Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division

  • Agency: Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division
  • Address: 64 N Union Street, Suite 584, Montgomery, 36130-1457 AL
  • Chief:
Phone: 334-242-3469
Fax: 334-242-3032

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division is located at 64 N Union Street, Suite 584, Montgomery, 36130-1457 AL. The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division phone number is 334-242-3469.

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division News

Who’s going out after squirrels today?!

GREAT HUNTING OPPORTUNITY for those of you who have a physical limitation! Click here to learn more about how to register:

📲 DOWNLOAD the NEW Outdoor Alabama APP! You can use it to quickly access rules and regulations, to show your hunting and fishing licenses, and many other useful features! This app is NEW and replaces last year’s app.

We are sponsoring a portion of the NATIONAL TRAPPERS ASSOCIATION CONVENTION next month in Rainsville. Click here to learn more about attending this event:


WILDLIFE WEDNESDAY - TAKE 2 🎬 The earlier quiz was bought to a screeching halt after an unexpected correct answer came in right away. So, let’s try another quiz! WHAT SPECIES IS SHOWN HERE? EDIT; Eastern Fence Lizard!

Lots of excited families were eager to tour a Game Warden’s boat and other equipment at yesterday’s NIGHT OF HEROES in Prattville. They also met one of our tracking dogs - skilled at finding evidence, missing persons, and poachers.

WILDLIFE WEDNESDAY! Quiz! We hope you can’t guess it! What species does this eye belong to? EDIT: Since Perry got it right on the first guess, we’re going to post a new quiz later today. This one was a bust! 😄

Exciting scenes from the Monroe County Youth Dove Hunt!

TUESDAY TIP - YOUR TURN! Please give us your best DOVE HUNTING TIP. Asking for a friend.

A great opportunity to bring the family to visit our Officers this evening at the NIGHT OF HEROES! Prattville!

Officer Bill Freeman visited AU’s Wildlife Society meeting last night to discuss our agency, new programs and opportunities, SEAFWA/MINRC conferences, and wildlife diseases. It’s always exciting to see the next crop of conservationists!

If we had a die-hard hunter award, this group would get it! They were dove hunting yesterday afternoon on the Sam R Murphy WMA. The group got caught out in a thunderstorm and had to briefly take cover under a barn near the field. Even though they were drenched from head to toe , they were all smiles after some great family hunting time!

We’ll be there! Register here to join us:

MANAGEMENT AREA MONDAY! This field, knowns as the "Cherry Field," is located in the river swamp at the Fred T. Stimpson SOA in Clarke County. It had been mowed and hayed for several years, and we burned it in January. Rather than investing the time and resources to bush hog, it was burned while the grass was dormant. The purpose of the burning is to stimulate growth of native plant species. Much of the field had been planted to Bahia Grass in the past, and there was some Eastern Gamma Grass in the field before the fire. As expected, the fire stimulated more growth and released other native plant seeds. The last picture is how the field looks today. NICE!!

SEEKING INFO on who shot an arrow through this Red-tailed Hawk. Call 1-800-272-GAME any time 24/7 to anonymously report any tips. Hawk is currently in the Hartselle area (Morgan County). Hawks are protected by state and federal laws. Most sportsmen make good, ethical choices, and don’t like to see when others choose not to. When we received a report about this bird yesterday afternoon, we immediately reached out to a community of sportsmen for assistance: Alabama falconers. A member of the Alabama Hawking Association was on scene within an hour - attempting to capture the hawk for medical treatment. Falconers are hunters that have a special interest in birds of prey, and the knowledge and equipment to attempt safe capture. Special thanks to Travis Ulbrich for his efforts to catch the hawk, AHA members for their continued efforts today, and to the person who reported the injured bird. This hawk HAS NOT YET been captured. We will post updates as available - please REPORT any leads and help us find who is responsible. All info is kept ANONYMOUS. 1-800-272-GAME

Willie Bozeman with a mess of doves he’s going to cook up for supper tonight! Who else had a good weekend on doves?

When they’re still smiling as they drive away, you know it was a good day! Lots of happy dove hunters at Cahaba WMA yesterday.

The YOUTH DOVE HUNT today in Dallas County went very well! Who else took their kids dove hunting today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

We’re just gonna go ahead and declare that FALL IS HERE! Maybe you’re going to be out after dove or teal today - or maybe you’re ready to take your HUNTER EDUCATION COURSE like these 28 students in Bullock County. Click here to find out about more classes:

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IT’S A TEAL TEST! 📚 Special TEAL SEASON opens tomorrow! Can you ID which of these are TEAL and which are NOT? Answers to all 3 pics will be posted in the comments at 9pm tonight.

Ready for some serious predator management on your property? Take note of these TRAPPING WORKSHOP dates. Registration opens on October 1st. 🐕

Here’s another millet field at Cahaba WMA. We have 12 fields like this on three sites for doves. They are all looking good. 😁 If you plan to dove hunt at Cahaba, please note that you may hunt Cahaba only on WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS during the state season (from 12:00 noon until sunset). No hunting on days of scheduled youth, gun, and primitive weapons deer hunts. No open season on the Cahaba River Refuge. More info: