Black Hawk Police Department

  • Agency: Black Hawk Police Department
  • Address: 221 Church St, Black Hawk, 80442 CO
  • Chief: Stephen Cole (Chief of Police)

Black Hawk Police Department is located at 221 Church St, Black Hawk, 80442 CO. The Chief of Police of the department is Stephen Cole. The Black Hawk Police Department phone number is 303-582-0503.

Black Hawk Police Department News

Check out this article featuring one of our detectives!

The power has been restored Citywide. 0936 POWER OUTAGE CITY OF BLACK HAWK. Power company reports an outage of 3 hours.

The Black Hawk Municipal Court is closed today May 18, 2017 due to the weather. If you have court today, please call the Court at 303-582-1727.

Commander Ken Lloyd Officer Ian Bridge sacrificed what hair they had left for an amazing cause, St. Baldrick's Foundation. Way to go guys!!!

New addition to the fleet....

The fog is rolling tonight.

Law Enforcement appreciation day January 9th.

Monarch Parking Garage implosion.

The implosion operation is in progress.

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc. (Owner), Colorado Cleanup Corporation (Demolition Contractor), and Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI - Implosion Subcontractor) of Phoenix, Maryland would like you to be aware that on Wednesday, the 21st of December 2016 as soon after 8:30 AM as safety and preparations permit, the Monarch Casino Parking Garage will be demolished by implosion to an elevation where Colorado Cleanup can safely access the debris for secondary demolition and processing. Implosion is a process where a small amount of explosives is used to disrupt selected supports in a building. This allows gravity to pull the structure down in a controlled manner. CDI has used this implosion method thousands of times around the world during the past 65 years to assist Property Owners and Contractors in the removal of unwanted structures. There are Four (4) points we would like to make you aware of: 1. Dust is an unpreventable byproduct of all types of demolition. With a wrecking ball or high-reach excavator, the building is slowly broken up releasing dust over a lengthy period of time. With implosion, the same overall quantity of dust is released in a matter of seconds, and may linger in the general area for 4 to 6 minutes before Colorado Cleanup’s crews began cleanup of same from streets and sidewalks. Depending on wind speed and direction on the day of the implosion, the dust may or may not reach your properties. As a precautionary measure, we recommend that you see that all windows, doors and air intakes are closed, and cover any other openings that might allow dust to enter your apartment, house or building. We also recommend that you turn off all exhaust fans before or at the time of the implosion as these might draw air in to your building through cracks in walls and windows. 2. Early Wednesday morning, the Black Hawk Police Department will set up a Exclusion Zone around the buildings. This is to prevent people from getting too close. Your property is OUTSIDE this Exclusion Zone. We need your cooperation with the Police and contractors to make sure that this is a safe job. Everything they say to you or ask of you is to minimize inconvenience or to promote safety. 3. There will be heavy dust in the block immediately surrounding the demolition site. Dust may also drift outside and downwind of the Exclusion Zone, depending on weather conditions. If you find dust uncomfortable or irritating, or if you have any respiratory conditions that would be aggravated by dust, please stay indoors during the demolition. 4. More than 100 years of vibration/noise monitoring data assembled by the US Bureau of Mines established guidelines for safe vibration and noise levels around blasting sites. For several days prior to the implosion, a pre-demolition photographic survey will be made to document the pre-existing condition of adjacent structures and properties in accordance with State Law. Noise and vibration monitoring instruments will be set up around the demolition site to monitor actual levels of same generated by the implosion/fall of the parking garage structure. A follow-up post-implosion survey will be made the morning of the implosion to determine whether or not any changes have taken place in the structures previously inspected, as a result of the implosion. The vibration and pre/post-survey reports go to the State of Colorado to protect the interests of all parties involved. Should you have any questions, you should direct them to: Diane Mulligan at

The City of Black Hawk's telephone and cellular outage has been restored. All normal services have resumed. A fiber optic line was damaged and repaired.

The City of Black Hawk is currently experiencing a telephone and cellular outage. 911 calls are automatically diverted depending on location. The time for restoration is unknown.

The employees of the Black Hawk Police Dept. thank you! through Black Hawk.

Fall is here...

Good morning from Black Hawk Police!