Granby Police Department

  • Agency: Granby Police Department
  • Address: 15 North Granby Road, Granby, 06035 CT
  • Chief:
Phone: (860) 844-5335
Fax: (860) 653-2141

Granby Police Department is located at 15 North Granby Road, Granby, 06035 CT. The Granby Police Department phone number is (860) 844-5335.

Granby Police Department News

To maximize traffic flow, please enter GMHS on the Rt. 189 side for voting, and exit onto Rt. 10.

Rt. 20 has been re-opened near the Hartland line. Utility work related to an overnight crash has been completed.

Rt. 20 is closed in both directions near the Hartland line due to utility work related to an overnight crash. No injuries. Detour Rt. 179 to Rt. 219. No time estimate at this point.

In partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Granby Police Department will be hosting a household drug takeback event Saturday 10/27 10a-2p at police headquarters. Keep your home safe by discarding old or unused medication. The program is free and anonymous. Due to DEA disposal limitations, only pills and patches can be accepted; sharps or liquids cannot. See you then!

The Salmon Brook Park overflow parking lot on Rt. 20 and adjacent trails will be closed Saturday 9/22 due to Fire Department operations related to the Celebrate Granby fireworks display.

The Simsbury Fly-In is scheduled for this Sunday 9/23. To aid in traffic movement, Simsbury Police will be making Wolcott one-way eastbound, and there will be no access to the location from Floydville. If attending the event, do not use Floydville but continue south into Simsbury and turn onto Wolcott.

Utility scams are still active in the area. Don't rely on caller ID; incoming numbers are being spoofed to match the real utility. Delinquency notices come by mail, not phone. Hang up.

Route 20 is now open in both directions.

Rt. 20 is closed in both directions at the Hartland town line due to downed trees involved in power lines. No vehicles involved. Eversource is enroute; no time estimate for re-opening as yet. Detour Rt. 219 to Rt. 179.

If you find a bobcat collar (without a bobcat inside) next week, the DEEP would like to hear from you. More at

Video from a resident's security system in the Northwoods area depicts a vehicle burglary suspect about 4 a.m. on 7/22/18. Eight vehicles were reported to have been entered. This is the opposite end of town from the Poet's Corner area activity on 7/7. Persons with information are asked to contact the Granby Police at 860.844.5335.

These photographs were captured by a resident's security system at 2:43 a.m. on 7/7. The person was walking up the resident's driveway on a side street off Simsbury Road. A vehicle was broken into during that same time period on a different nearby side street off Simsbury Road. Jewelry, clothing, and a purse were taken. Persons with information are asked to contact the Granby Police at 860.844.5335.

Park at Town Hall, Wells Road School or Kelly Lane School for High School Graduation this afternoon. There is free shuttle bus transportation from each location.

Black Bear information at the GPD and DEEP sites:

Important information from the Town regarding hail damage.

Traffic reminder: The Granby Memorial Day parade steps off at 10a, and closes Routes 10, 20 and 189 in the center area. Have an alternate route planned if you need to catch a flight Monday morning.

2018 Granby Police Department Awards and Commendations Every day, police officers, civilian employees and citizens’ work together to improve the quality of life in our communities. This work often goes unrecognized. The Granby Police Department has developed a commendation committee to review instances of exceptional work and make recommendations to the Chief of Police for recognition. The committee members come from all ranks within the police department, including civilians. This year, three officers earned “Police Merit Awards,” four officers received letters of commendation and four citizens received the ‘Police Citizen Award.” POLICE MERIT AWARD The Police Merit Award is given to a member of the police department upon performance of intelligent and valuable police service that demonstrates a special faithfulness or devotion to duty. CHIEF’S LETTER OF COMMENDATION A Chief’s Letter is awarded to an officer or civilian employee as commendation and recognition of exceptional performance. POLICE CITIZEN AWARD The Police Citizen Award is given to an individual or organization whose operation has aided the Granby Police Department in the prevention of crime, the apprehension of criminals or in the performance of a valuable service to the department. This year’s award recipients are: Officer Jerry Dowd – Police Merit Award Officer Dowd went to the type of medical call officers respond to every day. As expected, he provided first aid, but he didn’t stop there. The cancer patient had lost a great deal of blood and was transported to the hospital. Officer Dowd remained at the scene and cleaned up so the family didn’t have to face the trauma of the bloody scene when they returned home from the hospital. In addition, he took care of the family dog and helped prepare the family car for a scheduled donation that day. Officer Manny Kreimes and Officer Danny Mui – Police Merit award Daniel Guilford – Police Citizens Award On June 1, 2017 at 11:30 p.m., Officers Danny Mui and Manny Kreimes were dispatched to a report of a burglary in progress at Dunkin Donuts on Mill Pond Drive. Dunkin Donuts Loss Prevention Associate, Daniel Gulliford, was remotely monitoring a live security video feed from this particular Dunkin Donuts store. A man armed with a crowbar had broken into the business and was attempting to pry open the safe. Officers Mui and Kreimes were the only officers working that night and responded to the call knowing that they would likely confront at least one armed burglar and possibly an accomplice. Officer Kreimes arrived first and immediately went to the rear door, the point of entry. He heard banging from within. Mr. Gulliford was still watching the live video and reported that the burglar was still actively prying at the safe. Officer Mui covered the front of the building to prevent escape, while Officer Kreimes entered the building and took the burglar into custody. Burglars aren’t known for their loyalty and this one was no exception. He quickly gave up the location of his female accomplice (his girlfriend), who was the getaway driver parked in the cul-de-sac at the end of Mill Pond Drive. Officer Mui quickly went to the cul-de-sac and took the accomplice into custody at gun point. The arrest of these two burglars led to a multi-town investigation and eventually cleared 28 similar burglaries and put an end to a significant crime spree. Sergeant Steven Vernale – Chief’s Letter of Commendation Dispatcher Louann Hall – Chief’s Letter of Commendation On February 3, 2018 at about 3:00 a.m., Sergeant Vernale responded to a report of two people having been stabbed in their home and the offender was present and armed with a knife. His backup officer was several minutes away. He knew he would likely be facing an armed and dangerous suspect who had committed a serious crime. While on the way to the call, he remained calm and asked appropriate questions of the dispatcher. He kept the dispatcher and his backup aware of the situation. Dispatcher Hall’s calm and professional manner with the wounded caller and with the responding officers provided complete and accurate information to the responding officers, which aided in the ultimate successful resolution of the incident. Immediately upon arrival at the scene, Sergeant Vernale was confronted with the shirtless bloody suspect at the end of the driveway and two seriously wounded victims inside the home. With the armed suspect on the loose, he couldn’t provide aid to the victims. He immediately confronted the suspect and took him into custody without the use of force. The backup officer arrived and they were then able to assist the victims. The couple in the home, the suspect’s parents, had been stabbed and slashed and were transported to a local hospital. The suspect was charged with attempted murder, assault in the first degree and assault in the first degree of an elderly person (60 and over). The State Police Central District Major Crime Squad assisted with scene documentation. Sergeant Vernale was faced with two seriously wounded stabbing victims and the bloody perpetrator. He was alone and had to prioritize making the scene safe by taking the suspect into custody and ensuring there were no other suspects present. He was then able to provide first aid to the victims. Sergeant Vernale’s training, judgement and skill allowed him to successfully handle this very dangerous and life threatening situation without loss of life. Sergeant Kurt LaFlamme and Officer Michael Joseph – Chief’s Letter of Commendation On January 16, 2018, Sergeant LaFlamme and Officer Joseph went to a business on Bank Street in an attempt to find a wanted person. The suspect was wanted for violating his probation and was currently violating a court issued protective order by visiting the workplace of the protected person. Officer Joseph went to the business and determined that the suspect was not there. The two officers did not abandon their efforts and continued to check the area. About fifteen minutes later, the protected person called and reported that the suspect had just been at the business and had left. Officer Joseph went to the business and obtained a complete description of the suspect while Sergeant LaFlamme searched the area. Sergeant LaFlamme spotted the suspect leaving another business in the same plaza. When ordered to stop, the suspect fled on foot and a pursuit ensued. When Sergeant LaFlamme caught up to the suspect behind the businesses, he saw him reach under his body and he appeared to be reaching for something. Sergeant LaFlamme chased the suspect and took him into custody. It turned out that the suspect had been reaching for a three and a half inch fillet knife in his front jacket pocket. Additionally, the suspect was in possession of drug paraphernalia including a hypodermic needle. Sergeant LaFlamme and Officer Joseph worked as a team. They did not give up when they were initially unable to locate the suspect. Their perseverance and tactically sound decision making led to the successful apprehension of an armed criminal suspect without injury to any citizens, officers or the suspect. Officer Michael Joseph - Chief’s Letter of Commendation Police Citizens Award – Erik Jordan, Joseph Matta, Joseph Gaudio On May 18, 2017, Officer Joseph responded to a medical call at Enders Falls. A man had fallen from the top of the water fall onto a rock ledge, suffering serious head injuries. The victim was unconscious and trapped on the ledge half way between the top and bottom of the falls with water rushing over him. Three citizens, Erik Jordan, Joseph Mahen and Joseph Gaudio initially came to the aid of the injured man. At significant risk to themselves, Officer Joseph, as well as the three citizens, navigated the slippery rocks and rushing water to reach the victim and provide first aid. They had to traverse a slippery rock ledge at the top of a waterfall and make their way to the victim’s side. They provided first aid to the unconscious victim on the ledge and in the water, then assisted other rescue personnel in lowering the victim into the water and moving him to the parking lot and ultimately to Life Star helicopter for transportation to the hospital. Officer Michael Joseph and Officer Scott Bergeron - Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Award. Officers Joseph and Bergeron were awarded the 2018 MADD Award by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for their law enforcement efforts in combating drunk driving.

The 47th annual Granby Road Race will be held this Saturday, 5/5/18 at 8:30a. Expect delays and heavy pedestrian traffic on Rt. 10 between the high school and Canton Road. Please drive with caution.

In partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Granby Police Department will be hosting a household drug takeback event Saturday 4/28 10a-2p at police headquarters. Keep your home safe by discarding old or unused medication. The program is free and anonymous. Due to DEA disposal limitations, only pills and patches can be accepted; sharps or liquids cannot. See you then!

Opioid Forum rescheduled to 4/18 due to weather. Join the discussion at 7p that evening at the Granby Senior Center.

Griffin Road is closed until further notice from Hungary to the area of New Life Church. After inspection, the bridge has been deemed to be unsafe. There is currently no estimate as to when it will re-open.

Join us for the annual Stuff a Cruiser Event Saturday 12/16 1p-3p in the Stop & Shop lot. New, unwrapped toys and gift cards are welcome. All donations remain within the local community. See you there!!

While no cars have been stolen in Granby in several months, the activity continues to occur in surrounding towns as recently as yesterday. Vehicles taken usually had a spare fob hidden in the car, which is the same as leaving the keys in the ignition of an unlocked vehicle. Secure your fob well away from the vehicle.