued support from Back the Blue K-9 Force and everything they do for the law enforcement K-9 community. Rico and Kato loved the treats in their goody bag! Thank you!

Fall Scout Night The Parker Police Department is hosting a merit badge training for area Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts on November 14 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. This training will help cover the scout requirements for the following four sections: ◦ Crime Prevention ◦ Fingerprinting and Evidence ◦ Bike Safety ◦ Police officer questions and police car Each section of the training will be approximately 30 minutes, and the scout groups will rotate through each of the four sections. We will be hosting a large number of scouts at this presentation. In order to allow the maximum number of scouts to take advantage of this training, we ask that only scouts and leaders attend. Spaces are limited and preregistration is required. For more information or to register for Scout night please visit our website: This form must be filled out by the parent or legal guardian of the Scouts who are being signed up. Troop leaders may NOT fill out the form for all of their Scouts as they do not have the legal power to sign the liability waiver for minors that they aren't they parent or guardian for.

Unlawful Sexual Contact and Shoplifting Suspect The Parker Police Department is asking for your help identifying a suspect in an alleged unlawful sexual contact and shoplifting incident at the Cottonwood King Soopers, 17761 Cottonwood Drive. According to the victim, the suspect approached her from behind and committed the unlawful sexual contact at approximately 7:10 p.m. Tuesday, October 16. The suspect can be seen in surveillance photos leaving the store with beer he did not pay for, according to King Soopers. If you recognize the suspect or have any information about this case please contact Officer Berry at 303.841.9800 or

Last year 67 young people between the ages of 15 and 20 were killed in traffic crashes in Colorado. This is a 22 percent increase from 2016 when 55 were killed and the highest number of fatalities for that age group since 2008. Teen drivers are among the most dangerous drivers on the road. To encourage them to drive safer, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is launching a safety campaign aimed at increasing awareness of Colorado’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program, foster adherence of GDL restrictions and ultimately save teen lives. Colorado first adopted a Graduated Driver Licensing law in 1999 after a horrific crash in Greeley that killed four teenagers. The 16-year-old driver had just received his license. He had little experience driving when his friends jumped in his car, and he ran a stop sign. GDL laws help teens gain important driving skills gradually while putting restrictions on the number of passengers permitted, banning cell phone use, setting a curfew and requiring driver education. According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, half of all unintentional injury deaths for Coloradans between ages 5 and 24 are due to motor vehicle crashes.