Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 315 Cedar St, Julesburg, 80737 CO
  • Chief:
Phone: 970-474-3355
Fax: (970) 474-2749

Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office is located at 315 Cedar St, Julesburg, 80737 CO. The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office phone number is 970-474-3355.

Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office News

On November 6, 2018, at approximately 4:25 pm, Sedgwick County Sheriff deputies were notified about a body floating in a lake in the 6300 block of South Broadway. Arriving units located an adult white male that was pronounced deceased at the scene. The male has not been identified at this time. The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the circumstances around the death of the unidentified white male. If anyone has information that might assist in the investigation please contact Sheriff’s Investigations at 316-660-5300, or Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111. #communityassistance #helpusout #scso

Start the morning off right...#vote and grab Dunkin' Coffee #coffee!😁👮‍♂️☕ #ElectionDay #IVoted

A special thanks to the Sedgwick County Zoo for giving us a little behind the scene tour of the Black Rhinos, the gorilla exhibit and the Okapi. We even got to see the new baby Okapi! Our zoo is an amazing place to visit! What is your favorite animal there?

Jeff and Jimmy are back for week 2 of high school football picks. They discuss Big 12 football and Nebraska. Even get a call from a special caller! @Boysoffall @Football @JeffandJimmy @SCSO

Thank you Sara Berlinger KSN for doing this story and helping us get the word out! The safety of our children is something that we take very serious. The amount of time you "might save" by driving past a stopped bus loading or unloading kids is not worth the risk. Slow down for school zones and #STOP for buses loading or unloading kids. #schoolbus #stoponred #kids #scso

🥁🥁🥁DRUM ROLL PLEASE 🥁🥁🥁 The winners of the Sedgwick County Government First Responders 🎃Pumpkin Wars ~ 🥇First Place goes to #1 - Sedgwick County Sheriff with 54 votes 🥈Second Place goes to #8 - Sedgwick County Fire District 1 with 44 votes 🥉Third Place goes to #10 - Sedgwick County Sheriff with 29 votes. We had pumpkin submitted from Sedgwick County 911, Sedgwick County Fire, Sedgwick County EMS and the SCSO. Thank you to everyone who carved 🎃pumpkins on there free time and to Osborne Fruit & Vegetable for donating all the pumpkins for this years contest.

Sometimes we "Clown" around a little at work! Our deputies up in Judicial had a little fun this morning before heading to court. #Halloween #Rednose #Laughterisgoodforthesoul #SCSO

Col. Pollock having a press release about an personnel issue.

We are at another Halloween function and ran across this 🎃 today!

On 10/31/1974, Detective Roy Johnson was shot and killed while attempting to apprehend an escaped prisoner who had shot and wounded a Wichita detective. Two other deputies were also shot and wounded during the arrest. The suspect escaped the scene but was eventually caught and sentenced to life in prison. Detective Johnson had served with the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office for three years. He was survived by his wife and children. #resteasywehavethewatch #neverforgotten #thankyouforyourservice #scso

2018 PUMPKIN WARS!! Pumpkin Wars is back. This year we are competing with our fellow Sedgwick County Government First Responders. Sedgwick County Fire District 1, Sedgwick County EMS, Sedgwick County Dispatch, and the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office each submitted pumpkins to be judged. Who will win is up to you! Vote for your favorite pumpkin by leaving your vote in the comments below, voting will be open until Thursday 11/1 at 9am. Whichever pumpkin gets the most likes will win! Think of this as a warm up to voting in the #election on Tuesday. November 6, 2018. All the pumpkins this year were donated from Osborne Fruit & Vegetable out of St. Johns, Kansas. All of these pumpkins were carved off duty and no tax payer money was spent on this project. #pumpkinwars #scso #halloween #getoutandvote

Pumpkin Wars with all of Sedgwick County Government First Responders, Fire, EMS, 911, and Sheriff is about to get underway. Stay tuned in how you can vote for your favorite 🎃!

Safety Sally is here to say Happy Halloween! Always be aware of your surroundings and have a plan. Below are some safety tips to keep all the ghouls and goblins safe. Is there any other tips that you would add?

Today is National Candy Corn many of you actually like candy corn?🤔 #TuesdayThoughts #Halloween #NationalCandyCornDay #UsesForCandyCorn

Before you head to bed, make sure your vehicles are locked, your garages/sheds are locked, and your house is locked up. Do your part to help us cut down on crime! #helpusout #newweek #keepwhatsyours #lockitup #scso #ohthehorror

We are all set up and ready to go!

We are setting up. Come on out!

IIIIIIIITTTSSS Football time!!! Here is the latest episode of the Jeff and Jimmy show, it will be interesting to see how it plays out! Remember the chili fundraiser for Deputy Kunze’s family is tomorrow at Sedgwick County Park from 11am-3pm located by the big hill. Enjoy your weekend!! #football #chili #weekend #touchdown #jeffandjimmy

It seems scams are making their rounds again! The sheriff's office will not ask you for your credit card information or personal information over the phone. Outside of the benefit fund calling for food baskets, and we dont ask for money over the phone, we are not calling around asking for money from people. #themoreyouknow #dontfallforit

REGISTERED OFFENDERS AND HALLOWEEN With Halloween just around the corner, many citizens, especially parents, have several questions regarding what Halloween festivities registered offenders are allowed to participate in. Are offenders allowed to: 🎃 hand out candy or other treats? 🎃 decorate their house and wear costumes? 🎃 attend Halloween parties where children are present? 🎃 take their own children Trick-or-Treating? 🎃 attend their children’s school Halloween party, parade, etc.? The Kansas Offender Registration Act (KORA) does not currently specify stipulations that an offender must abide by during any time of year, even during Halloween. Per state law, there are no restrictions on where an offender may be or who they may be around, unless they are under parole/probation supervision and this restriction is stipulated. However, schools, churches, malls, and other private locations may have their own stipulations regarding the presence of registered offenders on their property. Please check with the administrators of these locations prior to making plans to attend an event if you are concerned. You can also check for Registered Offenders living near you and sign up for free email alerts by going to the following Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office link;

Kellogg is closing again this weekend, this time on the other side of the city. Avoid Greenwich and Kellogg from 7 p.m. October 26 to 5 a.m. October 29, 2018.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, October 27, 2018, the Drug Enforcement Administration - DEA National Drug Take Back initiative in the Sedgwick County area will collect any expired or unwanted prescriptions or over-the-counter medications. Proper disposal will protect kids, families and the environment. This free initiative is sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration - DEA in cooperation with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s Office personnel will staff three drop off locations: the Sedgwick County Zoo, 5555 W. Zoo Blvd.; The Household Hazardous Waste Center, 801 W. Stillwell; and the Oaklawn Activity Center, 4904 S. Clifton. Aerosols, liquids, syringes and other injectables cannot be accepted. Prescription drug abuse in the United States is increasing at an alarming rate, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses. Many citizens are not aware of how to properly dispose of their unused medications. Flushing medications down the toilet or throwing them away creates a potential safety and health hazard. The National Take Back initiative offers a safe, easy way to dispose of any unwanted medications. Unwanted prescription drugs can also be disposed at these additional locations: Dillons Wichita, Kansas Wichita Police Department Walgreens Andover, Kansas Andover KS Police Department Maize Police Department Maize, Kansas Maize Police Department Cheney Fire Station Cheney, Kansas City of Cheney Police Department Haysville Police Department Haysville, Kansas City of Haysville Kansas