Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 714 1/2 Greensboro Ave, Tuscaloosa, 35401 AL
  • Chief:
Phone: 205-752-0616

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office is located at 714 1/2 Greensboro Ave, Tuscaloosa, 35401 AL. The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office phone number is 205-752-0616.

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office News

Sheriff Abernathy and the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Imagination Station for the invitation to come speak and spend time with their students.

Sheriff Abernathy congratulates newly promoted Lieutenant Jeremy Franks. Franks is pinned by his wife Jessica with his new lieutenant bars today at the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Abernathy and the men and women of the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve in the military.

The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office is lit in blue as communities across the United States come together during National Police Week—May 13-19—to honor and remember those law enforcement officers who made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as the family members, friends and fellow officers they left behind.

Sheriff Abernathy's statement regarding dismissal of lawsuit: When I was elected Sheriff of Tuscaloosa County, I understood the public position I was taking and that criticism often comes with it. As Sheriff, unwarranted attacks on my character and judgement come with the job, except for intentional, false, misleading and malicious conduct. We trust that the truth will ultimately prevail. After several months of unjust accusations against my office and other Tuscaloosa law enforcement agencies, the truth has indeed finally prevailed. A lawsuit filed against two investigators and me regarding the Megan Rondini suicide has been dismissed. It was dismissed because it was unfounded from the beginning. The investigation that was the subject of the lawsuit has been examined thoroughly and completely by several entities, and actions taken by Sheriff’s Office investigators have been affirmed. After it was investigated, it was heard in its entirety by a Grand Jury. No probable cause that a crime had occurred was found and no indictment was issued. Our actions were questioned and, at my request, the Alabama Attorney General’s Office reviewed the case and approved our investigators’ actions, and the investigative process. Finally, a federal district court decided the case and dismissed all civil litigation against me and against the investigators. This case and the investigation has undergone complete scrutiny, proving beyond any doubt that the accusations previously made against the Sheriff’s Office and our community were completely false. We hope this incident will serve as a lesson to all that social media cannot, and should not, be the venue in which any case is tried, and that social media sites should not be trusted as a reliable source of substantiated information regarding important matters. False allegations made by internet bloggers and certain out of state journalists, and perpetuated by local political hacks have done damage to our community in that some victims have been reluctant to come forward to report cases, fearing that their information will be made known on social media. For those who have facilitated these injustices on Facebook and other sites, civil litigation should be expected, if for no other reason than to prevent this from occurring in the future. Baseless slander directed against innocent parties should be addressed and the offending parties held accountable. Those who perpetuate the false allegations for their own political gain should be held accountable. Their lack of integrity and self-serving disregard for the truth resulted in an unjustified attack on our community and many of its most respected institutions. Our message must be strong and clear, that libelous behavior will not be tolerated.

Yesterday the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff’s Association and the FOP made a donation to Dalton Cron. The donation will go towards Dalton’s second year in the Clemson Life Program. We wish Dalton the best of luck. Pictured from left to right are Sgt. Michael Hall, Lt. Scott Taylor, Dalton Cron, Chief Byron Waid and Sgt. Kenny Abrams.

After attending the Alabama FOP Officer's Memorial service at the Courthouse, Sheriff Abernathy honored Tuscaloosa County fallen deputies today with the unveiling of a memorial wall in front of the Sheriff's Office. Four fallen Sheriff's deputies are honored for their ultimate sacrifice in the service of the citizens of Tuscaloosa County.

The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the people that attended the Citizens Firearms Class on Saturday, April 28,2018. These classes are put on by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office one Saturday a month starting in March going through October. The classes are held at the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Training Facility and are free and with lunch provided. You can come by the sheriff’s office and pick up an application for the class and turn it in for approval. Spaces are limited so be sure to complete the applications as soon as possible. Here are a few pictures from the class on 4/28/18.

Sheriff Abernathy and the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office would like thank Lieutenant Andy Norris for his years of service at the sheriff’s office. Today Lieutenant Norris along with family and friends celebrated this big day together. Thank you again for your years of service protecting and serving the citizens of Tuscaloosa County.

Never know who you are going to run into at the Safe Kids Safety Fair!! Come join us today at the Northport Civic Center from 10am-1pm!!

Come out and join us at the annual Safe Kids Safety Fair at the Northport Civic Center from 10am-1pm today. Lots of free stuff being given away, and don’t miss out on the dunking booth and bouncy house!!!

The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Holt Elementary “Boost Program” for the invitation to talk with some of their kids today. Members of the Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit, Pilot Don Wood and Tactical Flight Officer Mike Sanders spoke with the kids about their responsibilities with the aviation unit.

Sheriff Abernathy and the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Tim Harrison and Harrison Construction for their donation of the T.C.S.O. “Harri Bear”. These bears are given out to children in our community dealing with crisis and traumatic situations.

***SCAM ALERT***Please note that the Sheriff's Office never calls people on the telephone to solicit money or to warn you of impending arrest if you don't pay money. Scammers are still calling area residents demanding money for alleged missed court dates. This is not the Sheriff's Office. The caller ID may even show the Sheriff's Office phone number, but this too is a scam. Callers use spoofing programs to disquise the number they are calling from and can make it appear they are calling from the Sheriff's Office. Please dont be fooled. Please make your friends and family aware of this scam.

Tornado warning for Tuscaloosa County has been cancelled.

Most people in Tuscaloosa County have their eyes to the sky this weekend in anticipation of the 2018 Tuscaloosa Air Show, but we ask that you also be aware of the potential for severe weather today. Unfortunately, today’s air show has been cancelled, but make sure you join us tomorrow as we welcome the Blue Angels to town for a fun filled event at the 2018 Tuscaloosa Air Show!!! Gates open tomorrow at 10AM, the show starts at 12PM.

Could these be future Blue Angel Pilots? Don’t miss out on the 2018 Blue Angels Air Show on Sunday, there is a great time to be had by all!!! This picture was taken during the air show practice run on Friday.