Fort Collins Police Services

  • Agency: Fort Collins Police Services
  • Address: 2221 S Timberline Rd, Fort Collins, 80525 CO
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Phone: 970-221-6540

Fort Collins Police Services is located at 2221 S Timberline Rd, Fort Collins, 80525 CO. The Fort Collins Police Services phone number is 970-221-6540.

Fort Collins Police Services News

Chief Swoboda here - This morning, the City’s Executive Leadership Team held our meeting at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County. This club does remarkable things for kids and families for $20 a year. If you're looking to get involved with a group that's changing lives daily, contact Kaycee or Brian, both pictured here. Also pictured are some of the Youths of the Year from the club. Thank you for all you do for our community, Boys & Girls Club team!

Victim Advocate Britta has walked with countless people in crisis during her 10 years working at FCPS. She and a colleague from Crossroads Safehouse recently presented at the annual conference for COVA (Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance), an organization that works to build a collaborative environment where crime victims are given the opportunity to heal and restore balance to their lives. Britta and Stacie presented on how law enforcement and a non-system based advocate program can work together on domestic violence cases to ensure victims are taken care of from the time of reporting through their healing process. Thank you both for serving our community and for continuing to advance the field of victim advocacy!

We'd like to introduce the new civilian Director of our Information Services division! After a national search, FCPS selected Rena Martinez to manage the division, which includes the Fort Collins 911 Dispatch Center, Records, Property and Evidence, and IT. “Rena will be an outstanding addition to our executive leadership team,” said Chief Swoboda. “Her professional experience and her ability to genuinely connect with people will benefit the agency and our community.” Martinez is a Fort Collins native and Colorado State University graduate. She began her career in 1996 as a dispatcher for the Loveland Police Department. In 1999, she moved to Seattle, Washington, and embarked on a 15-year career with the Seattle Police Department in emergency communications. By 2003, she was appointed lead trainer, a position that also served as a backup for the Chief Dispatcher. She was a radio dispatch instructor for Seattle’s 911 center; instructing employees on radio dispatch operations and procedures. In December 2009, as part of a pilot program, she was chosen as the first civilian Emergency Services Dispatch Supervisor in Seattle’s 911 history. In August 2014, Martinez returned to Colorado and accepted a position as Customer Care Supervisor for the City of Fort Collins Utilities. In February 2016, Martinez joined Fort Collins Police Services as a Dispatch Supervisor. She was appointed as Acting Communications Manager in April 2017, overseeing all 911 center operations and budgets. Martinez began serving in the Director role on November 5, 2018. We're excited for the positive impact she'll have on the division, agency, and community.

¡Gracias a nuestros residentes que visitaron el departamento de policía por un recorrido en español! Siempre nos gusta conectar con nuestros residentes y hablar sobre temas de la comunidad. *** Thanks to our residents who visited the police department for a tour in Spanish! We always enjoy connecting with our residents and talking about community issues. The Family Center/La Familia

Officer Tim spent some time at Harris Bilingual School this week to read and talk about safety. We love connecting with our youngest residents!

A crime we often see this time of year is speeding past Thanksgiving and skipping straight to Christmas. Please don’t get reckless with jingle bells; remember to slow down for the turkey 🦃 Happy Friday, Fort Collins. Holiday music choices aside, we’re always here if you need us!

Chief Swoboda here - Thank you to all the Hens and Roosters at the Goddard School for sending me this terrific artwork. Miss Katie and Miss Angela, you obviously have an amazing group there. I will be sure to display this in a place where all the members of FCPS can enjoy it.

Introducing the FCPS recruit class of 2039...officers, K9s and unicorn unit! Be safe out there tonight, Fort Collins.

👮👮👮When you and your friends all show up wearing the same Halloween costume... #awkward If you're out this evening, please remember... 🎃 Watch out for pedestrians if you're driving. 🎃 Watch out for cars if you're walking/biking/zombie-shambling. 🎃 Only trick-or-treat at houses with lights on. 🎃 Being creepy is fun. Being a creeper is not. Have fun and be respectful of others. 🎃 It's okay to take candy from strangers; just check it before your kids (or you) eat it. Happy Halloween!

Batcop's back and he wants to make sure you follow these safety tips if you're celebrating this spooktacular holiday tonight. Happy Halloween, Fort Collins!

Thank you to all who attended last night's vigil. Together we can choose love and stand in solidarity against hate. Together we are safer, and together we are stronger. Many thanks to the Fort Collins Interfaith Council for planning this event and inviting us to join. Here is Chief Swoboda's message to our community last night:

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our prescription drug take-back event on Saturday. We collected 208 pounds for safe disposal! If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry - you can still drop off unwanted medications at our main lobby counter any day of the week.

Chief Swoboda here - Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the heinous act of violence in Pennsylvania this morning. Our Jewish brothers and sisters here in Fort Collins are grieving this incident against their faith community, and we stand with them. FCPS officers will be spending time at our local synagogue with teachers, parents, and students. Hate has no place in our city, and everyone in our community deserves to feel safe and welcome, especially in their sacred spaces. We will continue to work with our faith community leaders, especially in the coming days, to ensure safety in our houses of worship.

We’re Hiring! Our current hiring process for sworn officers closes this Sunday, October 28. This is more than a job - we’re a blue family dedicated to serving an amazing, engaged community. Learn more and apply today at


Chief Swoboda here - I want to thank Crossroads Safehouse for all they do in our community. They held a breakfast this morning that was touching as people shared their stories on how domestic violence forever changed their lives. We had a strong showing of members from FCPS; a few are pictured here. The statistics tell us that domestic violence is all around us. If you or anyone you know need help, or just want to talk, know that we at FCPS are just a call away. Let’s look out for each other, Fort Collins.

After more than two decades of dedicated service, we'd like to wish Sgt. Marcus Hopkins a happy retirement. We will miss this leader, his quick smile, and his willingness to support his fellow officers. We asked him for a photo to share in this send-off, and he said he wanted to show that officers are more than a uniform - they're people with families, a sense of humor, and a heart behind the badge. We hope you and your family enjoy this next chapter to the fullest. Thank you for your outstanding service to our Fort Collins community!

Mantenga a sus hijos seguros en su hogar! Este infografía muestra lo que los padres y cuidadores necesitan saber sobre el almacenamiento seguro de medicamentos. Podemos descartar con seguridad los medicamentos no deseados. Solo tráelos a nuestra recepción en el edificio principal de la policía. También puedes traerlos a nuestro evento de devolución de medicamentos el 27 de octubre. *** Keep your children safe in your home! This infographic shows what parents and caregivers need to know about safe storage of medications. We can safely discard unwanted medications. Just bring them to our front desk in the main police building. You can also bring them to our Drug Drop-Off event on October 27. Safe Kids Larimer County

Whether we're on or off duty, we love connecting with other officers and talking public safety. Case in point - Officer Josh recently met some brothers in blue from Israel Police - משטרת ישראל during a personal trip to Israel and shared a little bit of Fort Collins with them. If you're ever traveling through Fort Collins and want to talk shop, please stop by and say hello. Whether you're a fellow first responder or just someone interested in policing, we always welcome the opportunity to connect!

Chief Swoboda here - I recently learned that a resident received a solicitation letter from a group identifying itself as a police association, and I want to address the letter’s contents in case others have received something similar. The letter stated that Fort Collins is a “sanctuary city,” instructed the recipient to complete a survey, and solicited donations. The letter also made several broad discriminatory statements intended to incite fear, specifically against our Hispanic and Muslim residents. In a response to a Coloradoan inquiry, the City clarified that Fort Collins is not a sanctuary city and cooperates with federal law. Beyond that, we also want to make sure it’s clear to our community that our Agency embraces diversity and rejects discrimination against any portion of our population. Fear, divisive language, and painting any group with a broad stroke is not going to serve anyone. The best way to make our community safer is by building strong relationships, collaborating with our neighbors to address issues, and welcoming the positive contributions that diversity brings to our City. We are here to professionally serve everyone in our community, regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or residency status. We can make this the safest community in the country, but only if everyone in our community feels safe calling police to solve problems together. *** ائد قوات بوليس مدينة فورت كولنز، سوبودا: لقد نما إلى علمى مؤخرا بأن أحد قاطني مدينتنا قد تلقى خطاباً من مجموعة تسمى نفسها “إتحاد قوات البوليس الوطني" وأنا بدورى أريد أن أرد على ما تضمنه هذا الخطاب حال وصوله أو وصول خطابات مماثلة إلى مواطنين أخر. تبدأ فحوى الخطاب بمغالطة أن مدينة فورت كولنز قد أصبحت "ملاذاً" آمنا للمهاجرين غير الشرعيين وطُلبَ من متلقى الخطاب مِلءَ إستبيان مرفق بالخطاب وأيضاً طُلبَ منه تبرعاً ماليا. إمتلأ الخطاب بعبارات تحريضية لبث الخوف من مجموعات بعينها خاصة السكان المكسيكيين والمسلمين! وفى ردى على تساؤل جريدة "كولورادوان" أحب أن أشير إلى أن مسئولى المدينة الرسميين قد أوضحوا بأنه لم تتخذ أى تدابير إجرائية لإعلان مدينة فورت كولنز كملاذ أمن وأننا سنتعاون لتطبيق القانون الفيدرالي. فيما وراء ذلك أود هنا أن أعلن بشكل قاطع لسكان مدينتنا أن إدارتنا تُجلُ التنوع الديموجرافي وتقف ضد كل أشكال التمييز أيا كانت درجتها ضد أى جالية أو جماعة. الخوف واللهجة الإنقسامية والتعميم فى إتهام أى جماعة من السكان على إجمالهم لن يكون فى صالح أحد. لا شك أن أفضل الطرق لضمان الأمن لنا جميعا إنما يتأتى ببناء جسور متينة وتعاون الكل فى حل مشاكلنا كجيران وبتفعيل الإسهامات الإيجابية من كل شرائح المجتمع للإبقاء على التنوع الذى يميز مدينتنا. نحن هنا لنخدم الجميع بمهنية لا تميز بين سكان مدينتنا على أساس العرق، الدين، العمر، الجنس، أو المواطنة . معا نستطيع أن نجعل مدينتنا الأفضل من ناحية الأمن وهذا لن يتحقق إلا اذا شعر كل قاطنٍ فيها أنه/أنها يستطيع أن يتصل بقوات البوليس لحل مشاكلنا دون خوف أو تردد. *** Mensaje del jefe en español:

Nine-year-old Jaden and his family recently came to the PD to drop off a bunch of stuffed animals. He is in the process of earning his karate black belt and wanted first responders to have these animals to give to children that might need some extra comfort during a time of crisis. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - we live in such an amazing, compassionate community! Thank you, Jaden. We will make sure your kindness reaches local kids in need.

As part of the Safe Routes to School program, our Bike Team recently joined residents on a community ride hosted by La Cocina. The route started at Howes and Laporte and ended at Soft Gold Park where community members prepared food and drinks for all to enjoy. Thanks for a great day! For more information about the City of Fort Collins - Government Safe Routes to School program, visit