Pea Ridge Police Department

  • Agency: Pea Ridge Police Department
  • Address: 293 S Curtis, Pea Ridge, 72751 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (479) 451-8220
Fax: (479) 451-1681

Pea Ridge Police Department is located at 293 S Curtis, Pea Ridge, 72751 AR. The Pea Ridge Police Department phone number is (479) 451-8220.

Pea Ridge Police Department News

Keep your calendars marked!!!!! You WONT want to miss this!!!

Happy Father’s Day to our heroes!!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars!! We look forward to seeing you!!!

A BIG Thank You to the GY6ix Project for this generous donation. This group of people are always helping out with something. Thank you guys!

We hope all the Mothers out there had a blessed and special day! We thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

Effective immediately all paper burn permits are no longer required to be obtained from the fire department. Please call CENCOM for all burning needs at 479-451-8220 BEFORE you start burning. They will let you know of any burn bans and obtain all information of items being burned and address of burns.

Pea Ridge Fire Department Call Log 4/22-4/29 15 calls 12 - EMS Calls 2 - MVA Calls 1 - Residential Fire Alarm Call Little slower this week. We are starting to come into warmer weather and motorcycles are hitting the roads. Please watch out for them and likewise for motorcycles. Please watch out for vehicles. On a side note. Little over 3 weeks left of school for the kiddos. Have a safe week folks. 401.

What a great display of team work with pd and school members. Glad we live in such a great city.

This is pretty neat!!

It was another busy week last week. We ran 22 calls from 4/16-4/22. They consisted of 15 EMS Call, 3 Commercial Fire Alarm Calls, 1 Commercial Structure Fire Call, 1 Fire Investigation and 2 MVA Calls. This is all done with volunteer firefighters and part-time EMT and Paramedic's. Thank you to all the PRFD personnel for their time they spend at the department. It is much appreciated.

The responders at PRFD had a busy time last week. We responded to 22 calls from Monday morning till Sunday night. That’s averaging 3 calls per day. Here’s how it broke down. EMS Calls -15, Structure Fire Calls - 3, Grass/Brush Fire Calls - 3, Residential Fire Alarm Calls - 1. Total calls year to date - 228. That’s averaging 2.17 calls per day. That will push us close to 800 calls for 2018, if we continue at this pace. Thank you all the responders that serve the citizens of Pea Ridge. Thank you, 401

Severe weather for our area projected for Friday evening.

Busy day for Pea Ridge and neighboring departments. Pea Ridge alone had 2 medical calls, brush fire call, this house fire call and a fire alarm call. This is as of 6:46 pm. Thank you to all departments for their hard work on this windy day.

***WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY*** for most of the area till noon Saturday. Very light snow accumulation possible this morning and slick roads are possible. Be careful.

We are under a Winter Weather Advisory AND a Freeze Warning!! How many wish THIS was just an April Fools joke!? 😱

Benton County is under a 24 hour burn ban until tomorrow morning March 17 when conditions will be re-evaluated.

🔷DID YOU KNOW!?🔷 Of the fire departments registered: Nine percent are career. Five percent are mostly career. Sixteen percent are mostly volunteer. Seventy-one percent are volunteer.


If you received a fire dues notification and are currently on city water, you do not have to pay the fire due that was sent. A third party sent a out all the fire due notifications and there has been some issues this year. I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing.

🔥 Beginning TUESDAY THIS WEEK, we will be under a FIRE WEATHER WATCH 🔥

“Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” - Billy Graham Are you interested in joining our family? ALL training and equipment is provided at NO cost to you. Positions are volunteer and no experience (though helpful) is necessary: - Volunteer Firefighters - Receptionist - Social Media Team Member

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