Firestone Police Department

  • Agency: Firestone Police Department
  • Address: 151 Grant Ave, Firestone, 80520-0100 CO
  • Chief: David Montgomery (Chief of Police)
Phone: 303-833-0811
Fax: 303-531-6271

Firestone Police Department is located at 151 Grant Ave, Firestone, 80520-0100 CO. The Chief of Police of the department is David Montgomery. The Firestone Police Department phone number is 303-833-0811.

Firestone Police Department News

Scam alert from the Weld County Sheriff's Office. As always whenever you receive these types of calls, do not give them money or gift cards. Simply hang up the phone.

Welcoming Trick-or-treaters With Halloween just over one week away it’s time to prepare your home for excited children looking for treats not tricks. Purchase individually wrapped treats and never give away homemade or unwrapped treats. Consider being a part of the Teal Pumpkin Project. Paint a pumpkin teal and purchase non-food treats on Halloween. Some suggestions are small toys, stickers, crayons, etc. Welcome trick-or-treaters with porch lights turned on and jack-o-lanterns! If you light your jack-o-lanterns with candles, please keep them away from where children will be waking and standing. Consider using other sources to light your pumpkins. A dark house tells parents and trick-or-treaters that you are not participating in the Halloween festivities. Ensure Halloween decorations are clear of sidewalks, paths and steps to prevent children from falling. Keep your pets away from the door, while your pet may seem welcoming to visitors the excitement of the night and the costumed visitors could frighten your pet. It would be a nasty trick for them to bite someone or try to run to get away. Watch out for children when driving on Halloween. Costumed kids get excited about getting to the next treat and tend to not watch out for cars. Slow way down and keep an eye out. Children may jump out from behind parked cars and may be in dark colored costumes making them difficult to see. If you see suspicious or unsafe activity, please call the Police Department by either dialing 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number 720-652-4222.

Hopefully this link works better for the #lipsyncchallenge The other one was not working for everyone.

The wait is finally over! Just in time to promote Halloween Safe Night next Friday! Thank you to everyone who participated to make this video possible! Special Thanks to The Frederick High School Cheer and Dance Teams who learned the dance just for us! Thank you to the officers that volunteered their time and were willing to put themselves out there. Huge thank you to Ashley for pulling it all together, even when things seemed to fall apart. #Lipsyncchallenge #Lipsynchchallengecolorado #lipsynchbattlelawenforcement We hope to see you on October 26th at the Firestone Sports Complex for Halloween Safe Night! **WE DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC** Thriller Performed by Michael Jackson 1982 Click the link to view the video:

On this day in 1982, Deputy Marshal Richard E. Hart was tragically killed in the line of duty. Officer Hart was a beloved father and husband who served the Town of Firestone for five years before making the ultimate sacrifice. Today the Firestone community remembers the courage, humility and sacrifice of Officer Hart, giving purpose to his sacrifice and creating a legacy for our fallen hero.

The wait is finally over! See you all here in Facebookland on Friday at 9am!

This week we remember the life and sacrifice of Deputy Marshal Richard E. Hart. Badge #"706" Is Forever Dedicated To The Memory of Town of Firestone Deputy Marshal Richard E. Hart, Who Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice While Serving The Town of Firestone. ... Rick, "May The Wind Always Be At Your Back And God Forever Hold You In The Palm of His Hands."

Dressing Safely for Halloween Halloween is such a fun time for kids. We all have memories of gallivanting from door to door with exuberant joy from our childhoods. Parents often have concerns for their children’s safety, whether they are out in the neighborhood or back home sorting through their bags of goodies. To help make Halloween a safe treat for all, we will be sharing some safety tips over the next couple of weeks. Purchasing costumes is the first thing that starts ramping up the Halloween excitement. I know my children used to make a huge ordeal out of picking the perfect costumes and accessories every year. While not everyone uses candles in their Jack-O-Lanterns anymore, some people still do, so make sure your child’s costume is flame resistant, this includes wigs and accessories. Remember lots of houses use fire pits to warm up chilly Trick-or-treaters. Children get excited throughout the night and we want to save them from falls, bumps and bruises whenever possible. Loose costumes, oversized bags and unsafe shoes should be avoided as well as costumes that are too long or could cause a tripping hazard. Back when I was a child, masks were the way to go. It didn’t matter that we could not see, breathe or talk in them. While masks are still fun and can make or break the perfect costume, parents need to make sure your child can see and breathe. The mask should not block any part of their vision. Whenever possible make up can be a better choice. Costumes should have light or bright colors, when that is not possible, strategically placed reflective tape can help your children be seen by vehicles. Flashlights and glow sticks are must have accessories for every ghost and ghoul. How about those accessories? Fake knives, swords, guns and other costume accessories can still hurt people if kids become overexcited. Make sure they are flexible and contain no sharp edges. Encourage kids to come up with unique and fun costume ideas by thinking outside of the box. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful, fun and scary costumes at Halloween Safe Night on October 26th.

Happy Snow Day! 🌨❄ There is just enough snow to sled and build snow people! ☃️❄ The roads have a little snowpack and are icy in spots, so take it easy. ❄

Enjoy the warm before the storm! Winter weather is expected to move in later today, take advantage of this last warm morning to prepare your car, your pets and your home for a blast of cold and snow. Make sure your tires on your vehicles are properly inflated and the tread is not worn. Low tires and those that have limited tread could cause you to lose traction as well as have trouble stopping. Check your battery, are the terminals corroded, has your car been slow to turn over? It might be time to replace it. Put winter safety equipment in your vehicles. A blanket, extra water and snacks just may save you if you become stranded. Putting a bag of kitty litter or sand in your trunk is helpful if you get stuck. If you find yourself stuck you can spread it around your tires to get traction. Before driving, please make sure you completely brush all the snow off of your vehicle and scrape the ice from the windows so you can clearly see all around you while driving. Do not ever leave your vehicle running with keys in it unattended! Thieves love people who do this! When driving, please slow down and increase the following distance between you and the car in front of you. Snow covered or icy roads will cause an increase in the distance you need to stop. Let the snow plows do their job by not passing them. They are trying to make the roads as safe as possible! Plus when passing them you may end up getting snow, ice and rocks thrown at your vehicle causing visibility issues or damage to your car. Get your sprinkler systems blown out today. If that is not possible then drain the system both outside and from your basement as much as possible and cover your exposed pipes with a heavy blanket and tarp or trash bags to prevent them from freezing. Pets will need to have adequate shelter if they are to be left outside. A solid insulated dog house that can block the wind with a flap that covers the doorway to help keep the heat inside. The floor should be raised above ground level and have some warm blankets inside. Water will need to be changed frequently or have a heating element to keep it from freezing, no snow and ice does not provide adequate water for your pets. While Northern breed dogs with thick double coats will be ok outside with shelter, small dogs, short coat dogs, and pets that are not in good health will need to be brought inside. Remember if snow accumulates, you will need to sweep or shovel it off of the sidewalks in front of your home to allow pedestrians the ability to walk safely. If it snows 3” or more and you park your car on the street in an area with marked snow routes, you will be required to move your car to allow for snow plowing. Bundle up! Give yourself extra time to drive where you need to go and pack your patience because Monday will likely not be a fun commute.

Look where the best place to trick or treat is in Colorado! That's right! We did it again! Firestone was rated to have the best trick or treating in the state. It all begins on October 26th with our Halloween Safe Night. Way to go Firestone!

Carbon Valley Santa Cops.🎅🚔 I know we are still carving pumpkins 🎃, but the referral forms and letters for the Carbon Valley Santa Cops arrived in Firestone schools this morning. The Santa Cops program is an ongoing effort to provide gifts and necessities to underprivileged children in the Carbon Valley area during the holiday season. The program is non-profit and sponsored by generous companies and individuals within the area. Because of this, the program is limited and intended only for those that are truly in need. All referrals will be reviewed and undergo an approval process, not all applicants will qualify. Once referrals are processed and approved, the different police agencies will distribute gifts to the children within their jurisdictions in December. If you feel that your family would qualify for this program or know of a family in need please fill out the form that will be in your child’s school folder soon. If you have home schooled children or need a referral form, please stop by your local police department to pick one up. All self-referrals must have all accompanying paperwork attached when turned in. Identification for all residents in the household, for children either a copy of their birth certificate or school Id will be required. Income verification for each adult in the household or verification letter of benefits received, and proof of residency. If you are referring a family in need a brief written statement as to why the family will qualify or is in need of the program is needed. Children who qualify for this program must reside in the household 12 months out of the year and must be 16 years of age or younger. Forms are available in the lobby of Firestone Town Hall and are printed in both English and Spanish. Referral forms MUST BE TURNED IN no later than Friday, November 16th to be considered. Forms can be turned in either to your child’s school before the Thanksgiving break or to your local police department. Information for sponsors interested in giving gifts or sponsoring families will be posted in November along with sharing tree information. 🎄🎁

Look who is coming to Halloween Safe Night! These good pups will be in the main tent from 5:30pm until 7:30pm on October 26th at the Firestone Sports Complex. This year visitors can expect to see lots of games, four inflatables, the Ninja Course from Airborne Gymnastics, Hamster Balls, Human Foosball, trunk or treating, prizes, candy, and our fun pup friends! Dinner can be purchased from our premier food truck The Butcher and the Blonde. This is a free event because we have such wonderful sponsors: Firestone Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Mountain Shadows Dental, I25 KIA, Re/Max Nexus, Your Berry Own Home Group/Fathom Reality, Brookfield Residential, Chik-Fil-A, Longmont United Hospital/ Centura Health, High Plans Library District, The Carbon Valley Consumer Report, and the Frederick Firestone Fire Protection District.

Are you looking for a part time job where you only have to work a couple of hours a day? We have two school crossing guard positions open. One position is a regular daily position at Prairie Ridge Elementary, school days only. The other is a part time position as a fill in crossing guard. Be a helping hand in your community and earn a regular paycheck doing it! Apply at:

McClure Avenue Closure Please do not drive through the barricades on McClure Avenue. McClure Avenue is closed while construction of the new street, sidewalk and gutters are underway. We have had several vehicles drive over the uncured concrete over the weekend. Remember even if the construction crews are not onsite, the road is still closed. This is to allow concrete to cure and because there are various hazards that will cause damage to vehicles and to the hard work that the contractor has already done. Thanks to homes with video surveillance we will be identifying drivers that have caused damage to freshly completed work over the weekend. We are sorry for any inconvenience this road closure has caused and ask for your continued patience.

One of our Drone operators took a short video of the progress for the new Police Station yesterday. The footprint of the building is taking shape and the parking lot boundries are starting to be descernable.

Fingerprinting On September 25th the Colorado Bureau of Investigations rolled out the Colorado Applicant Background Service (CABS). The CABS program requires electronic fingerprinting submittals from one of its approved vendors. This program was put in place to streamline the investigation process through CBI and to free up law enforcement agencies. The Firestone Police Department will no longer be providing fingerprinting services. In order to get fingerprinting done you will need to visit the CBI website: select the reason for your fingerprint request and follow the process to schedule an appointment. The nearest fingerprinting service center is at 1240 Ken Pratt Blvd., Suite 8, in Longmont. CBI has stated there will be more stations opening as the need arises and other vendors get approved.

Third Lane Lately, I have noticed a lot of accidents that we label as a typical third lane accident. Some of these have been quite serious. We most typically see this type of accident on Hwy 119 near the I-25 interchange where there are three lanes of traffic going in the same direction on each side of the roadway. These accidents typically occur when a vehicle is making a left hand turn into one of the businesses, nearly every time the left and center lanes have stopped for the light. Either the driver making the left turn cannot see around the stopped traffic or fails to see traffic that is still moving in the right lane, and proceeds to make their turn causing a T-bone type of collision with the traffic traveling in the right lane. The right traffic lane is generally not backed up like the center and left lanes, because it either ends or becomes a right turn only ahead and the majority of traffic is proceeding through the area. When making a left turn, remember that the oncoming traffic has the right of way. It can be frustrating at certain times of the day to get through that area and even more so to make that left turn. Please double and triple check that traffic is clear, including traffic in the right lane that may or may not be turning into any of the business driveways. If you cannot see, then wait until you can see and that it is safe. Help us reduce the number of accidents by slowing down and looking twice. Please drive safely.

In recognition of World Rabies Day, the Longmont Humane Society will be offering half off rabies vaccines for your pets all week long.

It's officially Fall! It is now safe to enjoy Pumpkin Spice everything! 😋🎃

The Firestone Police Department was up to something today... stay tuned there is more to come!

Be prepared for some cone zones this week. Pack your patience if you plan on driving in the highlighted areas.

Speeding How about we discuss speeding this week? Driving the speed limit on the interstate these days gets you tailgated and shoved off the road. Why is there no respect for speed limits? Perhaps the mindset of drivers is not where it should be. Instead of being focused on safety they are instead focused on how fast they think they can drive without getting caught. Many drivers have become cynical about the safety benefits of driving within the posted speed limits, and many think they can drive safely while speeding. Two thirds of drivers exceed the speed limit! One third of drivers is generally going 10 miles an hour faster than the rest of the traffic that is already going over the speed limit. According to a research project titled Traffic Psychology and Behavior from 2004, one third of drivers thought it was safe to drive 20 miles per hour over the speed limit and the vast majority thought it was safe to speed. An NTSB study looked at vehicle crashes from 2005 to 2014 and found that speeding was the main factor in 31 percent of all traffic fatalities. A driver who is speeding not only increases the likelihood of being in a crash but also the probability of someone in that crash being killed or seriously injured. For many drivers what they believe is a “safe” speed is typically just beyond the point where they believe they are at risk for getting a ticket. Drivers who think they won’t get a ticket until they are going 10 miles per hour over the speed limit are 27 percent more likely to drive 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. We are here to tell you the safe speed is the speed limit. Speed limit signs are not suggestions! That couple of seconds you might save by speeding is not worth risking your life, your families lives, or the lives of others. Please drive safe.

We are still looking for a school crossing guard! The position works each school day in the morning and afternoon.