Alabama Securities Commission

  • Agency: Alabama Securities Commission
  • Address: 401 Adams Ave, Suite 280, Montgomery, 36104 AL
  • Chief:
Phone: 334-242-2984
Fax: (334) 242-0240

Alabama Securities Commission is located at 401 Adams Ave, Suite 280, Montgomery, 36104 AL. The Alabama Securities Commission phone number is 334-242-2984.

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Did you know you can call the ASC to check the license/registration of your financial advisor? BEFORE you give someone any money, call us first.


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Notes for AL seniors #SaturdayMorningsWithASC

Notes for AL seniors: #SaturdayMorningsWithASC

How would spending time, once a week during breakfast, learning about saving and investing impact your future? You can get free investor education resources on the ASC website.

No such thing as a free lunch!

We are incredibly thankful for our nation's service members and particularly proud of the ones who now work at the ASC! We have free resources for military personnel and their dependents on our website. Here's the link, check it out or pass it along...

These are some great ideas for those reaching the age of retirement who still want to participate in the workforce- for whatever reason.

Wow! It sure has been chilly in Alabama this past week. We hope you and your families stayed safe! The capital city has highs in the 60's this weekend. We 10/10 recommend getting out and enjoying the sunshine- while it lasts!

Being in control of your finances is a great stress reliever! You can get FREE information on how to get started by visiting the education section of the ASC website.

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BRRRR! Stay safe and warm Alabama! Don't forget to check local weather listings for icy roads- if you must travel.

Alabama Securities Commission Appoints Acting Deputy Director and Announces New Chief Litigation Counsel

Is someone trying to sell you on an investment? Be on the lookout for these red flag phrases of investment fraud. Remember to check the license of the investment and or the broker. If you're unsure if it's legit, call the ASC! They/It must be registered.

JUST how long will it take you to reach your savings goal? Calculate it here!