Elsmere Police Department

  • Agency: Elsmere Police Department
  • Address: 11 Poplar Avenue, Elsmere, 19805 DE
  • Chief: Neal Strauss (Chief of Police)
Phone: (302) 998-1173
Fax: (302) 998-9922

Elsmere Police Department is located at 11 Poplar Avenue, Elsmere, 19805 DE. The Chief of Police of the department is Neal Strauss. The Elsmere Police Department phone number is (302) 998-1173.

Elsmere Police Department News

A group of Teachers from Baltz Elementary School stopped by the station today to #Baltzabouttown Pay it Forward Challenge. This activity is to build relationships with their neighbors and spread kindness throughout the community the school serves.

Elsmere Police Accepting Application for Certified & Non-Certified Police Officer Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED, and successfully pass a written aptitude test, a physical agility test, a drug test, voice stress analysis, background investigation, vision/medical exam and a psychological test. Applicants may not have any convictions for criminal misdemeanor charges within the past 5 years. Applicants can download a background application packet by going to the below link. Completed background applications packets may be dropped off to the Elsmere Bureau of Police Administrative Office; 11 Poplar Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19805 during normal business hours (M-F 8am-4pm) or emailed to linda.sommermann@cj.state.de.us. Background applications must be submitted no later than 4 pm on Friday, September 14, 2018. Any application received after the above date and time will be disqualified from this hiring process. https://bit.ly/2MndBmg

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Handgun Seized During DUI/Crash Investigation On July 29th, 2018, Patrolman Singleton and Sergeant Young responded to 915 New Road (Wawa) for a hit and run accident investigation. A witness observed a blue Ford Fusion crash into a DP&L pole located on Kirkwood Highway at the Poplar Avenue intersection. The suspect fled the scene and was followed to the Elsmere Wawa. Officers located the suspect vehicle and identified the driver as Robert Fitzsimmons (33-year old white male from Milton, DE). Officers conducted a DUI investigation and arrested Fitzsimmons for same. Officers also located one (1) 9mm SCCY CPX-2 Handgun, two (2) magazines, twenty-one (21) ammunition rounds, and a minor amount of marijuana inside of the vehicle. Fitzsimmons was charged with Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon (Firearm), Possession of a Firearm While Under the Influence, Driving a Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs, Civil Marijuana Possession, Failure to Report an Accident Involving Alcohol/Drugs, Failure to Remain in a Single Lane, and Reckless Driving. Fitzsimmons was released on $4,300.00 unsecured bond.

Stolen Handgun Recovered During an Injured Person Complaint On July 27th, 2018, Officer Singleton responded to the walking path located behind the 1300 Block of Maple Avenue for an injured person complaint. Officer Singleton discovered that the injured person, Patrick Dunfee (50-year old white male, currently homeless), was intoxicated and fell off of his bicycle. Officer Singleton discovered that Dunfee had an extended gun magazine loaded with ammunition in his pocket. The loaded Hi-Point 9mm Handgun was located on the ground next to where Dunfee was found. Officers discovered that the recovered handgun was reported stolen from the City of Wilmington back in 2014. Dunfee is a person prohibited from a guilty Attempted Robbery 1st Degree charge that occurred in 2005. Dunfee was charged with Possessing a Handgun and Ammunition by a Person Prohibited, Receiving a Stolen Firearm, and Possession of a Firearm while Under the Influence. Dunfee was committed and transported to the Howard Young Correctional Institution after failing to post the $3,000.00 Secured Bond.

FACEBOOK Release FROM: Det. Scot A. Sowden DATE: June 26, 2018 REF: Surveillance Cameras Elsmere Residents and Business Owners, the Elsmere Police Department is asking for your help to combat crime. If you have a surveillance system in your residence or business and would be willing to allow the Elsmere Police Department to view same should an incident occur in your area, please contact the Elsmere Police Department with your name and contact information. This will allow for an officer to contact you to view your surveillance footage should an incident occur near your home or place of business. The Elsmere Police Department thanks you for your willingness to help this community. If you would like to have your name added to our list please contact Det. Sowden at scot.sowden@cj.state.de.us

Phone Scam The Elsmere Police would like to make residents and business owners aware of a recent Delmarva phone scam. It has been determined that calls are being made to homeowners and businesses in the area where people are posing as Delmarva employees. The individuals are aware of names and addresses of their targets. The individuals state that the business has a past due bill and that there will be technicians sent out to turn off power unless it’s paid immediately. The individuals then proceed to explain that the person needs to go to a local Walgreen's, CVS, etc. and purchase PayPal gift cards. The individuals explain that once the cards are purchased to call them back and give the account numbers over the phone to pay the bill. The number that is being used is 302-782-9757. If contact is made to that number there is a Delmarva recording that answers to appear legitimate. Some other scams include being contacted by the IRS to collect past due money or being contacted by the police to collect bail money for a friend or loved one. Be aware that at no point would Delmarva, IRS or Police contact you in that way. If contacted immediately hang up the phone without giving any information and contact the company from the correct listed phone number to ensure your account has not been tampered with. These scammers and untraceable and very aggressive.

Elsmere Man Indicted for Pipe Bombs WILMINGTON, Del. – David C. Weiss, U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, announced today that a federal grand jury charged Mark Consiglio, 48, of Elsmere, Delaware with three counts of illegally possessing a destructive device, commonly known as a pipe bomb. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years of imprisonment, three years of supervised release, a $10,000 fine, and a $100 special assessment on each count, if convicted. The allegations against Consiglio include that he detonated a pipe bomb at his estranged wife’s residence in Elsmere in the early morning hours of March 12, 2018. Subsequent searches of Consiglio’s residence yielded additional suspected pipe bombs as well as a .38 caliber revolver. In February, Consiglio was charged with terroristic threatening by the State of Delaware for threatening to kill his wife. Consiglio made his initial appearance on the indictment before a federal magistrate judge on May 24, 2018. The government filed a motion to detain Consiglio pending trial. He did not contest detention. U.S. Attorney Weiss offered the following statement, “The use of destructive devices poses a grave threat to the safety of this community. We will treat these threats accordingly and prosecute those who employ such weapons to the fullest extent of the law.” An indictment is merely an allegation and is not evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This case is being investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives in coordination with the Office of the State Fire Marshal and the Elsmere Police Department and is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexander P. Ibrahim.

Possession of Cocaine/Drug Dealing On Sunday, May 27, 2018 Elsmere Police Cpl. Giles responded to the area of 200 blk Tamarack Avenue for a report of suspicious person in a vehicle. Upon arrival Cpl. Giles made contact with a male subject later identified as Jose F. Hernandez of Elkton, Maryland who was the sole occupant of the vehicle. While speaking with the subject Cpl. Giles did notice in plain view two glassine baggies on the driver’s floor board. The defendant was asked to exit the vehicle and a search of his person was conducted and during the search a glassine baggie containing a white powdery substance was found upon the defendant. A further search of the defendant’s vehicle did produce a scale and U.S. Currency located in the center console of the vehicle. The scale and U.S. currency $687.00 was seized as part of the drug investigation. The defendant was placed under arrest and was transported back to Elsmere Bureau of Police and the Cocaine had a total weight of 1.0 grams. The defendant was charged with Manufacture, delivers, or PWID of a controlled substance w/aggravating factor and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. The defendant was arraigned before Justice of the Peace Court 11 and received a total of $10,250.00 secured bail on the above charges. The defendant was committed to Howard Young Correctional Facility default of a total of $10,250.00 secured bail.

The Elsmere Police would like to thank Courtney and Sophia MacDowell. They dropped off a very thoughtful and generous gift basket filled with snacks and drinks. We truly value the support of all of the citizens. Happy Police Week!

Marijuana Arrest On April 19, 2018 Patrolman MacDowell conducted a motor vehicle stop after observing the operator later identified as 28 year old Danny Cleaver of Wilmington not wearing a seatbelt. As Patrolman MacDowell made contact with Danny he observed him attempting to conceal what later turned out to be 8 ounces of marijuana inside his shirt. Danny was charged with Possession of Marijuana in a Tier 1 quantity, Possession of a controlled substance, providing a false statement, hindering prosecution as well as the seatbelt violation. As a result of the investigation Danny’s vehicle and $1225.00 dollars were seized as proceeds of his drug sales. Danny was arraigned on the charges and bail was set at $32,001.00 cash and was remanded to the Department of Corrections.

Please follow the link to the Elsmere Bureau of Police 2017 Year in Review

The Police Incident in the 700 blk of Baltimore Avenue has been determined to be safe for all residents and traffic to return to normal. The Elsmere Bureau of Police thanks all residents for their assistance during this time.

The Elsmere Police are currently handling an incident on Baltimore Avenue. As a result there will be temporary road closures while the incident is investigated. We thank you in advance for your patience and hope to allow those affected to return home shortly.

**MEDIA RELEASE** **EXPLOSIVE DEVICE ARREST** On Monday, March 12th Elsmere Bureau of Police along with assistance from NCCPD (EOD Unit), Delaware State Fire Marshall Office, ATF and FBI did investigate an incident in which an explosive device was used to cause damage to a property in the 1300 Cypress Avenue. A lengthy investigation was completed by these agencies and Mark Consiglio of the 700 blk of Baltimore Avenue was arrested and charged on the following crimes: Bombs Incendiary Devices Molotov Cocktails and Explosive Devices (3 Counts) Poss Purch Own or Control of a Deadly Weapon by a person prohibited (18 Counts) Endangering the welfare of a child (2 Counts) Criminal Trespass 2nd Breach of Release The defendant’s bail was set at $106,200.00 secured and was committed to Howard Young Correctional Facility. If you have any question please contact Lt. Gregg Shelton (302) 998-1173 x 205 or gregg.shelton@cj.state.de.us

**NOTICE** The Police Incident in the 700 blk of Baltimore Avenue has been determined to be safe for all residents and traffic to return to normal. The Elsmere Bureau of Police thanks all residents for their assistance during this time. **NOTICE**

**NOTICE** Due to an ongoing Police Incident, portions of Balitmore Avenue and Ohio Avenue are being evacuated as a precautionary measure. We ask that you please cooperate with Law Enforcement Officials in the area or avoid the area if at all possible. **NOTICE**

Thank you Krista Rae for the kind comments you posted to I grew up in Elsmere, Delaware regarding Officer Kevin MacDowell and Sergeant Young.

LEAVING YOUR CAR UNATTENDED WHILE IT’S RUNNING IS ILLEGAL AND JUST NOT A GOOD IDEA! We would like to inform/remind everyone that it is in fact illegal to leave your car unsecured and running while you are not inside of it. *THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO REMOTE STARTERS, THEY ARE THE EXCEPTION TO THIS LAW*. We have seen an increase in stolen motor vehicles during the extreme cold temperatures we have been experiencing. The majority of these cases are when victims had started their vehicle at their residence to warm it up and returned inside, or had left the vehicle running and unlocked while going in to a store. Regardless of how quick you think you may be, it only takes a few seconds to open a car door and steal your vehicle. Often times our investigations revealed that a suspect is simply walking down a street (probably with no intention of stealing a car) or at a store and notices the unsecured vehicle before quickly taking it. This is often a crime of opportunity; however, there are suspects out there that specifically target areas knowing that people are likely to be warming up their cars. To think of it differently, you would not leave $25,000.00 in cash sitting on the curb in front of your house and expect it to stay there, so why would you leave your keys in the ignition and doors unlocked. Furthermore, it is a violation of Delaware Code Title 21/4182, which can have a penalty of up to $75 for the first offense and up to $95 for the second offense. *REMOTE STARTS ARE THE EXCEPTION TO THIS SECTION* Officers have noticed a significant number of vehicles left running and unsecured while in the parking lots of WAWA and Dunkin’ Donuts (go ahead, make all the Cop and doughnut jokes you want, we enjoy the delicious pastries!). The first step to avoiding this starts with you ensuring that your vehicle is secured. We would be remiss not to add that LEAVING A CAR UNSECURED WITH CHILDREN INSIDE OF IT IS AN EVEN BIGGER “NO-NO” AND JUST NOT GOOD PARENTING! Spread the word!

TRAFFIC STOP LEADS TO CHASE AND DRUG ARREST On Saturday, December 23, 2017 at 11:50 p.m., PFC Giles stopped a motor vehicle for a traffic violation. The vehicle was driven by Brandyn Johnson, a 25 year-old male from the 2100 block of Grafton Drive, Wilmington. The initial stop occurred on Kirkwood Hwy. at Birch Avenue. However, Johnson waited until the officer was approaching the vehicle before he accelerated in an attempt to flee. PFC Giles pursued Johnson in his vehicle to the 100 block of Filbert Avenue. Johnson then stopped his vehicle and fled on foot. The officer exited his vehicle and continued to pursue Johnson on foot. The chase continued across the 700 block of Kirkwood Hwy. as Johnson then jumped numerous fences in to rear yards of houses on New Road. As the officer was pursing Johnson, he observed him throwing items from his pockets. Cpl. Kerrigan responded to New Road and picked up the pursuit of Johnson as he exited a rear yard. Cpl. Kerrigan was able to apprehend Johnson in the area of New Road and Alvil Road. Officers recovered the items discarded by Johnson, which were determined to be 1 bag of crack-cocaine and 1 bag of marijuana. Delaware State Police, New Castle County Police Department and Newport Police also responded to the area to assist with the incident. Johnson was also found to be wanted for numerous outstanding warrants including four (4) Violations of Probation and a New Castle County Police warrant related to a domestic incident. Johnson was charged with the following: Moving Violations (traffic), Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License, Disregarding Police Officer Signal (fleeing in a vehicle), Resisting Arrest, Possession of a Controlled/Counterfeit Substance (crack/cocaine), and Possession of Marijuana. Johnson was committed to Gander Hill Prison on $28,000.00 bail.

Lt. Gregg Shelton at the Special Olympics Delaware, Basketball Skills Event on December 7, 2017 at William Penn High School.