De Witt Police Department

  • Agency: De Witt Police Department
  • Address: 120 Court Square, De Witt, 72042 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-946-2496
Fax: 870-946-1106

De Witt Police Department is located at 120 Court Square, De Witt, 72042 AR. The De Witt Police Department phone number is 870-946-2496.

De Witt Police Department News

National Teen Driver Safety Week October 15 - 21, 2017. For more information go to

Don't forget October 28th is prescription drug take-back day. You can bring your old drugs to the City Hall any time and place them in our collection bin. We will have a collection site at the Fairgrounds during Harvest Fest from 10 am to 2 pm.

After only one day, 3482 people saw my post concerning the speed limit in the school zone. 37 people commented. Almost all report they want zero tolerance. The traffic consists of parents, teachers, bus drivers, and students. Here are the numbers from 16th Street, from Crest Park Circle to the Middle School on 10/10/2017 from 0733 - 0803, 30 minutes of traffic: 18 people were driving 25 or below, 50 people were driving between 26 and 29 mph, 54 between 30 and 34 mph, 14 between 35 and 40 mph, and 3 between 41 and 45. So with zero tolerance that means 121 people are in violation of speeding. There were 22 people who turned right where there is clearly a sign stating no right turns are to be made during this time. So 143 people violated traffic law concerning the school zone. In just 30 minutes. This is why I asked for your opinion. Lead by example.

Survey: Concerning the speed limit in School Zones. As citizens who live here and send your children to school here, and understanding that we give a little, at what speed do you believe we should issue a ticket? 5 over? 8 over? 10 over? 12 over? Faster? No tolerance at all? What do you think?

If you pick up a child at the elementary school in the blue line, you are not supposed to be entering from the highway. You are supposed to enter from liberty Drive to prevent traffic backing up and blocking the highway. Having a line of stopped cars in the highway is dangerous. It is also illegal. Please enter the school correctly.

The Police Department wants to welcome CASA’s new business office to De Witt. We hope the service you provide to our community is successful. CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates, is a volunteer business who provides advocates who get to know foster children and report to the court the child’s wishes concerning their lives in an effort to make a better future for the child. To be a volunteer, call or go by.

September 12th kicks off the 2017 Arkansas County Fair. Thursday the 14th at 4:00 pm is the fair parade. The theme is Red, White, and Blue. Come out to the fair, get some cotton candy and experience a thrill ride! See some exhibits and enjoy a show. See you at the Fair!!

We had a great turnout at Webb's Sporting Goods today. A great big thank you to all who came and supported our cause. Remember, you get your chance to win the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 mm from any Police Officer from now until October 28th when the drawing will be held at the De Witt's Harvestfest!

We are taking donations for a chance to win a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield like the one shown (Donated by Webb's Sporting Goods). We will have them here today at Webb's. 1- $5 or 5 - $20. You can also get them from any Police Officer. Come out and support Webb's Sporting Goods and the De Witt Police Department. Drawing to be held at the Fall Festival October 28th.

We are having a Bake sale at Webb's Sporting Goods. Webb's is having a HUGE tent sale! (Giving them a plug since they were kind enough to give us a spot). Goods are going fast so come on out.

The De Witt Police Department would like to remind everyone that Arkansas County has many pipelines. Call 811 before you dig! Emergency Contacts Pipelines are the safest and most reliable way to transport natural gas, crude oil and other energy products. However, if an emergency occurs near or involving a pipeline, it is critical response agencies in your community know how to respond and are prepared to work together with pipeline operator representatives. The first step is communication. In the rare event you do experience a pipeline emergency, immediately go to a safe location. Call 911, and then call Enable Midstream using the phone number on the pipeline marker at the site. Please keep these numbers on hand for your reference. In Case of a Pipeline Emergency Call: Enable Midstream Partners 1-800-474-1954 Enable Gas Transmission Pine Pipeline Enable Mississippi River Transmission 1-800-325-4005 Enable Illinois Intrastate Transmission Enable Oklahoma Intrastate Transmission 1-800-522-8048 Enable Gas Gathering Enable Bakken Crude Services 1-701-842-6916

DRIVE SOBER OR GET PULLED OVER A national initiative in an attempt to prevent or catch drunk driving. The De Witt Police Department will be participating in this event from August 18th until September 3rd. Always have a designated driver and Please drink responsibly. As the ad from yesteryear says; “The life you save may be your own.”

De Witt Police Department is proud of these two new Police Academy graduates. Great job guys!

August is HOT! KOOL THE KIDS Come to the square August 1st, 2017 at 5 pm And COOL OFF! There will be hot dogs, chips, and drinks. Sponsored by The City of De Witt, De Witt Volunteer Fire Department and CenterPoint Energy.

The De Witt Police Department would like to send our sincerest condolences to the family of Mr. Mark Bradley and the White Hall Police Department. He was a good man and my friend. He will surely be missed. We ask God's blessings on his family and friends.

The De Witt Police Department is honored to present Life Saving Awards to Officer Alex Tuck and Deputy Taylor Roush. These two Officers went above and beyond the call of duty. Mr. Richard "Rerun" Owens had a dialysis port rupture in his leg causing an arterial bleed. This type of blood loss can kill you in just a few minutes. These officers stopped the bleeding with a tourniquet and stabilized Mr. Owen before EMS arrived. Well done guys. We are proud of you.

The De Witt Police Department is asking for your help. The person in this video took all of the money an elderly woman had in her bank account. If you can identify the person or car or both in this video, please contact us at any of the following: De Witt Police Department 870-946-2122, or Your identity will be kept confidential. We thank you in advance.

If you have community service for the De Witt District Court, there will be service this weekend 07/01/2017 beginning at 8 am. Please make sure you attend.

DeWitt has a new Drivers License Examiner Mrs. Terri will be here every Wednesday, Driving part of test is at 8:30am and Written part of test is at 12:30pm. If you are under 18 you will need the Form from School, a parent or Legal Guardian to sign and your Original Birth Certificate.

HAPPY EMS WEEK!! If you know an EMT or Paramedic or a First Responder, thank them for their service to this and other communities. They provide a service we cannot live without. From the De Witt Police Department, we thank you for enduring day after day in a thankless job. You are truly appreciated.

Summer is almost here. Schools will be taking a break, families will be planning and taking vacations, and the highways will be filling up with travelers. Beginning May 22nd and continuing through June 4th Law Enforcement across the entire state will be strictly enforcing seat belt use because accidents happen. We want you to survive with as few injuries as possible should you become involved in an accident and seat belts are proven to do this. Please be safe and choose to wear your seat belt when you are in the vehicle. Let’s have a great and safe summer!!

After 32 years of giving driver's license exams for the Arkansas State Police in De Witt, Brenda Phillips is retired. If you got your driver's license today you got the last one she will ever give! Happy retirement!