Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division

  • Agency: Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division
  • Address: 64 N Union Street, Suite 584, Montgomery, 36130-1457 AL
  • Chief:
Phone: 334-242-3469
Fax: 334-242-3032

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division is located at 64 N Union Street, Suite 584, Montgomery, 36130-1457 AL. The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division phone number is 334-242-3469.

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division News

Fisheries Section staff recently renovated the fishing pier at Middle Clay County PFL and it is now ready for fishing. For more information about this PFL visit

WILDLIFE WEDNESDAY! Quiz: Which Alabama game species yields these delicious morsels? Answer will be posted tomorrow morning.

Priceville Middle School conducted Priceville’s very first, open-sanctioned NASP tournament hosting 150 archers. Shown are Priceville High School archers. Click here to learn more about the NATIONAL ARCHERY IN THE SCHOOLS PROGRAM:

HEY TURKEY HUNTERS! 🦃 🦃 🦃 If you haven't already done so, now is the time to download the OUTDOOR ALABAMA POCKET RANGER APP on your smartphone! If you complete GAMECHECK with the app before moving your gobbler, it eliminates the need for a paper harvest record!

TUESDAY TIP! 🌷 Think SPRING 🌷by following these tips to attract BLUEBIRDS to your property: Photo credit: Bill Horn

HEY LAKE EUFAULA ANGLERS! Swab-A-Hog is a collaborative project between us and Auburn University’s School of Fisheries that harnesses the enthusiasm of Alabama anglers for quality bass fishing! Participate by collecting genetic samples for research from largemouth bass 4 pounds and larger. DNA is collected with no/minimal stress by swabbing the tongue of the bass prior to release. Anglers are incentivized to help through a generous rewards program made possible by local sponsors in Eufaula. With the information gained through this research, we can make better stocking and management decisions that will enhance the bass fishery and benefit anglers for years to come. CLICK HERE to learn more:

REGISTER NOW for this week’s hunter ed classes in SHELBY, JEFFERSON, and PICKENS Counties! Click here:

If you see a SPOTTED SKUNK - even if it's dead on the road - email photos and location details to:

If you aren't enjoying our Public Fishing Lakes RIGHT NOW you need to be!! Find one near you at

ONE LAST WALLOW ~~ Rabbit season ends tomorrow! Django is reveling in his last weekend running rabbits for his master Kenny Smith. Rabbits are in the bag and he’s ready to COOL OFF!

REGISTER NOW for upcoming HUNTER ED CLASSES! 📝 Spring turkey season is right around the corner! If you were born on or after August 1st, 1977, you must complete an approved hunter education program before being eligible to hunt. Classes are interactive and fun! Topics include: treestand and firearm safety, ethics, conservation, and wildlife management. Click here for the schedule of traditional classes:

The COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING, INTRO TO FISHING, and READING THE WOODS classes began at 1:30pm today. 🎣 BOW WEEKEND is underway! 🛶 Click here for info on the BOW Program:

Here we ~ BOW ~ again!! Kicking off another weekend of outdoor adventures with the BECOMING AN OUTDOORS-WOMAN program. This weekend’s participants will learn frontier skills, shotgun and pistol handling, self defense, fishing, boating, and much more! Click here to learn more about what’s offered and plan to join us in October if you missed this weekend:

No time in the woods is wasted! They ended up with no squirrels in the bag, but recent squirrel hunt participants learned a lot about the woods from CEO Bill Freeman: shown here teaching about this buck rub.

Late winter is an excellent time to target TROPHY LARGEMOUTH BASS. One 10 pounder and a stringer of three fish over 6 lbs. each were recently caught at Bibb County Public Fishing Lake. Click here to learn more about this place and GO:

Today the sun sets on a successful BOBWHITE QUAIL season for Jake Sasser, grandson of retired DWFF Wildlife Biologist Mark Sasser. This photo is from a recent quail hunt in Baldwin County with his Dad and his bird dog JJ. Quail season ends today! Click here to learn about managing your property to encourage quail: Note: The shotgun is broken open over the shooter's shoulder and rendered safe.

REGISTER NOW — for this free wildlife management workshop in Cullman County on March 10th. Property owners will learn ways to improve wildlife habitat on their land and get a good lunch, too!

WILDLIFE WEDNESDAY ! We've got some woeful wildlife for you today, and a more difficult quiz! 1.) What SPECIES is this? 2.) What affliction causes this crust?! EDIT: Eastern Wild Turkey with avian pox! See comments for photo and explanation.

231 young outdoorsmen attended the BARBOUR COUNTY YOUTH HUNT. Commissioner Christopher Blankenship stopped by and assisted at the skeet range. Officers Aaron Green, Wes Croy, Larry Doster, Dan Quincey, Mike Heath, Sergeant Aurora Thomas, and CEO Freeman manned several stations for the event. Fifteen students from Auburn University also assisted in making this event a success. Small game hunting is a great way to get young people involved in the outdoors - squirrel and rabbit seasons continue through March 4th.

The UGLY truth about a PRETTY tree

TUESDAY TIP ~ Remember that forest squirrels aren't as tolerant of humans as those you see in parks and around your home. If you are going into the woods to squirrel hunt (without a dog) or for wildlife watching or photography, be sure to ease around quietly. If the woods seems absent of squirrels, have a seat and give the area about 20 minutes to "wake up." Woodland squirrels are very wary of predators and if you want to see them you'll have to minimize your noise and movement.

NATIONAL ARCHERY IN THE SCHOOLS PROGRAM! The Alma Bryant Regional was last week: 1st Elementary Division - Dixon ES 1st Middle School Division- Saraland MS 1st High School Division - Alma Bryant HS CONGRATULATIONS ARCHERS! 🏆🎯

Here’s the 2019-20 AL WATERFOWL STAMP WINNER! 🥇🦆 Kirk Wickizer of Huntsville got 1st place with this rendition of a Red-breasted Merganser. Click here to learn more about the winning contest entry:

Get your flashlights out for some night fishing at Leon Brooks Hines (Escambia County) Public Fishing Lake (PFL). This PFL will be open for night fishing March 1-3, 2018

Join us for a TURKEY HUNTING SAFETY SEMINAR tonight in Pike Road!