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  • Address: 1557 Greene St, Silverton, 81433 CO
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Phone: 970-387-5531
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San Juan County Sheriff's Office is located at 1557 Greene St, Silverton, 81433 CO. The San Juan County Sheriff's Office phone number is 970-387-5531.

San Juan County Sheriff's Office News

OK, I have endured plenty of false accusation over this matter, I have also had longstanding friendships damaged over this matter. Now known untruths are being published to attack my character. Yes Sir, I do understand the nature of this incident, as a dog lover, as a law enforcement officer, and as a community member. I also understand the nature of people who would be quick to state online from the comfort of their couch that our Office would not do the matter justice because of our (and my) relationship with the accused. That's why I quickly made request to multiple other agencies to handle it. That investigator came to same conclusions I'm sure I would have if I felt it my place to investigate. There was no criminal intent to harm, obviously. Yes, I do believe it was a boneheaded thing to do, and the accused response was less than ideal from the get go, and I have told him as a friend I thought he was being a bonehead about it. But that doesn't make it a criminal matter, it's a civil one, where our office has no place. I just spoke with the CBI Agent in Charge of this investigation, who states while he has had several conversations with the victim last night and this morning, he certainly never informed him that our office should have done the investigation. I have a digital trail showing my requests for other agencies to investigate, as well as the findings of the CBI and their input on the previously released press information. So as I have stated before, if something you read online upsets you... IT MUST BE TRUE, and you should jump on the nasty bandwagon a soon as possible. No thats not right. What I have learned in a quarter century of living in a true community, is if the something upsets you, you are better off going to source and shaking someone's hand to learn the truth of it and work it out as a fellow community member. Now that takes more effort and character than slinging mud with keystrokes. But it is way healthier way for yourself, and for the whole community to exist.

The San Juan County Sheriffs Office recently became aware of an incident involving the alleged poisoning of a local pet. As is often the case in our small community, all the parties involved are friends of the Sheriff, and the accused a working partner of the Sheriff’s Office. Understanding the high emotions that come with the harm of one’s pet in such a pet loving community, as well as the optics and potential misinterpretation of the Sheriff’s Office role in this investigation, I reached out to alternative agencies to perform the investigation. "Colorado Bureau of Investigation reviewed the allegations and found insufficient facts supporting criminal intent or reckless endangerment elements to pursue. Should you have further questions regarding criminal concerns with this matter, please call CBI at 970-248-7500."

Many thanks to all who offered help and support in locating our latest off road offenders. The three riders have been located due to a tip from a local with a great memory. Their shinny new court date with a Federal Magistrate is the immediate consequence, along with confiscation of their dirt bikes as evidence to a crime. WE LOVE OUR BACKCOUNTRY! WE WILL DEFEND IT AGAINST THOSE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE TOO SPECIAL TO ABIDE BY THE RULES AND PLACE IT, AND OUR PROPER USE OF IT, AT RISK. The sooner word is spread that you will not get away with this behavior in San Juan County, and the consequences will be stout, the better off we all are. We very much appreciate all the help and good citizenry!

San Juan and La Plata County search & rescue teams have been involved in a difficult accident scene in Lower Ice Lake Basin that unfortunately claimed a life. As proper notifications are being made, the identity of the victim cannot be released at this time. Teams are still now at work bringing the remains home to the family. We are indebted to flight for life and the Mesa Verde Air Meditac, as well as all the local and neighboring first responders that put the needs of others ahead of their own in difficult times. We are also very lucky to have had the strong leadership of Undersheriff Lowrance and La Plata team leader Ron Corkish. Our hearts go out to the family, please be safe out there and take good care of yourselves. MEDIA, DO NOT CALL SAN JUAN COUNTY FOR INFO DURING EMERGENT SITUATIONS. WE WILL NOT PROVIDE INFO BY PHONE AND YOU ARE HAMPERING RESCUE OPERATIONS AND ENDANGERING ALL INVOLED. THE ONLY INFORMATIIN YOU WILL RECIEVE WILL BE FROM THIS PUBLIC INFORMATION TOOL. SERIOUSLY, DO NOT CALL TO JUST ASK WHAT TOWN THEY ARE FROM. DO NOT CALL TO ASK WHAT AREA IT WAS. DO NOT CALL!!!

Due to current and predicted fire behavior and great progress made by firefighters, the residents of San Juan County who have been evacuated due to the 416 Fire will be allowed to return to their homes at 8 am on Wednesday, June 13, 2018. Residents returning home will need to present a rapidTAG to be allowed back in. These residents will remain on pre-evacuation notice. At 12 pm on June 13, 2018 Highway 550 will reopen to escorted traffic until 6 pm. At this time, the check point will move from Molas Pass to Purgatory. The status of Highway 550 will be evaluated daily. As firefighters continue to make progress on the east side of the fire, additional re-entrys will be evaluated in La Plata County. Please contact La Plata County EOC at 970-385-8700 if you have questions.

Cascade Area Mandatory Evacuations: To allow for firefighters to make preparations in the event the 416 fire reaches the San Juan County line, the following areas will be placed under Mandatory Evacuation precautions; Cascade Village, the Cascade Summer Homes, Mill Creek, the Know Your Neighbor/McFire Tree Lane areas, and civilians at the southern HWY 550 CDOT residences. SAN JUAN CO OEM: EVACUATION NOTICE FOR CASCADE VILLAGE AREA IN South San Juan County as a precautionary measure. INFO # 970-385-8700.

Thank you to our hardworking Chamber of Commerce Director Deanne Gallegos for getting some spotlight placed on Silverton in the 13th Durango Film Festival. Rebecca Bertot took place in a panel discussion on women in filmaking that was extremely well received and an indication of the good things to come to film industry both nationally, and in our region. We have already facilitated some new Silverton film projects, increased our profile, and bolstered our growing resource list, and we are only halfway through the event. Thanks for the opportunity Deanne, good things to come if it.

Unfortunately, our avalanche rescue response turned out to be a recovery of a deceased backcountry skier, Able Palmer, a 27 year old male from durango. Ables parents are also southwestern community members living in Ophir and Telluride. We offer our condolences to the family and friends, and gratitude to our first responders for getting the hard task accomplished. Please be safe out there

San Juan County first responders are gaining access to a skier triggered avalanche incident involving at least one burrial, with self recovery assisted by an unrelated skier party. Medical treatment is being provided on scene as rescuers make their way to the parties for extrication.

It is with a sad heart that we announce Deputy Ian Tanner has left his position with the San Juan County Sheriffs Office. Tanner served well as a kind and community oriented officer for the past two years and will be sorely missed by our team and many community members. We wish Ian well as he moves on to pursue a greater role in his family business.

On 09/05/16 at approximately 6:44pm, two officers of the San Juan County Sheriffs Office attempted to contact a vehicle reported as driving under the influence. The vehicle was located on HWY 550 MP 69.8, the "Big Bend" turn, just south of Silverton. The vehicle attempted to elude two patrol vehicles, briefly entering the south side of town, then traveling south bound on HWY 550 in a high speed pursuit. While in pursuit officers learned the vehicle was reported stolen out of a Plata County. The pursuit ended in the vehicle leaving the roadway and crashing into a tree at MP 62.5. Neither officer, nor any motorists were injured, the vehicles driver was transported to mercy medical center by ambulance, in custody, and the passenger was transported to Mercy by helicopter due to the severity of her injuries. The incident is currently under investigation by both the San Juan County Sheriffs Office and the Durango Police Department. The male driver and female passenger presented as husband and wife, although their identity was not confirmed at this writing. Drug use is suspected, and the stolen vehicle was totaled. PRESS- No other information will be available by phone. DO NOT CALL FOR INFO!!!!! ANY AND ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS INCIDENT, WILL BE PROVIDED AS POSSIBLE ON THIS PAGE!

On 08/16/16, at approximately 5:15pm, a tragic off highway vehicle accident occurred in the Gladstone area of San Juan County. The OHV was occupied by four people, the driver, Gary Adkinson, his wife, LaNita Adkinson, their son, Bryson Adkinson, and their son-in-law, Ryan King. Initial investigation reveals the vehicle had been having transmission problems, and the driver attempted to coast down from Corkscrew Pass. The brakes failed shortly before reaching CR110, causing the vehicle to leave the roadway at a high rate of speed, and roll down a steep embankment approximately 75ft. Gary and LaNita were flown by medical helicopter to Mercy Medical Center, then on to St. Anthonys in Denver, both with extensive injuries. Bryson, 26, and Ryan, 35, were unfortunately pronounced dead on scene with traumatic injuries. The family is from Nachogdoches, Texas, and were in the Silverton area with Bryson and Ryan?s wives and three small children, who were not involved in the accident. The ladies described their husbands as loving fathers, and are praying for the recovery of their parents. Our thoughts are with you Adkinsons and Kings.

On 07/03/16The Clarke family, of Bayfield, CO suffered the loss of 19yo Haley Clarke in a drowning accident at the Cascade water falls. With the assistance of La Plata Search & Resuce and the Durango Resue Authority, Haley was removed from the canyon, along with tge rescue two stranded falls jumpers. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AREA! WATER LEVELS ARE STILL VERY HIGH AND JUMPING THE FALLS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. PLEASE USE THIS TRADGETY TO MAKE GOOD, SAFE DECISIONS. Our thoughts are with the Clarke family, and our gratitude with our rescuers.

Sheriff Conrad: July 3rd 2016 San Juan County unfortunately experienced a fatal accident for a young female in the Cascade waterfall area. The victims identity will be withheld until proper notifications can be made. attention all press we are in the midst of working this operation and will not respond to your calls for information. All info that will be provided ,you will receive will be received on this page, when it is updated. thank you for understanding

Our thoughts are with the Mesa County Deputy shot in the line of duty today. Grab ahold of that blue line and we will all pull it for you!

Rob Pincus joins the team at the San Juan County Colorado Sheriff’s Office Providing law enforcement services to one of the most beautiful, remote, and least populated locations in the United States is both a joy and a challenge. While our local population may be low, we are tasked with serving hundreds of thousands of visitors a year involved in a wide variety of activities and pursuits. With restrictive budget limitations, our greatest resource has always been our staff. As Sheriff, it is my primary duty to ensure that we have the best possible team to serve the county and meet our core values of Community, Integrity and Courtesy. To that end, I am very fortunate to have been able to add a great asset to our team who has recently been spending time with us helping to fulfill our mission. Rob Pincus is an internationally sought after instructor in all areas of personal defense and training. While developing his training programs and building several businesses, Pincus has spent most of the last 20 years as a full time or reserve law enforcement officer, including several years with our neighboring San Miguel County, where he conducted firearms and officer safety training. While working as a full time patrol officer in Virginia, Pincus served his city as a Crime Prevention Officer and as a member of the SWAT Team. As a trainer, he has worked with agencies across the United States and Europe and has personally trained thousands of officers to be safer and more efficient. Over the past decade, he has focused on instructor development, preparing hundreds of other instructors to share information, techniques and concepts with countless law enforcement professionals around the world. Pincus has authored 6 books and produced scores of training DVDs. He is the owner of I.C.E. Training Company and the Executive Director of Personal Defense Network. He graduated from the Military College of Vermont in 1994 and was commission as an officer in the US Army Reserves. “Having an internationally renowned instructor like Mr. Pincus working with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is an exceptional opportunity for our deputies to receive world class law enforcement and officer survival instruction oriented around emerging threats to include: active shooter, lone wolf attacks and public safety. Our community is fortunate that such a highly regarded professional has dedicated his time and expertise to increasing the safety of our residents and the safety and well-being of those who serve and protect us,” Silverton Town Clerk/Treasurer, Michelle Hamilton. Pincus’ responsibilities will include providing training to his fellow SJCSO Deputies and helping to improve our tactics and policies for dealing with potential critical incidents. He will also be consulting with us on future equipment purchases and improving our communications with our constituents and surrounding communities. “The San Juan Mountains Region is one of my most favorite places on the planet,” said Pincus, “it is a great honor to be invited to join the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. It will be a privilege to serve the community and assist the Sheriff and full time deputies in their duties.” Silverton Town Councilman Pete Maisel had the opportunity to observe a portion of a recent firearms training session. He had this to say, “I saw what appeared to be a very intense and technical weapons training… I was impressed, and happy that our Sheriff coordinated this. In this day of terrorism and local shootings, I can’t stress how important this type of professional training is.” Recently, Pincus has been able to spend time on patrol with Undersheriff Lowrance and Deputies Tanner and Jacobs learning more about the county, Silverton, and our agency. “I’ve worked with law enforcement personnel all around the country and on three other continents, it’s always interesting to see how individuals do the job, incorporating their personalities and taking into account the style and feel of their localities,” Pincus remarked. “San Juan County is a truly unique region and the whole team, from the 40 year veteran to the guy with less than 6 months experience, has a great handle on the needs of the community.” In addition to his expertise in defensive and tactical training, Pincus has been recognized for his accomplishments in Team Building and Community Policing. His wife Sarah is a NICU Nurse and they have four children, Christina 19, Ben 11, Ella 9, and Cynthia-Louis, just 4 months. Pincus is volunteering his time and will be in San Juan County at least once a quarter. The Sheriff’s Office, as well as our whole community, is very fortunate to Rob Pincus on board.

On O9/25/15 the San Juan County Coroner's Office was notified a hiker had located a crashed vehicle with human remains in the Twilight Peak area of HWY 550. After an initial assessment and Identification, a plan was made to investigate the crash and extricate the remains on 09/27/15. While a forensic identification has yet to be made, the remains of the driver, the vehicle's only occupant, where removed from the scene, and are presumed to be those of Lyla Gena Zamani. Ms. Zamani was last known leaving a relative's house in Cortez, CO, and had been missing for over a month. There is an ongoing investigation at this time involving the Sheriffs Office, Colorado State Patrol, and the Medical Examiner.

On The afternoon of Sunday, September 6th, the San Juan County Sheriffs Office was informed the Civil Air Patrol was looking for a missing fixed wing aircraft with a last know location in San Juan County. At approximately 4:20pm, we were notified the aircraft had been located in a remote mountainous region near the San Juan, San Miguel, And Dolores County lines. The crash site is in rugged alpine terrain at an elevation of approximately 11,500ft, inaccessible from road or trail. A team of four rescuers was inserted by helicopter to look for signs of life, and to secure the scene overnight. The debris indicated a high speed impact, with little hope for survival. The available information on the overdue aircraft described the plane's owner as the pilot, with three other passengers on board. On the morning of the 7th, additional ground team members were inserted, and the first of the victims was identified through documentation found on scene, confirming the debris was that of the missing Cessna 310, Tail #N1099Q. Through great effort, the rescuers were able to confirm the identities, and bring home the remains of all four victims, with the help of an Air National Guard UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter out of the HAATS base in Eagle, CO. We have delayed releasing the names of the victims until an attempt to properly notify family members had been made. The lives lost are pilot Harold Joseph Raggio, of Newberry Springs, CA. Steven Dale Wilkinson, of Newberry Springs, CA. Rosalinda Leslie, of Hesperian, CA. And Michael Lyle Riley, of Barstow, CA. The aircraft left an airport on Barstow, CA, en route to San Antonio, TX, as reported by family members. The investigation has been turned over to the NTSB and FAA. Thanks to La Plata SAR and the Air National Guard crew for the mutual aid.


August 9, 2015, 12:30 p.m.Town of Silverton and San Juan County Colorado Declare State of Local EmergencySILVERTON, CO: Effective 12:30 p.m. today, the Town of Silverton and San Juan County Colorado have each proclaimed a State of Local Emergency in their jurisdictions due to the Gold King Mine Release Incident’s contamination of Cement Creek and the Animas River. The declaration was made after consultation with La Plata County, City of Durango, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, San Juan Basin Health Department, and San Juan County, New Mexico. This declaration is in response to the release of approximately one million gallons of waste water from the Gold King Mine in San Juan County, Colorado triggered by work that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was doing to investigate contamination at the mine.In declaring a State of Local Emergency, the Town and County activate the response and recovery aspects of their local disaster emergency plans, which allows resources to be shared among responding agencies.Per State Statute, the chief executive officer of a political subdivision of the State has the authority to declare a State of Local Emergency for up to seven days, after which it may be continued by official action of the governingboard. Silverton Town Council and San Juan County Commissioners will consider the renewal of the emergency declaration at their next public meetings.The Silverton Town Council will meet on Monday, August 10th at 7:30 p.m. at Silverton Town Hall (1360 Greene Street, Silverton, CO 81433).The San Juan County Colorado County Commissioners will meet on Wednesday, August 12th at 8:30 a.m. in the County Courthouse (1557 Greene Street, Silverton, CO 81433).

San Juan County Public Health Advisory Notice Awaiting an EPA clearance as to the safety of the river water for human contact, until further notice the San Juan County Board of Health and the San Juan County Sheriff strongly advise the public refrain from contact with, and activity in, the waters of Cement Creek in its entirety, and those of the Animas River below the confluence of Cement Creek to the San Juan County line. ________________________________________ Ernie Kuhlman Chairman of the San Juan County Board of Health ________________________________________ Bruce Conrad San Juan County Sheriff

On June 24th, at approximately 10:44 p.m., the Sheriff's Office received a call of a 12 year old female that had been lost from her camping group in the area of Crater Lake. The juvenile's name will not be released at this time. At that point, the person had been missing since about 7:20 p.m.. A search and rescue effort was begun immediately using aircraft equipped with night vision. At approximately 3:00a.m. and after 4 hours of searching, the rescue was stopped until 5:00 a.m. when daylight would assist the rescue efforts and allow for ground teams to begin searching. At approximately 10:44 a.m., the missing person was finally found by aircraft and appeared to be un-injured. Rescue personnel were able to reach the person and determine that she had no apparent injuries. The rescue teams were then able to remove the person from the wilderness and transport her to the rescue staging area where medics were waiting to evaluate her condition. It was determined that she was completely un-injured, and she was returned to her camping group who transported her home to her parents. There were no injuries to any members of the search teams. This successful rescue was due to the combined professionalism of the San Juan County Search and Rescue, the La Plata County Search and Rescue, and the Flight for Life teams that gave, and continue to give, tremendous personal efforts to save lives.