Mobile County Sheriff's Department

  • Agency: Mobile County Sheriff's Department
  • Address: 510 S Royal St, Mobile, 36603 AL
  • Chief:
Phone: 251-574-2423

Mobile County Sheriff's Department is located at 510 S Royal St, Mobile, 36603 AL. The Mobile County Sheriff's Department phone number is 251-574-2423.

Mobile County Sheriff's Department News

It's THUG THURSDAY and here is today's THUG...KEVIN MATTHEW HOOD. Kevin has TWO warrants, one is for receiving stolen property 2nd and the other for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. KEVIN do you know what today is? It is International Women's Day. I think you know where we are going with this...Let's just say you are about to be very popular with the ladies! #manwannabe #turninurmancard So Kev, if you are in Walmart this weekend and someone smacks you on the head, kinda like you did, just take it like a man! Of course, you could "man up" and turn yourself in. #karma #internationalwomansday #stopdomesticviolence #thugthursday

Missing person, MATILDE SHERMAN was found alive in wooded area Grand Bay Wilmer Road #mcsok9unit #roccodoesnotalwaysbite #mcsoandmpd

It is finally Felony Friday !!!! Today, we feature DONALD WAYNE MILLER. Donald likes to sneak around your house stealing whatever he can get his hands on. He will not even rest on the Sabbath! That's right while most people are at Church praying for forgiveness, Donald is out preying on your property! #wearesurethedevilmadeudoit Donald Wayne, you need to come on down and turn yourself in at Metro. For Heaven's sake DO NOT DRIVE also have a warrant for a suspended Drivers license. Don't worry, give us a ring, 251-574-8633, and we will send one of our angels out to get you. #heavenlyexperienceawaitsu If others would like to become Donald's guardian angel but you don't want Donald to know, go to #Jesusluvsuandeverybodyluvsjesusinjail 😳😳😳😳🙏

RosalynLoves. Big Thank You for the love you are sharing with all Law Enforcement around the country! We feel “special” that you have visited us twice. This photo is Rosalyn with Deputy James Gazzier. Deputy Gazzier is with our K-9 unit.

IT'S THUG THURSDAY! MCSO needs your help identifying this man known as RED SHIRT MAN. This video was taken on February 22, at D J's grocery in Wilmer. Two days prior to this video, a white Dodge Truck was reported stolen on Monroe Lane in Semmes. Guess what RED SHIRT MAN was seen driving from DJ's???? A white Dodge Truck. #hewuzactingallcoolonvideo On the same day as this video, a friend of the victim, saw a white Dodge truck driving down Moffett Road and decided to follow it. #wedonotrecommendfollowingpeople. The driver must have known he was being followed because he started acting all crazy and driving faster. Eventually, he ditched the truck on Wilmer George Road and fled the scene. Well, you will never guess who was driving that was RED SHIRT MAN! #justcuzurunnindontmeanuguilty We are not saying RED SHIRT MAN stole that truck, #yesweare we just want to know who he is and ask him if HE KNOWS HE STOLE THAT TRUCK. #redshirtman #crimetips #wethinkhestolethattruck If you know RED SHIRT MAN and think he might look better in orange, give us a call 251-574-8633. If you want to remain anonymous, go to #turninurred4orange

WARRANT WEDNESDAY #gocheckyoself #crimetips #beforeubecomeathugthursday

Team Sheriff has our Food Truck at Camp Grace for Camp Rap-A-Hope #cancersucks #teamsheriff #communitydriven

It is FELONY FRIDAY! This is MICHAEL SHAWN SARANTHUS. He likes to take long walks in neighborhoods, collecting burglar tools along the way so that he can break into your homes when you are not there. After he steals your possessions, he then goes to sell them so that he can get his Meth. smoke METH??? #everyonesaysthataboutu #wewouldhaveneverknown If you can provide any information on MICHAEL call 251-574-8633. If you need to be anonymous, Better yet, come on in Michael, you know how to get here. #felonyfriday #methis4losers #seeyasoon #keepmobileclean

We had a great time at today's Cool School, Mary B Austin Mary B. Austin Elementary. Lemmy loved all of the attention from the kids. Megan Gannon NBC15 News NBC 15, WPMI - TV Mobile #coolschools #seabeltssavelives

It's THUG THURSDAY and today's winner is ALBERT FRANTIZ BEDWELL. Big Al, you said you would turn yourself in on Monday, but you lied! We DO NOT like liars or Domestic violence. We have two belated Valentines for you. One for Domestic Violence 3rd and the second is for a protection order because you can't seem to follow the rules! We are hearing that several other counties are looking for you, so it shouldn't be long before you are back in Metro. Save the taxpayers some $$$ and turn yourself in. #seeyasoon #heyheyhey #crimetips #stopdomesticviolence #loveshouldnothurt

Praying for our MPD family #MPDstrong #LawEnforcement #teamsheriff Mobile Police Department

Today, our hearts are heavy with the loss of those teachers and students in Parkland, Florida. Let us all be reminded, "If we see something, then we should say something." We all play a part in keeping our Communities safe. The Mobile County Sheriff's Office provides several ways for you to report crimes in our community. 1. You may call our non-emergency line, 251-574-8633. 2. You may leave us a private message on this facebook page 3. You may go to our website and report anonymously 4. You may download our APP for android and apple users, and go to Crime Tips #seesomethingsaysomething #keepingmobilesafe #teamsheriff #crimetips

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Today we are honoring all of those who have been a victim of Domestic Violence. Click on the link above to see the folks who have been selected to receive a "hand delivered" Valentine. If you would like to provide information on their whereabouts, give us a call 251-574-8633. If you would like to remain anonymous, we LOVE surprises go to #beourvalentinecuznooneelsewantsu #loveshouldnothurt #domesticviolence MPD Cyber Intelligence Penelope House

In case you thought it would never happen, Superman just met Forrest Gump in Oklahoma. #ithappens #justkeeprunning

Looking for a rewarding, fast-paced career? Searching for an opportunity for advancement? Want to make a difference in your community? Consider your opportunities with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. #TeamSheriff #BestOfTheBest

FOX10 News #blackhistorymonth #teamsheriff

Congratulations JODY GREGORY CLARKE. You are our THUG THURSDAY winner. There was no competition, you won hands down! Punching your victim in the face while he was trying to give you a lift, stealing his wallet and vehicle AND THE FACT THAT YOU WERE JUST RELEASED FROM METRO ON 1/27/2018 makes you the Greatest THUG OF TODAY! Call MPD 251-208-7211 if you know where JODY CLARKE is hiding. MPD Cyber Intelligence JODY was the one in the video at Express Mart that we showed you yesterday. Look closer at his mugshot...IT IS THE SAME SHIRT!!! Come on in Jody, we think Orange is a better color on you #urshirtsaiditall #jodyscominghome #urbedisready #crimetips🤨👊

Thanks to tips provided by our followers, WHITNEY OWENS is on her way back to Metro Jail. Mackin, you better go ahead and turn yourself in, because you are and the person who picked ya'll up 😳🤨😮 #welcomeback #udonthaveajobnomo

CREEPER ALERT... This guy in the video is wanted in connection with a car-jacking that occurred at the Express Mart, 6075 Old Pascagoula Road. The Creeper (aka bad dresser) approached the victim pumping gas and asked for a ride. The victim agreed. As the victim was approaching the vicinity of Windy Will Circle S. and Rossmere Road, Creeper man punched the victim in the face, demanded his wallet and forced him out of his car. This crime occurred in the vicinity of Windy Will Circle S. and Rossmere Road. THIS VIDEO IS BEFORE THE CAR-JACKING. If you can help MPD locate this creeper CALL 208-7211. SOMEBODY needs to tell him you do not wear white pants before Easter! HELLO?????? #baddresser #mpdcyberintelligence #carjackersweardarkclothes #whattowearWEDNESDAY

WHAT IS WORSE THAN THUG THURSDAY OR FELONY FRIDAY...NO MANHOOD MONDAY!!!!! Dear Barney Whitfield, In honor of Valentines Day later this month, We are looking for those who have Domestic Violence Warrants. We think it is pretty safe to say, you will not be getting a valentine this year. In fact, we looked at your record and you seem to have done this act of violence SEVERAL times before. Barney, This behavior is completely unacceptable and we are warning all the Ladies out there about you. You need to turn yourself in, get some counseling and MAYBE then you will be a person that someone wishes to give a valentine! 🤨#nogoodboyfriend #novalentine4u #bullyblocker #onlyfightsgirls You can call us 251-574-8633 and we will send a courtesy van to pick you up. Since we are not expecting that to happen, anyone else who might know his whereabouts can send us a message and it is anonymous. #badbarney #crimetips

Rocco is having a hard time deciding who to cheer for in the Superbowl. Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots NBC Sports NBC #SuperBowlSunday #nbc #UnderDogForTheWin Puppy Bowl #puppybowl