Mobile County Sheriff's Department

  • Agency: Mobile County Sheriff's Department
  • Address: 510 S Royal St, Mobile, 36603 AL
  • Chief:
Phone: 251-574-2423

Mobile County Sheriff's Department is located at 510 S Royal St, Mobile, 36603 AL. The Mobile County Sheriff's Department phone number is 251-574-2423.

Mobile County Sheriff's Department News

Today, at approximately 11:45 am, a brick was thrown through the window of a residence on Heggerty Lane. The homeowner stated the suspect was attempting to climb in through busted window. The homeowner shot at suspect and he fled the scene. The suspect was described as a black male who fled in a blue vehicle. If anyone has any information about this crime, please call 251-574-8633. You may also message us through our crime tips page,

Our Team is back from North Carolina! Welcome back and thank you!#teamsheriff #hurricaneflorenceNC

Check out these people in the dollar general video. Watch the first four people coming in the door beginning with the female in red tshirt. These four go through the store grabbing what ever they can put in their basket or carry. They wait for cashier to be distracted and then all four make a run for it. This grab and dash happened on September 12 at the Dollar General Store on Moffett Road. As best we can tell they obviously have a baby or they were on the way to a diaper shower and were running very late. #notlikely #fivefingerdiscount #liftplayer #liftshopping They drove away in a Gold toyota Camary...#withoutababy If you know who these four people are, please call 251-574-8633. You may also go to our website #whoisgoingtokeepthebabywhenuinjail #crimetips #familieswhodocrimetogetherdotimetogether

Cooking the BBQ with lead chefs, Adam Austin and Daniel Holifield.#adamchangedshirts #Danielisaprofessional #teamsheriff

Here is our team in North Carolina. Our BBQ Rib lunch brought out the Chatam County Sheriff! New Hanover County Sheriff McMahon eats with us daily! #yeshedoes #teamsheriff #raylenemeetotherlittlefriends New Hanover County Sheriff's Office

This week’s Cool School is Lott Middle School. Lott Middle School is an Imagine Learning Beacon School, and they are on their way to becoming a STEM Model School with their brand new Collaboration Lab. #CoolSchools NBC 15, WPMI - TV Mobile Megan Gannon NBC 15 Lott Middle School

Hey Casey Wheeler, aka peeper creeper, you need to give our office a call. Lot's of people have given us your name, photo, etc., Guess what else...that truck you were in was not yours, but you already know that. #peepercreeper We spent the week checking out all your known locations so now we are giving you one more chance...give us a call 251-574-8633 so we can talk about you peeping in people's homes and that truck. Thank you WKRG for sharing the information on his identity and many facebook messages for possible locations. #needhelpagain You may also give us tips on our website, We can not thank you enough for the information you provide our office #weloveourfacebookfriends #crimetips

You know what day it is...IT IS THUG THURSDAY!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, we just can't make this stuff up! We need you help in identifying this thug. He STEALS a check out of someone's mailbox that was written to a local hospital for payment. He washes the check and then takes the check to Walmart to spend #canusayfelonycharge These aren't the greatest photos, but if you know him or you received any of the items in these photo' might want to give us a call 😳#theymightbestockingstuffers #hegotsomedirtyfriends Based on his purchases, and you can see list below, here is how he COULD BE described; he may wear dentures #heliveswithhismama, he may have a sinus infection #heisatooter , he likes to be clean #cuzheisdirty , he wears a sleep hoodie AND a sleep jogger #wegotnothing4that , he likes to buy make-up #maybeitsmaybelline We hope the above has helped you so if you know who this might be, please give us a call 251-574-8633. You may also send us a message AND If you can describe what a sleep hoodie or sleep jogger is, we would like to know that as well 🙄#itsoundshot

We were not able to connect with our team yesterday in North Carolina. Here is a video that they sent from yesterday afternoon. They are tired but representing us well! We thank you for taking care of these first responders so that they are able to serve and protect their community. #goteamsheriff #hurricaneflorenceNC New Hanover County Sheriff's Office

We got Cumbie #headingtometrosoon

MCSO is on the scene of a shooting at Padgett Switch Road/Roy E. Ray Airport. Homeowner was alerted when alarm went off and encountered two males trying to break into his home. Homeowner shot one and the other has fled. The suspect who was shot is on his way to hospital. The other one, CRAIG ALLEN CUMBIE, you guessed it...he ran. He already had 4 warrants, guess thats why he ran. #welookin4u #woofwoofcomin2

Unfortunately, we are still having problems with our team going live. They are going to take video and we will load onto our page. Thanks for your patience

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Doing it LIVE today with our TEAM in North Carolina at 2:30pm! #teamsheriff #hurricaneflorenceNC New Hanover County Sheriff's Office

Here is just a little footage of where our team is in North Carolina. Lunch has been served and they are prepping for dinner! #hurricanflorenceNC #teamsheriff #feedingthefirstresponders🙏👮‍♂️👮🏾‍♀️👨🏽‍🚒👩‍🚒

LONNIE MACK is coming back! #roccobiteswhenurun #wehavebookedu4extendedstay

Another long day of traveling but TEAM SHERIFF arrived in New Hanover County, North Carolina around 7:45 pm! They are happy to be there and will be prepping tonight so they can begin serving their first meal at breakfast! We will check back in with our team tomorrow afternoon. GO TEAM SHERIFF #firstrespondersfoodtruck #hurricaneflorenceNC

Hey Peter Peeper Man, You have been seen off Snow Road in a Red 2005 Toyota Tundra Truck looking into windows of several houses. 😳 #saywhat You don't remember? Let us help you, it was on Downing Street and on Winston Drive. Ring a bell? #nopunintended 😂. We also have a photo of your truck that we will post but we did not get your tag number. Oh well, we know that we can always post to our facebook and somebody will tell us who you are. Mr. Peeper, if you want, you can just give us a call and talk to us about what you are up to. #wegotallday Click on picture below to watch video. If you can identify this person, give us a call 251-574-8633. You may also report on our website to His shirt says he works out by taking naps...#wegoturnaptimeready #freenapmat2 #seeyasoon

****UPDATE ON TEAM SHERIFF***** Our team left yesterday morning at 6:00am. After several hours of re-routing and a flat tire, they safely made it to Wilmington, North Carolina around 2:30 am this morning. They decided to take a break there and have pulled out this morning heading to New Hanover County, North Carolina. We will check in with them some time this afternoon. Please keep them in your prayers for safe travel through flooded areas. We are thankful for their service to the first responders in North Carolina. #teamsheriff #hurricaneflorenceNC New Hanover County Sheriff's Office

On our way to North Carolina. We will keep everyone posted with live Facebook postings daily. #hurricaneflorenceNC #teamsheriff New Hanover County Sheriff's Office

Thank you Costco for donating water!Heading to New Hanover County in North Carolina in the morning. Our mission will be to feed all first responders who want a hot meal 😀#teamsheriff #hurricaneflorence #ifyoucookittheywillcome

MCSO is loading up our Food Truck to go and assist First Responders with Hurricane Florence. We will leave Mobile Sunday, September 16, at 6:00 am. Many of you have contacted us to donate so here are the details; We will be accepting NONPERISHABLE items on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 10:00 AM TO 3:00 PM. The Location will be 7511 HOWELLS FERRY ROAD. Items to donate are WATER, CONDIMENTS FOR BURGERS and HOT DOGS, PAPER PRODUCTS, CANNED SODA'S AND OTHER NON-PERISHABLE ITEMS. #2serveandprotect #hurricaneflorence #teamsherifffoodtruck (photo's from Houston)

It is THUG THURSDAY! Today's thug is JEFFREY CHAD HAMILTON. JC what is up??? You don't don't write. We have 11 warrants for you, unlawful breaking and entering, Theft of property 2nd and theft of property 1, receiving stolen property, burglary 3rd and several traffic warrants. You know how this works JC, you have been here before. #westillgreetuwithasmile #wegottahaveanotherphoto #wemissuJC Give us a Call 251-574-8633 and we will come and get you. If you don't want to call us, call your budy ALLEN SEYMOUR and see if he will drive you down to metro #hegotawarrant2 #birdsofafeather #wewant2surprisehim #ucanbcellbuddies #friendreunion #seeyasoon