Madison County Sheriff's Department

  • Agency: Madison County Sheriff's Department
  • Address: 100 Northside Square, Room 206, Huntsville, 35801 AL
  • Chief:
Phone: (256) 532-3412

Madison County Sheriff's Department is located at 100 Northside Square, Room 206, Huntsville, 35801 AL. The Madison County Sheriff's Department phone number is (256) 532-3412.

Madison County Sheriff's Department News

Warrant Scam being called from 256 581-4500. Scammer claims to be Deputy Kevin Barnett. Tells you to go to CVS and get a money order before you are arrested. Don’t fall for it.

A reminder! Our Social Media Accounts are not monitored 24/7! If you have an emergency call 911 If you need to report a non-emergency crime/incident call 256-722-7181 Thank you!

Another product popular in this area. Check it out to see if it is best for your home to combat the Porch Pirates and other criminals. Lt Shaw

I don’t know enough to endorse this product but I will share and you can decide if it’s right for your home to combat the Porch Pirates! Lt. Shaw

After posting the Poarch Pirate Suspect I received a message asking to post some tips on securing your packages on delivery. We ran this before the Christmas season and here it is again. 1. Track it and know when it is to be delivered and be home. 2. Leave a Note for driver with instructions. 3. Require a Signature for delivery. 4. Have the Post Office or delivery service Hold it. 5. Don’t Make it a Surprise, if delivering gifts to family or friends make them aware. 6. Add a Wi-Fi Smart Camera and Know the Minute it arrives. 7. Have Packages Delivered to Your Workplace. 8. Require Vacation hold on packages and mail when away. 9. Insure Your Upcoming Packages. 10. Ask a neighbor to accept it.

‪Dep Daversa pointed out that on patrol he has seen a lot of new 📺 and appliance 📦 on the side of roads for pick up. We assume IRS Returns prompts new purchases. We said prior to Christmas make sure you break 📦 down and dispose of. Keep doing that with new items. Don’t advertise your new items to thieves!‬

‪This person is suspected of using a stolen debit card at an Old Monrovia Rd convenience store. If you can identify her or give information where to locate her contact Inv Locke at 256-533-8827 or ‬

Gurley PD told us the barricades had been removed fromLittle Cove Rd and we don't have any other locations closed due to water posted. But remain cautious because water can be tricky and come back up. If you do encounter it #TurnAroundDontDrown!

‪Deputies have completed CPR, range qualifications and classroom instruction earlier this week. This morning is pre class paperwork and instruction prior to hands on SSGT Defensive Tactics the remainder of the day. ‬

The following roads have water over the surface; Floyd Harbin(Flood Lane), Pulaski Pike/Morris and Little Cove/McMullen. Find an alternate route. Don’t put your life, passengers and 🚓🚑🚒 at risk because you ignored warnings! #TurnAroundDontDrown 🛑🚫🚧⚠️

9pm have you 🔐 your 🚗 🚪 taken out your 🚀🦂🥜🕶🌂🍄🍼🍺🍸⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🎾🏸🚴🏻‍♀️🏆🥇🎤🎧🎻📱⌚️💽💻📡🔦🔧🔫💊🎁🆔 and committed to the #9PMRoutine!

‪About 1/4th of our Deputies are attending in-service training this week. Today was recertification in CPR and AED operation. All Deputies will receive the week of training over a 4 week period. We will highlight more training throughout the weeks to come. ‬

Deputy Ables and Cadet Mendoza saw Troop 21101 out today and took some time to share some smiles and hugs with them. And for a bonus bought some of their favorite cookies!

‪Captain JR Bulluck was recognized and presented with a leadership award for being a positive influence in the community from Oakwood University this morning.‬

MCSO training with Madison, Alabama Police Department and Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, Tennesseessee

There may be some Facebook post raising concern tonight in Madison County. We are aware of the post and it traces back to this link in Oregon earlier today. We will however be diligent in giving additional attention beyond our SRO presence at Madison County Schools in the coming days and weeks.

If your going to post to social media make sure to call 911 or your local law enforcement agency before doing so.