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  • Agency: Lee County Sheriff's Department
  • Address: 1900 Frederick Rd, Opelika, 36803 AL
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Phone: 334-749-5651
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Lee County Sheriff's Department is located at 1900 Frederick Rd, Opelika, 36803 AL. The Lee County Sheriff's Department phone number is 334-749-5651.

Lee County Sheriff's Department News

School Safety Concerns 03.06.2018 Numerous posts on social media sites today have been in regard to concerns about possible safety issues at schools in the Beulah community. Lee County SRO deputies have been involved in working with the schools, parents and students to determine if any of the concerns are supported by credible evidence. At this time, no evidence to indicate a clear and present threat to safety have been discovered. What has been evident is that the concerns have been fueled by numerous rumors without any basis in fact. Everyone's primary concern is the safety of their children and we share that concern. If anything or anyone poses a possible threat to any school we will intervene immediately to confront the source of the potential harm and make sure that the facts, not rumors, are provided to the public. Our efforts are in partnership with the Lee County School administrators and the faculty and staff of all our county schools. We are committed to ensure a safe environment for our children.

Our very own Corporal Pamela Revels was featured in the New York Times this weekend! We are very proud of the job she and our other School Resource Officers do at our schools in Lee County. SRO's are so important to the safety and well being of our children. Establishing relationships with these children is such a crucial role in recognizing and preventing any issues that may arise from threatening situations to child wellness and welfare, and because they love these children! Please take the time to read the article and get to know Corporal Revels and the role of School Resource Officer a little better!

03.02.2018 Wacoochee Elementary School held their annual "Book Parade" this afternoon. Wagon floats in the parade were themed for a specific book. Special guests participating included Smiths Station Mayor Copeland, Lee County SRO K9 Deputy Charlee and everyone's favorite tiger Aubie! All for the encouragement of students to read. Well done WES, well done.

Today we gave our best wishes to Lt. Fredy Martinez and Lt. Jimmy Sanders as they retired. As an office, we have taken quite a blow losing such fine leaders; as individuals, we have been blessed to know such great men. Congratulations, you will be sorely missed.

The terms School Resource Officer and School Security Officer have been applied by many news outlets in a manner that would indicate they are the same thing. They are NOT. School Resource Officers have completed specific training beyond that of other law enforcement officers to prepare them for their mission of multiphasic interaction in a school environment. SROs have a unique skill set as a result of their specialized training. No disrespect to School Security Officers who provide a valuable service. Our SRO deputies know and love the students and schools they serve. If called upon, they would protect them up to and with their final breath.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office will be deleting the Lee County Sheriff's Office Group. We hope you take this opportunity to like Lee County Sheriff's PAGE, here. Facebook does not offer an option to delete the group, but we want our page to be our primary source of information to the public only. It has been confusing in the past with multiple sources for public information. Please know that because there is not a delete option for the group, individual members within the group page will be deleted. This is not a reflection on individual persons, we are closing the groups page down. Please bear with us during this transition, all public information will now be posted here to the page. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Champions for Kids Luncheon Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Lee County 02.08.2018 The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Lee County held their Champions for Kids Luncheon today at Southern Union Community College in Opelika. Ms. Naimah Hakeem , a senior at Booker T. Washington high school from the B&GC Auburn Unit received the "Youth of the Year" award and Ms. Shanecia Little, a senior at Opelika high school from the B&GC Potter-Daniel Unit was named as alternate. They will attend the B&GC state meeting in Montgomery where the "Youth of the Year" for Alabama will be named.They are both impressive young women. The "Jane Walker Community Champion Award" is given each year to an individual who is dedicated to the betterment of young people and goes above and beyond to help youth in Lee County be successful in life. The co-recipients of this high honor were Patsy and Bill Parker of Opelika. Two more deserving people you will not find! Congratulations to Ms. Hakeem, Ms. Little and the Parkers on their well-deserved honors..

02.02.2018 Judge James T. Gullage Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gullage family as they cope with the loss of a good man. Judge Gullage earned the respect he so richly deserved by treating all in a fair manner with respect and compassion. Our community is a better place due to this man's noble work and meaningful contributions to the lives of others. We will not forget him.

Jury Duty Scam Alert 01.26.2018 17:30 Cst The Sheriff's Office was contacted earlier today in regard to a scam that is attempting to obtain money from the intended victim by notifying them that they have missed jury duty. The caller (usually male) will identify as a deputy sheriff with the Sheriff's Office and state that the person called has missed jury duty and that a writ or warrant of arrest is being issued as a result. The caller then states that if the person will pay a fee or fine that the charges will be dismissed. He then instructs the intended victim to obtain a cash card that can be purchased at many local stores (Wal-Mart is often mentioned) in an amount varying from $200 to $1,000 and call him back with the numbers and security code on the card. Citizens are reminded that the Sheriff's Office and Judicial system offices NEVER conduct financial transactions over the phone. The Circuit Clerk's Office handles all court ordered fine and fee processing and not the Sheriff's Office or Court. If you are contacted by anyone requesting financial information over the phone DO NOT release any personal information.

Travel Advisory 01.18.2018 17:45 cst Roadway conditions in Lee County improved during the day as temperatures reached the low 40s. Despite warmer temperatures, many less traveled and shaded roads still have surface ice. Melted snow and ice will freeze tonight as temps drop below freezing. Hazardous conditions are likely in sections of US 280/431 east from Opelika to Phenix City, Lee Road 146 (Moore's Mill road) from Lee Road 112 (Johnson Lake road) to the AL HWY 51 intersection, Lee Road 147, Lee Road 72 (Farmville road), AL HWY 14 west of Loachapoka and many others. Motorists are urged to proceed with caution and reduce speed. Traffic continues to move slowly on I-85 northbound from Exit 58 to Exit 62. Area law enforcement and fire/rescue personnel have answered hundreds of vehicle accidents and stranded motorist assist calls in the last 48 hours. Lee county, Auburn and Opelika school systems will remain closed Friday to avoid risk to students due to not all roadways being safe for bus travel.

Lee County Government Operations 01.18.2018 08:00 cst The Lee County Justice Center will resume operations st 12:00 noon central standard time today. The Lee County Courthouse in Opelika and courthouse annex located by the Auburn Mall are closed and set to resume normal operations on Friday (01-19-2018).

Travel Advisory 01-18-2018 08:00 cst Many roadways in Lee County remain hazardous with surface ice. Bridges and overpasses still have icy sections along with roadways not exposed to direct sunlight and less traveled county roads. Conditions should begin to improve as temperatures rise above freezing just before or about noon. Motorists are advised to exercise caution and reduce speed in the areas mentioned. Excess speed has been noted as a contributing factor in many accidents during last 48 hours.

Travel Advisory 01.17.2018 10:30 cst Lee County roadway conditions continue to be hazardous for any travel. All area road surfaces have ice coatings rendering roads impassable. The U.S. 280/431 corridor is having numerous issues. U.S. 280 northwest of Auburn-Opelika has numerous vehicles including 18 wheel transport trucks blocking both west and east bound lanes from Lee road 86 to MM 99. U.S. 280/431 between Opelika and Phenix City has east bound lanes blocked by vehicles and 18 wheel transports at two sections: near Lee Road 737 and at the Lee-Russell county line. The above referenced are the more affected areas but reports of impassable roads include Beauregard, Beulah, Loachapoka, Salem and the Bleecker communities. Deputies, State Troopers and Lee County Volunteer Fire and Rescue agencies are working to assist persons in disabled vehicles. First responders efforts are being hampered by many attempting travel only to lose control of their vehicle and block traffic lanes. The request continues for everyone to avoid travel until conditions improve.

Travel Advisory 01-17-2018 06:30 cst The Lee County Highway Department and the Sheriff's Office are requesting everyone to please not attempt to access roads today. Road conditions deteriorated overnight and many are now classified as impassable. Overpasses and bridges are especially hazardous with ice on surfaces. Temperatures are expected to remain near freezing during the day Wednesday. Any melting snow will likely freeze later today and contribute to ice on roadways. Sheriff's deputies and highway personnel will continue to monitor conditions as the day passes.

01-16-2018 Weather Related Status Public and private school systems in Lee County, Auburn and Opelika will be closed tomorrow due to expected hazardous conditions on roadways. Lee County government offices will be closed but essential service providers (law enforcement, highway, fire and medical response) will be fully operational. Everyone is encouraged to monitor changing weather and road conditions and limit or avoid travel to avoid unnecessary risk.

01-11-2018 Smiths Station Area Alert Lee County Sheriff's deputies are in the process of taking multiple reports of vehicle break-ins that occurred last night in the Smiths Station area. The specific locations included the Summer Lake apartments complex at 19707 U.S. 280 just northwest of the Russell County line and the Holland Creek subdivision located off Summerville Road (Lee Rd 248) just southeast of U.S. 280. The thieves targeted several vehicles in these two areas and the stolen items include cell phones and other electronics, tools and wallets/purses. A Chevrolet Camaro was stolen in Holland Creek and was recovered abandoned in Shadow Wood subdivision off U.S. 280 this morning. Area residents are encouraged to always remove valuables from their vehicles at night and lock vehicle doors. Reporting suspicious activity in neighborhoods, apartment areas and parking lots also contributes to significant reduction in criminal activity and assists law enforcement in identifying and apprehending offenders.

On December 28, 2017 the Lee County Sheriff's Office received a report of a group of dogs roaming at large in the 700 Block of Lee Road 78 Camp Hill, Lee County, Alabama. This group of dogs caused physical damage to approximately 20 goats, sheep and lamb at this residence and is responsible for killing at least 11 of the livestock. The Lee County Sheriff's Office is trying to identify and locate the owner(s) of the dogs shown in the attached pictures. Please watch for these animals as pack dogs have been known to harm domestic animals, livestock and even children. If you have any information about this case please contact the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 334-749-5651.

12.09.2017 1:00 pm cdst Telephone Line Service Outage The administrative telephone lines to the Lee County Sheriff's Office are off-line due to an accident in South Alabama where fiber optic cables were severed. Repairs may not be completed until late Monday or Tuesday of the coming week. Emergency 911 lines are fully operational and were not affected by the accident.

Here is another peek at how much fun our deputies had at the Cops n Curls dance hosted by the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lee County. P.s. how precious are these little girls!!