Anchorage Police Department

  • Agency: Anchorage Police Department
  • Address: 4501 Elmore Road, Anchorage, 99507 AK
  • Chief: Mark Mew (Chief of Police)
Phone: 907 786-8500

Anchorage Police Department is located at 4501 Elmore Road, Anchorage, 99507 AK. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Mew. The Anchorage Police Department phone number is 907 786-8500.

Anchorage Police Department News

FREE to the public. Charity hockey game! Cops v. Firefighters! This Saturday! 🏒🥅👮🏼‍♀️v 👨🏻‍🚒

It’s WHAT NOT TO DO WEDNESDAY Ever have one of those days where you just feel like you’re going in circles? Sometimes it’s because you’re surrounded by buffoons, sometimes it’s because you spend all day putting out fires as opposed to actually accomplishing anything new, and sometimes it’s because you’re literally driving in circles. Like when you’re in a roundabout. OH BOY – let’s see if we can tackle this beast today. It can feel like a roundabout is the equivalent of crop circles spontaneously showing up in fields – you want to have words with the person who put it there and you’re trying to figure out what in the heck you’re supposed to do with it. If everyone knows how to correctly navigate a roundabout, they can actually function quite well. Tip number one – SLOW DOWN. The Dowling roundabout is in a 45mph zone – roundabouts are NOT designed for those speeds. Remember when we talked about the zipper merge technique? That’s exactly what a roundabout is all about – people constantly merging into the circle and hopefully being able to do it with very few drivers having to stop. If you slow down to about 25mph, that allows people to easily zipper into the flow of traffic within the roundabout. Tip number two – YIELD and STOP are not the same thing. There are no STOP signs at the roundabout so this is not an action you automatically need to take. As you approach the circle, you must yield to anyone already in the roundabout who is also in the lane you want to enter. As long as there is room and time for you to safely zipper merge into the lane – GO. The only time you should be stopping is if entering the circle would cause a wreck. Pretend for a moment that you are about to enter the Dowling roundabout and you want to make a right-hand turn, you only have to yield if another car is already in the circle in that right-hand lane that you want to turn in to. You DO NOT need to yield to a vehicle already in the circle that is in another lane. Simply zipper into that right-hand lane to make your right-hand turn. Tip number three – as you approach a roundabout that has more than one lane (like Dowling), pay attention to the posted signs with the arrows. Each lane will have a sign telling you which lanes will allow you to go in which direction. If your goal is to turn left, and the lane you’re in has a straight-pointing arrow, then you CAN NOT make a left turn from that lane. You’ll need to use your turn signal and switch over into the left lane within the circle. Tip number four – if you are getting ready to exit the circle, keep an eye out for pedestrians and bicyclists waiting to cross. You must yield to them. If those pedestrians and bicyclists are waiting to use the marked crosswalk – they have the right-of-way. In a nutshell: slow down, pay attention to the arrows, yield to drivers already within the circle, and only stop if absolutely necessary. Or you can avoid them altogether like some people I know. Hey – whatever works. Use your inside voice, play well with others, and remember we’re all in this together.

It's Freedom Friday! Some of our officers pooled their money together and bought this thin blue line flag to hang in Briefing. It proudly shares the room with the American flag and Alaska flag which are displayed up front. Each patrol shift begins their day amidst these flags which represent the respect we have for our country, our state, and our brothers and sisters in blue all across this great nation. 💙

Last night Chief Doll greeted our newest Citizen's Academy. These folks will attend a weekly class for 13 weeks to learn how the APD operates. We are so happy to have them. Our next session will be begin this fall.