Avon Police Department

  • Agency: Avon Police Department
  • Address: 1 Lake St, Avon, 81620 CO
  • Chief: Brian Kozak (Chief of Police)
Phone: 970-748-4040
Fax: (970) 949-9139

Avon Police Department is located at 1 Lake St, Avon, 81620 CO. The Chief of Police of the department is Brian Kozak. The Avon Police Department phone number is 970-748-4040.

Avon Police Department News

The officers and staff at Avon PD would like to both remember our fallen veterans and thank our current veterans in our community for their service, this Veterans Day. We thank them for both their personal sacrifice and the sacrifices made by their families, to continue to enjoy our freedom as a nation. We thank the nine veterans who currently serve as Avon Police Officers. We have two US Navy, three US Marine Corps and four US Army veterans. Thank you all for your service. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Citizens Academy Graduation- Week 7 of our 7 week Citizens Academy, hosted by Avon PD in collaboration with the Eagle County Sheriffs Office, Vail PD and Eagle PD. Our academy students sat through a firearms safety class and then had the opportunity to shoot a handgun, rifle and shotgun. On behalf of Sheriff Van Beek, Chief Henninger and Chief Staufer, Chief Daly presented each graduating student with a certificate and an Avon PD challenge coin. We thank our students for their enthusiasm and their fun participation. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Avon PD officers (MPO Peck, Det. Baldwin and PO Gray) and Eagle River Firefighters (Engine 7) assisted the Vail Valley Salvation Army with the “Epic Mountain Express Fill the Van Food Drive” event today. Thank you, all the generous individuals and organizations to include Epic Mountain Express who have donated food, to this incredibly important event. Thank you to Tsu Wolin Brown and her staff at the Salvation Army for coordinating the receipt today and the delivery tomorrow of food baskets for many people in our community. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Tuesday night- Chief Daly had the honor of presenting the Chiefs Community Partnership award to many businesses, organizations and individuals who either donated or contributed their time to the 35th Annual National Night Out event in Avon on August 7th. Avon PD with the assistance of our community members and businesses hosted four different block parties at the Eaglebend Apartments, the Aspens Mobile Home park, Avon Elementary School and the O’Neal Spur Park. We include a list of all awardees. Everyone was not able to make Tuesday night. Thank you again to all that made that night so successful. Avon PD, Count on Us! Alpine Bank Aspens Mobile Home Avon Chiropractic Avon LQ Blue Moose Pizza Blue Plate Bistro Margarite “Maggie” Chavez Calvary Chapel Colorado Meat Co. Carrillo's Castañeda's City market Columbine Bakery Dispatch DJ Antonio Perez DJ Sergio Jove DJ Manuel Fregoso DJ Edgar Arroyo DJ Erik Escalante Jesus Flores Miguel Avila Gisela Nuñez Raul & Alejandra Rivera Domino's Eaglebend Apartments/ Polar Star Eagle River Fire District Fiesta Jalisco Gondola Green Elephant Hybrid Nation Jazzy Nails Jeff Schiro Painting Just Cuts Kim Greene/ Vail Health Loaded Joes Lone Star Security/ 5 D Nest No Se Hagan Bolas Revolution Yoga Sabor Mazatlán Sauce on the Creek Snow Barber Starbucks Sun and Ski Target Ticino Town of Avon Recreation Department Town of Avon Public Works Village Warehouse

Avon CO.- Personnel from Colorado Parks and Wildlife with the assistance of officers from Avon PD located the bear that had been entering into local apartment buildings and residences in the last few weeks. Avon Police Officers have been dealing with this bear nightly over the last week. This bear had become so habituated it would not easily leave the residential area when prompted either by shouting or by use of less lethal tools like beanbag shotguns or pepperball launchers. Wildlife professionals decided that it was not feasible to relocate this bear as they feared it would put the health and safety of another community at risk of serious injury or worse from this bear. Unfortunately, the bear had to be humanely euthanized. We understand that these actions will cause upset and concern in our community but this action occurred after significant consultation and analysis with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, who are responsible for wildlife management in our state. Avon PD, Count on Us! Please read the following press release from Mike Porras Public Information Officer Northwest Region for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife “Thursday afternoon, because of serious concerns with human health and safety, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers euthanized the bear that entered into the Liftview and Sunridge Apartments in Avon over the last several days ago. Based on the bear's behavior, CPW officers determined a successful relocation would not be possible. The bear entered into a human-occupied building, becoming a serious threat to residents. It displayed aggression and did not immediately leave the area, even after law enforcement officials attempted a variety of intervention techniques including hitting it with bean bag/ pepper ball projectiles. CPW's first priority is human health and safety. In this case, a relocation would likely result in making this aggressive bear someone else's problem, and threatening their safety. Please make living responsibly with wildlife a priority. Knowing the basic information protects you, your friends and neighbors and wild animals. For more information about living in bear country, visit: www.cpw.state.co.us/bears. Mike Porras Public Information Officer Northwest Region”

Avon PD has a drop off box in our lobby for the "Coats for Kids" drive. Thank you to the staff and members of Catholic Charities and the Law Enforcement Immigrant Alliance (Avon PD participates in the alliance) for this drive. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Anatomy of a crime- Two suspects came to Avon to commit crimes. They passed counterfeited $50 currency in our businesses. One business realized what was occurring and called Avon PD. As the suspects left the parking lot, a good citizen was able to take a photograph of the vehicle. Avon PD officers researched the driver and passenger and subsequently issued a statewide BOLO (Be on the lookout for). Our partners at Glenwood PD spotted the vehicle and detained a female occupant. A short time later they were able to detain the male occupant. After further investigation, Avon PD officers sought and obtained a search warrant and executed that warrant on the vehicle in Rifle and a hotel room in Glenwood Springs. Avon PD crime scene investigators located significant evidence of their counterfeiting crimes in the vehicle and in the hotel room. Both suspects, Valerie DeMarco and Jebez Parker have taken plea agreements and will be each serving 10 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections. Great work by business owners, our responsible citizen for taking the photo, Vail Public Safety Communications Center, Colorado Information Analysis Center, Glenwood Springs PD for locating the vehicle and suspects and Avon PD officers with assistance from the US Secret Service for their thorough investigation and crime scene processing of the hotel room and vehicle and the 5th Judicial District Attorney’s Office to ultimately convict these criminals. Avon PD, Count on Us! https://www.vaildaily.com/news/crime/forger-jebez-parker-caught-drying-counterfeit-money-in-glenwood-motel-room-sentenced-to-10-years-in-prison/ https://www.vaildaily.com/news/crime/valerie-demarco-sentenced-to-10-years-in-vail-valley-forgery-scheme/

Tuesday night- One of Avon’s newest Police Officers, Cody Dunford was formally sworn in at the Avon Town Council meeting. He was introduced by Mayor Jennie Fancher and was sworn in by Town Clerk Debbie Hoppe. Cody spent 2.5 years as a Police Officer with Virginia Tech University. Cody also served with the US Marine Corps for six years. Cody recently passed the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training state certification test. Cody is in the final stages of his field training program. Cody’s wife Kristin pinned his badge during the ceremony. Welcome to the Avon PD family. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Monday night- Our citizens academy students had an opportunity to meet District Judge Paul Dunkelman and Eagle County Victims Advocate Deena Ezell at the Eagle County Justice Center. They were then given a tour of the Eagle County Detention Facility. This was week 5 of a 7 week citizens academy program hosted by Avon PD in collaboration with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Vail PD and Eagle PD. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Saturday night 10/20- Avon Police Officers with assistance from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado State Patrol and Eagle PD dealt with this large bear who was camped out in a hall way at the Liftview Apartments. This bear became quite aggressive, standing on its hind legs and appeared willing to charge. It took some time, but officers were able to redirect the bear away from residential units. We have requested that our partners at Colorado Parks and Wildlife come in and try to relocate this bear. We remind the public not to try and approach bears. They are wild creatures and can become very aggressive towards their human neighbors. We remind our residents to be Bear Aware, following the Town of Avon ordinance regarding putting trash receptacles out on the curb after 06:00 am on trash collection day and then resecuring inside a building or wildlife resistant enclosure after pickup. The exception is a trash resistant container that can be stored outside of a building. The bears are in their final stretch before they start hibernating and are seeking as many calories as possible to get them through the winter. Thank you for the assistance of Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado State Patrol, Eagle PD and the Vail Public Safety Communications Center. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Avon Police Officers doing a show and tell with a police car and police bike at the Eagle River Presbyterian Church Fall Festival at Nottingham Park in Avon this morning. Thank you to ERPC for a great kid focused community event. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Do you recognize this male? We would like to talk with him regarding burglary and theft of cell phones totaling over $13,000 from Walmart in Avon on the morning of October 16 at approxtimately 02:00 am. If you have any information, please contact Avon PD at 9707484040 or email Detective T. Baldwin at tbaldwin@avon.org. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven in a court of law. Please share this post. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Case 2018-000709- On 10/15/2018 at approximately 05:10 in the morning, Avon PD officers responded to a burglary in progress at the Pho 20 restaurant at the Christie Lodge in Avon. 5D Security at the Christie Lodge had observed a male suspect breaking into the restaurant. The suspect attempted to run from the scene and after a brief foot chase the suspect was apprehended. The suspect picked the wrong two officers to run from, former US Marines, Bal Herrera and Cody Dunford. The suspect Garret P. MacLachlan was placed in custody without further incident and charged with 2nd Degree Burglary and theft. All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty before a court of law. Avon PD, Count on Us!

SWAT school- Officer Corey Baldwin and School Resource Officer Eric Benson participated in a week long basic SWAT school hosted by the Greeley Police Department SWAT Team. This was a physically demanding week teaching the students about high risk SWAT operations and providing our patrol officers with some higher-level skills for dealing with those infrequent but high-risk situations that at times occur in our community. Corey and Eric put in that extra work and effort to be better able to protect our community that we serve. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Liquor licensee meeting- Wednesday night, Avon PD hosted an informational evening for our Town of Avon liquor licensees in preparation for what we all hope is going to be a big winter. Michelle Stecher from the Eagle River Youth Foundation spoke about protecting our youth, by preventing underage drinking, impaired driving and safe driving habits. Criminal Investigator Lisa Maestas from the Colorado Department of Revenue Alcohol and Tobacco enforcement gave a legal update on new laws that have come into force and other laws that are coming in as at January 1st. Chief Daly spoke about our combined efforts to reduce DUI and impaired drivers off our roadways from enforcement to our town wide Tipsy Taxi program. The bars and restaurants have Tipsy Taxi vouchers to be used when an individual is not sober to drive home to encourage them to leave their car and get a taxi home. Please plan before you go out as to how you are getting home, whether by remaining sober, by parking your vehicle and getting a taxi/uber/Lyft, designated driver or drinking responsibly. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Citizens academy. In the last two weeks our citizens academy students completed a class on DUI investigation. They learned how we administer the standardized field sobriety tests (SFST) and why. They also learned what we are observing and why. On Monday, the students participated in a SWAT familiarization class learning about the multi-agency county wide Eagle County Special Operations Unit. The students learned about the types of operations/ missions we are tasked with, to include dignitary protection, service of high risk warrants, arrest of high risk suspects, dealing with barricaded situations and paint ball competitions (joke!). The students learned some basic self-defense techniques. The academy is hosted by Avon PD and is a collaboration with Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Vail PD and Eagle PD. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Thank you to the Eagle River Youth Coalition for recognizing Officer Eric Benson as a "Difference Maker" for his school resource mentoring activities at the Avon Elementary School. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Please be “Bear Aware”! Please do not have food attractants in your yard like birdfeed. If your trash container is not wildlife resistant, you must put your can out only on trash collection day at or after 6:00 AM and then store it back in your house, garage or wildlife-resistant enclosure by the end of that same day. Most residential curbside containers are not wildlife resistant. If in doubt, please check with your garbage disposal company. There is some very useful information contained in this informational video from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. By working together as a community, we can reduce or eliminate attractants for bears and their cubs from our residences or businesses. If bears are attracted to birdfeed, trash or other food items, they can become problematic to the safety of humans and Colorado Parks and Wildlife may have to relocate them or if it is a persistent problem, as a last resort, they may have to euthanize a bear. Please be good stewards of our local natural resources and be “Bear Aware”. Thank you, Avon PD, Count of Us! Municipal Code 8.32.040 (a) All refuse containers that receive refuse or attractants as defined by this Chapter must be either wildlife-resistant refuse containers or residential refuse containers. Residential refuse containers must be securely stored within a house, garage or wildlife-resistant enclosure. (b) Residents with curbside pickup shall place their residential refuse containers out for pickup at or after 6:00 a.m. on the morning of the pickup. After pickup, residential refuse containers must be securely stored within a house, garage or wildlife-resistant enclosure by the end of the same day. If wildlife-resistant refuse containers are used, they may be placed out for pickup after 6:00 a.m. on the day before pickup. After pickup, all wildlife-resistant refuse containers must be secured in an appropriate manner before the end of the same day. If wildlife-resistant refuse containers are placed curbside for pickup after 6:00 a.m. of the day before pickup and such container is breached by wildlife, the resident or property owner may be required to upgrade to a refuse container approved by an official designated by the Town or the wildlife-resistant refuse container must be placed out for pickup at or after 6:00 a.m. of the morning of the pickup.

Monday night- Week 1 of the 7-week Citizens Police Academy. Chief Greg Daly (Avon PD) and Chief Dwight Henninger (Vail PD) welcomed our students to the 10th Annual Citizens Police Academy. This academy is available to anyone in Eagle County. The academy is hosted by Avon PD in conjunction with Vail PD, Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and Eagle PD. This is a great opportunity for our residents to get to know their law enforcement agencies and learn about the different aspects of policing. We started with talking about policing in Eagle County and about our respective police departments. The students then learned about crime scene processing, lifting fingerprints and DNA. We still have some space in the class. You can start next Monday. The Avon Citizens' Academy is open to a maximum of 25 students all subject to a background investigation. Due to the subject matter, we ask that participants be eighteen years of age and older; have no felony convictions; no significant or recent misdemeanor convictions; and willing to complete a waiver of liability. Fill out an application today at the Avon Police Department or online at: http://www.avon.org/DocumentCenter/View/14148 Avon PD, Count on Us!

Avon PD Officer in Training Alan Hernandez is documenting his training academy at the Jefferson County Sheriff/ Lakewood PD regional joint training academy. The academy is rigorous and ensures a high-level commitment to personal physical fitness to meet the physical demands of the job. There are 38 cadets in his class. Alan is currently working on his skills training to include arrest control and ground defensive tactics. They are also on the range becoming proficient on their firearm and getting ready to complete the Colorado Peace Officers and Standards Training firearms test. Alan has lived in Avon for most of his life and is bilingual. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Avon PD Officers Baldwin and Dunford out on patrol on mountain bikes. What an awesome Fall/ Autumn changing of the colors scene from Beaver Creek/ Eagle Vail/Avon Colorado. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Starting September 24, the Avon Police Department will no longer be able to process fingerprint requests. Click below to learn more. https://goo.gl/Bsa6Z5

Detective Toby Baldwin was the recipient of the Meskimen Scholarship that will allow him to finish his AAS in Criminal Justice and assist towards his BA in Business Leadership and Management. Det. Baldwin is a veteran of the United States Army. Sgt. Lou Meskimen, aka “The Masked Man”, a long time Vail resident served honorably in Garmisch, Germany as a combat medic in the late 1960’s. Lou operated the Christmas Store in Vail and the Minturn “Masked Man” business between 1976 through 2017 at his time of passing. He was a huge supporter of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10721 through financial contributions and he provided many volunteer hours during the “Buddy Poppy” fund raising efforts at local banks. He served on the Vail Recreation District and Design Review Boards and the Eagle County Planning commission for many years of public service. He was the original Vail Santa Claus for many children’s events over the years with his traditional Christmas beard. Det. Baldwin is very proud to have received this scholarship and very much appreciates the support from the VFW to continue his education to help him in his career and advance his ability to serve his community. Well done Det. Baldwin. Avon PD, Count on Us!

Monday night- Week 7 of our 7-week Latino Police Academy. Our 23 students ended their 7-week program with a trip to the Eagle County Sheriffs Firearms Training Range. The students learned about basic firearms safety and had the opportunity to shoot some of our weapons. Thank you to the instructors from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Vail PD, Eagle PD and Avon PD for making this academy so successful. Thank you to Officer Eric Benson and Brenda Torres from Avon PD who planned and coordinated the academy. Most importantly, thank you to the 23 students who participated in our educational police academy through Spanish. They were inquisitive, enthusiastic and fun. We are starting a new seven-week police citizens academy next Monday, Sept 24th. Fill out an application today at the Avon Police Department or online at: http://www.avon.org/DocumentCenter/View/14148. Please call 9707484040 for further information. Avon PD, Count on Us!