Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 103 3rd Ave, Hugo, 80821 CO
  • Chief:
Phone: 719-743-2426
Fax: 719-743-2392

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is located at 103 3rd Ave, Hugo, 80821 CO. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office phone number is 719-743-2426.

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office News

Stolen from a residence in Hugo between the 18th and 21st of October, owner was out of town at that time. Trailer is a toy hauler with the motorcycle inside. If you have any information please contact the Hugo Marshals Office.

From our friends at the Marshal’s Office

Press Release On Friday, September 27th, near 6:00 PM, Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff Dustin Cunningham attempted to stop a speeding Cadillac on Highway 40/287, nine miles east of Hugo. When Deputy Cunningham got behind the vehicle, the driver accelerated rapidly to speeds over 90 MPH, and attempted to elude Deputy Cunningham by turning south on Lincoln County Highway 63, and reaching speeds near 100 MPH. Multiple members of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office were activated to assist Deputy Cunningham. Deputy Cunningham maintained communications with the Lincoln County Communications Center and attempted to keep the fleeing vehicle in sight, while safely managing the gravel road. Deputy Cunningham observed a large cloud of dust erupt near County Road 2G and Highway 63, where he ultimately located the fleeing vehicle near Boyero, Colorado, on its top from an apparent rollover accident. Deputy Cunningham immediately requested emergency medical services and began approaching the vehicle to assist the driver. The driver and sole occupant began to flee on foot from the damaged vehicle. Deputy Cunningham was able to take the driver into custody without incident when the driver surrendered after a short distance. The driver was identified as Ladoria Palmas, 21, from Hattiesburg, Mississippi . Ms. Palmas was transported to Lincoln Community Hospital as a precaution and was medically cleared for incarceration. Ms. Palmas is currently in the Lincoln County Jail on multiple traffic related charges, attempted felony eluding, and as a felony fugitive from justice from the State of Texas. The State of Mississippi also has a warrant out for Ms. Palmas for armed robbery, but cannot extradite their warrant from Colorado. It was later determined that Ms. Palmas was involved in various crimes throughout the State of Colorado, earlier that day, including fleeing law enforcement officers, prior to Deputy Cunningham’s arrest. Ms. Palmas is being held on a $10,000 for the Lincoln County charges and $30,000 for the State of Texas warrant. ###

With homecoming festivities approaching, our family would like to wish all alumni a ”welcome back.” Please enjoy everything responsibly!

Just a reminder that pedal the plains will be in Lincoln County tomorrow. The biggest concentration of riders will be on hwy 71 North of Limon traveling from Last Chance to Limon. However, there will also be riders coming off of Lincoln County Road 2Z and riding hwy 71 North to Limon. All of these riders will be making their way to the Limon School. Please be careful and remind your friends and family to watch out for these riders as well. Law enforcement will be trying to control traffic in these areas from approximately 9:00Am to 5:00Pm.

Today we remember the events of 9-11. I reflect on the worst terrorist attack on the American people but I also remember how the American people came together in unity. I remember we put all of our differences aside, we were just Americans. I remember people flying their flags on their porches and cars. Let us never forget the sacrifices made for our flag and freedoms.

As we get ready to celebrate our independence this week, we want to remind everyone to please be safe. Thankfully we have had a little bit of moisture but fire danger is still considered high. We want to remind everyone that the Hugo Fire Department display will be on Wednesday night at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds and the Limon Fire Department display will be on Saturday night by the Limon School, please consider going to one of these displays where the professionals can worry about the fire danger. If you are going to light your own fireworks please remember to only light fireworks that are legal in Colorado. Remember to light them in a safe manner and in a location that is clear from any fuels such as dry grass, weeds or trash. We want everyone to have a great 4th of July!! However, because of the safety concerns illegal fireworks will be seized and you may receive charges if caught with them. If you have any question on whether the fireworks you have are legal we would be happy to advise you or there is lots of information on the internet.

Be aware today! More severe storms are possible today. These storms are projected to be earlier, so be ready from 12-3PM today. Parents make sure you have a plan for kids on summer schedules.

Please be alert today! Take precautions now to avoid confusion later.

Eye to the sky today, Lincoln County!

Today, we remember Lincoln County Sheriff Merlin Koerner, who gave his life in the line of duty on June 19, 1961. Sheriff Koerner had been your Lincoln County Sheriff for 29 years! We honor his legacy and renew our commitment to never forget his sacrifice. Sheriff Koerner undoubtedly helped shape our organization and its long history of service to our community. Sheriff Koerner, rest easy Sir, we have the watch from here. #NeverForgotten #LegacyLivesForever

Spring is upon us and the world has come to life. Things are turning green with the moisture we have been getting and it won’t be long before we are seeing lots of young wildlife running around. Colorado Parks and Wildlife would like to remind everybody to not try and rescue wildlife. This is most often more harmful to the individual animal than it is helpful. There are different guidelines for different critters but most are best left alone. Young mammals for instance are born without a scent and the ability to stay still for long periods of time while the adults roam around and feed. This is the best way for them avoid predators. Handling them can leave a human scent which makes them both vulnerable to predators and may spook the adults into abandoning them. Birds are a little different as scent does not play a large role in their survival. It is common for young birds to be found on the ground as they learn to fly. The adults will check in on them and feed them periodically while they exercise and strengthen their legs and wings. In the case of small song birds, these can be picked up and placed back in a tree or to a nearby brush to be in a safer location. Raptors however should not be handled at all. They are willing to defend themselves at a very young age and are equipped with sharp claws and a strong beak. The adults have also been known to defend their young by swooping at perceived threats. This time of year also brings its share of disease outbreaks. Already this spring District Wildlife Manager Logan Wilkins has seen critters positively carrying Distemper, Rabies, and Tularemia in the county. This is another reason not to rescue wildlife. Any human contact with a suspected sick animal requires testing and can only be done after euthanization. Many wildlife diseases are transferable to humans and pets, so it is important to keep pets vaccinated and refrain from having any physical contact. If you come across wildlife that you think is abandon, sick, or suspect is injured observe the animal for several hours up to 24 hours. Many times they are fine and will move off on their own. Sometimes the adult of the species will pretend to be injured in order to lead predators away from their young, raptors may over eat and need to digest their food before they can fly, and many times animals are tough enough to survive an injury and are better off doing it on their own. If an animal has been given plenty of time and you still suspect something is wrong feel free to contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Sheriff’s Office, or Colorado State Patrol to notify a Wildlife Officer of the animal and its location. The local Wildlife Officer is Logan Wilkins and he can be contacted at (719)740-1521. Once you have contacted authorities of the situation please follow the instructions given and don’t take matters into your own hands. These instructions are designed with both human and wildlife’s best interest in mind. It is illegal to own wildlife so adopting or even putting down injured wildlife so that they don’t suffer is not legal and could result in citations.

This weekend lets take a moment and remember that Memorial Day weekend isn't about having Monday off. Please take a moment and think of the brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect this great country we call home. Never forget!!!

Lincoln County Fire districts are now on LEVEL 2 BURN RESTRICTION. Meaning, you may burn household trash in an approved container that is 10 feet from any other flammable material. ANY other burns must be approved by the Sheriff and the Fire Chief. This is considered temporary right now and may change if weather patterns don't continue giving moisture. Any questions please call your local fire chief or the Sheriff.

Today is International Firefighters' Day, a day to honor our brothers and sister firefighters who go in harm's way every day to save lives. Thank you for your service

To all of our Dispatchers, we appreciate you! On behalf of a grateful Organization and Community, THANK YOU!

Heads up Lincoln County! This could be interesting. Be Prepared, Be Ready, Be Smart.

LCSO Sergeant just hit by a passing vehicle while on a separate traffic stop. No injures but millimeters would have had deadly consequences. His duty belt transferred leather polish onto the suspect vehicle... #PleaseMoveOver #YoureKillingUsOutHere

Never forget!! Come out and support the Limon Police Department and Jay's Family.

Please....... Please be careful. Avoid anything that could start a fire. These conditions are dangerous.

Effective IMMEDIATELY - Lincoln County is under a full LEVEL 3 burn ban. Extreme Fire Danger exists. No burning until further notice! Please be careful to avoid potential fire dangers. Once we get significant moisture, officials will review conditions.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's office wants to express our sincere thanks to Rich and Donna Metcalf and the staff at Ace Hardware as well as Mark Ortell and Staff at Oscar's Bar and Grill for thinking of area law enforcement. The support means more than we can ever show you!

Lincoln County Fire districts are now on LEVEL 2 BURN RESTRICTION. Meaning, you may burn household trash in an approved container that is 10 feet from any other flammable material. ANY other burns must be approved by the Sheriff and the Fire Chief. This is considered temporary right now and may change if weather patterns don't continue giving moisture. Any questions please call your local fire chief or the Sheriff.