Centerton Police Department

  • Agency: Centerton Police Department
  • Address: 220 Municipal Dr, Centerton, 72719 AR
  • Chief: Lance Johnson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 479-795-4431
Fax: 479.795.0124

Centerton Police Department is located at 220 Municipal Dr, Centerton, 72719 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Lance Johnson. The Centerton Police Department phone number is 479-795-4431.

Centerton Police Department News

Here is some good information from the State Police.

We are hiring!!!!

***LEVEL III SEX OFFENDER NOTIFICATION*** This is a notification to alert our citizens that a level III sex offender is moving into our city. This individual is not wanted and has already served time for his crime. This is simply to alert the citizens in the area which he lives.

***ATTENTION*** We are hiring on our civilian side in our Police Clerk's office. Please see the attached photos for a description and how to apply.

***CAPTURED*** We would like to thank everyone that sent in a tip on the identity and whereabouts of Mickey Hufford. He was arrested last night after he fled in a vehicle from officers from another jurisdiction. The power of Facebook is truly amazing and we thank all of you for the continued support and help.

Good Morning, We wanted to put out a warning to our residents regarding phone scams. We have been receiving reports of scams via threatening phone calls. There is not a government entity that will call you and request money or bank information over the phone. Feel free to contact the Police Department for verification if you receive one of these calls.

Everybody meet Cooper. Cooper went door to door in his neighborhood and raised the rest of the money needed to purchase Zorro' s new vest. Thank you Cooper for being the good hearted young man that you are. It means more to us than you will ever know. #cooperforthewin #bulletproofpuppy #newvest #ellengetthiskidonyourshow Ellen DeGeneres

Thank you for your support of the Centerton Police Department.

***update*** Suspect has been arrested

A huge thank you to the Ortiz family for providing lunch for the officers working the drug take back event today. We appreciate it more than you know. Please go by and check out their fresh inventory. And thank you again for supporting the Centerton Police Department.

Help save a life by turning in your expired or unused prescription medications on April 28th, 2018. Please see attached flyer for further details.

"Driving high? Kiss your license goodbye!" The Centerton Police Department along with several other local and state agencies will be taking part in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) drugged driving enforcement campaign this weekend. Between April 20-22 officers will be out looking for impaired drivers with an emphasis on those driving under the influence of drugs.

Please see the attached flyer and help the Lincoln Jr High School students with their fundraiser. Location of the event will be at the Centerton City Hall community room.

Sandwich artists from the wizarding world of Which Wich stopped by the Police Department today to drop off some tasty sandwiches for the officers. They also said that if you mention this post while ordering your meal this Thursday, April 12th, 2018 you'll get a free meal upgrade. Sandwiches for us, free advertising for them, free meal upgrade for you. They may be on to something here. 🤔

Seriously though.... when will our waffle house be here??? We hungry!!! #whycantwestopthinkingaboutwaffles #girlwefeelyourpain #mondaymorningwaffleblues Waffle House

Another drug bust in the books. Keep it out of Centerton or we are going to find it. #wewontstop #anotherdayanotherdopearrest #ifyouwantyourmethseizedcallusup #methisbad #mustbewalterwhitescousin #cpdforthewin

Please see below for information regarding tomorrow’s activities at Bentonville West High School: "BWHS Parents: This week, some of our students will be asked to experience a profound automobile accident simulation, illustrating real consequences of driving while distracted or under the influence. On Thursday, April 5, Bentonville West High School juniors and seniors will watch a short video describing the moments leading up to a fatal crash. They will then be escorted to the parking lot, where Centerton Police, Centerton Fire, Bentonville EMS, the Benton CountyCoroner, Bentonville Towing and Northwest Medical staff will be working to assist and remove actors from actual automobiles. In addition to being a valuable teaching opportunity for our students, our community, public safety partners are using this as a training session. Please note that there will be police cars, fire department vehicles, ambulances, a coroner vehicle and a medi-evac helicopter on and around the BWHS campus during the simulation. After “patients” are removed from the simulated accident scene, students will watch a second video to learn how decisions, leading up to the crash, affected those involved. They will also participate in a Q&A discussion with the actors and emergency personnel. Bentonville Schools is grateful to its community partners for their support of this project."

April is child abuse prevention month. This afternoon, members of the Centerton Police Department, members of the Children's Advocacy Center of Benton County, and volunteers from our community put out 380 pinwheels in front of the Centerton Police Department. These pinwheels represent the 380 confirmed child abuse cases in Benton County last year. Even though the number is down from 2016, one case is too many. Also a big thank you to Lance Johnson of Centerton Parks and Recreation for prepping the grounds last minute for this event. #empoweringchildren #cacpinwheels #childabusepreventionmonth

Please say a prayer for all of the officers and troopers involved.

When will they learn that we don't allow this type of behavior in our city? And before someone says "it's just pot" there were more methamphetamine related items seized than marijuana related items. #justdontdodrugs #notevenonce #drugsarebadmkay

Officers with the Centerton Police Department made a traffic stop on a passenger vehicle on Highway 102 this morning. During the traffic stop, K9 Officer Zorro was called in for back up. We must say that he did an outstanding job today locating all three of the major food groups; DRUGS, MONEY, and GUNS. This resulted in the arrest of three individuals for felony charges. Also, the firearm located was found to be stolen out of Oklahoma. Great job to all of the officers involved, especially K9 Officer Zorro.