Pea Ridge Police Department

  • Agency: Pea Ridge Police Department
  • Address: 293 S Curtis, Pea Ridge, 72751 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (479) 451-8220
Fax: (479) 451-1681

Pea Ridge Police Department is located at 293 S Curtis, Pea Ridge, 72751 AR. The Pea Ridge Police Department phone number is (479) 451-8220.

Pea Ridge Police Department News

Tonight's training required our first responders to demonstrate patient assessment, splinting and some basic first aid skills with back boarding.

It was time for the guys to do their annual driving course today.

Today the Pea Ridge Fire Department performed a control burn of a structure. When we say DO NOT stay in the house. This is why! The pictures are from the fire. The first picture is of the couch we set on fire at 9:28 am. The second picture is at 9:32 and the final picture is at 10:12 am. Less then an hour from first ignition to the house completely gone. This structure had little furniture in it.

Everyone stop by our Pea Ridge Fire Dept. tent at the Mule Jump Saturday and say Hi. Learn how you can make your home a fire wise home. Just look for the big Fire Wise banner and red fire truck. See you there.

Let’s fill the stands on the 27th.

Big shout out to the Pea Ridge Band Boosters club for delivering to us those awesome Enchiladas and rice. It is very tasty. Thank you.

Thanks to everyone that came out today for the 1st Annual Pea Ridge Fire Department fundraiser tournament. Weather was great! Congrats to all the teams. We will do it again next year and hopes of making it much bigger.

Something we deal with on a daily basis. The longer we are in the profession, the more haunting things we see.

Help us make this a great tournament.

Pea Ridge Fire Department will have our 1st Annual Golf Tournament at Big Sugar Creek on September 1,2017. More info will be posted soon. All proceeds will benefit our Christmas Families and fire department Christmas party. Let's fill this tournament up. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. More information will follow soon.

Freedom fest 2017 firework show

Setting up for the firework show

Local non-profit looking for help.

The things kids talk us into. This is one of our firefighter's that helped out with the library today.

Here's a pretty cool video on fire behavior.

We used a TIC (thermal imagining camera) to search for a hot spot on a house from lightening strike during last night's storm. The TIC is a valuable tool for the fire service as it helps detect even the smallest change in temperature. It appears it entered the house from a gas line attached to the house, close to the crawl space. It was seated in the floor joist and working its way up a wall stud. We had to remove the bricks and black board to get to it. Thanks to all the guys that assisted.

Big Atta Boy to Firefighter/Paramedic Tony Humphrey. He was getting breakfast this morning and smelled natural gas. He checked out the area and found a gas leak at a local restaurant. This could have been a disastrous event. Big thanks Tony.