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Alabama Attorney General's Office is located at 501 Washington Ave, Montgomery, 36130 AL. The Alabama Attorney General's Office phone number is 334-242-7300.

Alabama Attorney General's Office News

STATEMENT OF THE OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERAL We are saddened to report that Bridgette Marshall, wife of Attorney General Steve Marshall, passed away this morning after a long struggle with mental illness. Bridgette was a devoted and much beloved daughter, wife and mother. We ask that the people of Alabama keep the Marshall family in their prayers during this most difficult time.

A former clerk of the Town of Pisgah has been indicted on charges of theft and an ethics law violation, the Attorney General's Office announced Friday.

Attorney General Steve Marshall Announces Indictment of Former Clerk of the Town of Pisgah for Felony Theft, Ethics Charges

“Operation Focused Remedy” was an intensive two-month effort on the federal, state and local levels leading to 29 violent criminals being charged with federal crimes, and taking approximately 50 firearms off South Alabama streets. Watch the NBC 15, WPMI - TV Mobile story ⬇️

ICYMI: Attorney General Steve Marshall was in Mobile this week for the announcement of a federal-state-local law-enforcement operation targeting violent crime in the #GulfCoast region. Watch the FOX10 News story ⬇️

I was pleased to join our federal, state and local law enforcement partners in Mobile today to announce the arrest of nearly 30 violent criminals with guns as a result of a joint operation focusing on violent crime in southwest Alabama. 'Operation Focused Remedy,' on the Alabama Gulf Coast, is the latest in already four major round-ups of violent felons across Alabama since January. My office, teaming with federal, state and local law enforcement, is actively targeting violent criminals and working to put them away.

A man convicted of a cold blooded murder in Covington County is denied appeal of his capital murder convictions and death sentence. Great work by the Covington County DA Office and the Alabama Attorney General's Office to ensure justice is upheld.

The man who committed three horrendous Jackson County murders, including a child, lost his death sentence appeal. A joint effort by the Jackson County DA and my office to ensure that this killer does not escape justice.

The lawsuit I filed, along with Congressman Mo Brooks of Huntsville, on behalf of the State of Alabama to protect American citizens' right to be fairly represented in Congress is drawing fire from Washington DC liberals. Our lawsuit says only those legally present in the United States should be counted in the portion of the Census used to determine the number of Congressmen and Electoral votes from each state. While I was pleased to testify before Congress on this issue ten days ago, it appears DC liberals who favor open borders are not happy with our lawsuit! The right stand is to stand up for the rights of American citizens.

Proud to welcome the #AlabamaGirlsState delegation representing the Attorney General, Chief Deputy Attorney General and the Judicial Branch of State government to my office today. An impressive group of Alabama's future leaders!

AG Steve Marshall Announces $100 Million 42-State Settlement with Citibank for Manipulating Interest Rate Benchmarks

A former Alabama Department of Public Health employee has been convicted on a felony ethics violation for using her official position for personal gain, according to Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall.

Attorney General Steve Marshall Announces Guilty Plea by Former Health Department Employee for Felony Ethics Violation

Attorney General Steve Marshall Announces Alabama and Multi-State Coalition Victory in Injunction Against Unlawful Obama-Era 'WOTUS Rule' Targeting Landowners

Attorney General Steve Marshall Announces 20-Year Prison Sentences for Former Franklin County Administrator for Felony Ethics Crimes Involving $753,889 of County Funds

USAToday: WASHINGTON — Alabama’s attorney general urged Congress Friday to support the state's push for the Census not to count undocumented immigrants when deciding the number of congressional seats for each state.

Great article on Alabama's lawsuit to protect right of American citizens to have fair representation in Congress: Why Should States That Protect Illegal Immigrants Be Rewarded With More Political Power?

AG Steve Marshall defending Alabama's lawsuit challenging the Census count of illegal aliens: “The irony, of course, is that illegal aliens cannot vote; therefore, they are not the ones who gain from being included in the apportionment base. In a state in which a large share of the population cannot vote, those who do vote count more than those who live in states where a larger share of population is made up of American citizens.” House Judiciary Committee

“Alabama is set to lose one of its seven congressional seats and one of its nine electoral votes – a seat and a vote it would not lose if illegal aliens were excluded from the apportionment base,” Attorney General Marshall told the congressional subcommittee. “Not only would this skewed result rob the State of Alabama and its legal residents of their rightful share of representation, but it plainly undermines the rule of law. If an individual’s presence in our country is in violation of federal law, why should the states in which they reside benefit from their illegal status?” House Judiciary Committee

Attorney General Steve Marshall Testifies on Capitol Hill in Support of Alabama Lawsuit Challenging Count of Illegal Aliens in US Census for Apportionment

Alabama stands to lose a congressman and an electoral college vote if illegal aliens are counted in 2020 Census. I look forward to defending Alabama's lawsuit challenging the Census count of illegal aliens this morning in a Capitol Hill hearing of the House Judiciary Committee

I will testify at 8AM (CDT) this morning before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee Committee about Alabama's legal challenge to the 2020 Census over its inclusion of illegal aliens in the count to determine state representation in Congress and the Electoral College. Alabama will lose a U.S. House seat and an Electoral vote if illegal aliens are included in Census apportionment count. Watch the hearing via the link below:

Tonight, I had the privilege of speaking to the Alabama Peace Officers Association about my commitment to law enforcement across the state of Alabama. I also had the opportunity to swear in the new association president, Tommie Reese, along with the rest of the executive board.

I look forward to delivering testimony to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Alabama’s lawsuit challenging inclusion of illegal aliens in the 2020 Census to determine congressional representation. Alabama will lose a seat in Congress and an electoral vote if illegal aliens are included in the apportionment count. Watch the hearing beginning at 8AM Central, Friday:

AG Steve Marshall: This Supreme Court decision should send a strong message to activist courts and bureaucrats alike that Americans' right to religious expression cannot be trampled and the Constitution cannot be ignored.,%20Cakeshop%206-2018.pdf