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  • Address: 735 S Neeley St, Benton, 72015 AR
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Phone: 501.303.5642
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Saline County Sheriff's Office is located at 735 S Neeley St, Benton, 72015 AR. The Saline County Sheriff's Office phone number is 501.303.5642.

Saline County Sheriff's Office News

GRACIOUS DONATION MADE TO THE SCSO During the spring of 2018, representatives from Rineco Chemical Industries approached the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) and inquired how they could make a donation. Within a few weeks, representatives from Rineco presented a check to Sheriff Rodney Wright for the purchase and training of a new K-9 dog. In May, K-9 Handler Corporal Logan Knight and his new partner, “RINECO”, graduated from Little Rock K-9 Academy. “RINECO” has been trained and is certified in narcotic detection, tracking, building searches and bite-work apprehension. Since graduation, employees at the Rineco facility in Haskell have been raising money through a raffle. Raffle tickets were sold at one dollar each and the winner was given authority to pour a 5 gallon bucket of ice water on the head of a supervisor of their choosing! The employees raised $1,000 and this morning, Rineco president Ernie Walker and Vice President of Operations Ryan Dossey presented Sheriff Wright with a check in that amount. The money will be specifically used to buy a light-weight level III protective vest which “RINECO” can wear throughout his tour of duty. The remainder of the money will be used to purchase K-9 training aids. Below are a few photographs of the event which took place this morning on the grounds of Rineco Chemical Industries in Haskell.

Breaking & Entering at Northside Power On Monday, June 18, 2018, deputies from the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) were dispatched to Northside Power in the 6800 block of Congo Road for a Breaking and Entering. Patrol Division deputies were able to conclude that several items were stolen from company vehicles parked on the lot. It was determined that two suspects were responsible. The suspects used a newer modeled Dodge pick-up truck, quad cab, dark colored, pulling a tandem axel trailer with no gate. The wheels on the trailer did not match. Both suspects were white males, medium height and weight. Attached are photographs taken from a suviellance camera. Anyone with information pertaining to this incident are asked to call the SCSO, Criminal Investigation Division, at 501-303-5609. Callers can remain anonymous if they so chose.

THREE NEW SALINE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE DEPUTIES TAKE OATH Saline County citizens should be honored to have Deputies Timothy Howard, Tre Davis and Brandon Waleszonia standing in place as newly minted members of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO). This was their day to shine. Scores of well-wishers congratulated all 23 graduates from the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy (ALETA) this morning at a ceremony held at Camp Robinson. SCSO Patrol Lieutenant Jeffrey Silk was present and relayed to the newly sworn deputies, “Abide by the Golden Rule, to always treat those you are called to assist as you would wish to be treated; and just as well, treat the subjects of your calls as you would want your family to be treated and offer them the same protections you would tender to your own flesh and blood.” State Representative Dwight Tosh (52nd District) was the Guest Speaker. With nearly four decades of law enforcement experience and a retired Captain with the Arkansas State Police, some of Mr. Tosh’s comments were, “Do not tarnish what you have accomplished by losing sight of who you are when you don your uniform. What you have chosen to do is a mission, a calling, no less, as guardians of the public safety. Do not take the tasks inherent in this noble and distinguished undertaking lightly.” The ceremony ended by the entire 2018A-Central Class taking the solemn oath as sworn officers. May each of these new members of Arkansas’ finest stay safe throughout their careers. To SCSO Deputies Howard, Davis and Waleszonia: Bless you for the extraordinary services you will provide and sacrifices you will make on behalf of our beloved community. NOTE: Deputy Tre Davis finished with the highest academic average (95.6%) and was given special recoginition

PLEASE LOCK YOUR VEHICLES! Thefts from vehicles combine to be one of the most reported crimes in Saline County. These thefts occur in all areas of the county and at all hours of the day. Early in the morning on Thursday, May 31, 2018, there were a number of thefts from vehicles, as well as thefts of vehicles, in the western part of Saline County. Attached to this posting is a video taken on that day. It demonstrates the method of operation of criminals looking for easy targets of opportunities. Several thieves were caught on camera in the Centennial Valley Community. Two of the vehicles seen in this video were stolen from that community earlier in the morning. In last week’s thefts, most of the property stolen from inside of the vehicles involve items left in plain sight. Criminals can very quickly open unlocked doors and steal anything they think would be of value to them. “This clearly demonstrates the reason why the Sheriff’s Office strongly encourages citizens to lock their vehicle’s doors,” said Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) Lieutenant Jeffrey Silk. “Most thieves don’t want to break glass because they don’t want to make noise.” The SCSO urges citizens not to leave valuables in a vehicle, especially in plain view. They also encourage windows to be to be completely closed. The most common items stolen from vehicles include: GPS devices Laptop and electronic devices Purses Tools Handguns If you know anything about the Centennial Valley thefts, please contact the SCSO 501-303-5609. Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division are currently working with neighboring law enforcement agencies on these thefts.



BEAUTY OF THE SALINE RIVER MUST BE PRESERVED Cherry Gingles Demuth Park was established nearly a decade ago after family members donated several acres of land to the City of Benton in honor of Mrs. Gingles. Mrs. Gingles enjoyed the Saline River as a child, teenager and adult and when she passed away, her family members felt it would be fitting to donate land along the Saline River where families could enjoy the outdoors. The park is inside the City of Benton, at the end of Henry Street past Sunset Lake Mobile Home Park. The family member(s) who donated the land have recently raised concerns about the overall condition of the park. Since being notified of these concerns, the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) has taken a proactive approach and have been working closely with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) and the Arkansas Department of Corrections. The following has already been accomplished: • Graffiti has been removed • All of the trash has been picked up and removed • The roads have been graded and are now level • The SCSO has met with KARK reporters and a “before” story has been aired • The SCSO will be meeting with the same KARK reporter and an “after” story will be aired Sheriff Rodney Wright remains determined to follow through with his commitment that in addition to taking steps to clean-up the park, there will also be an increased presence of law enforcement units, beginning Memorial Day weekend. Starting Friday, members of the Select Enforcement Unit (SEU), the Patrol Division shifts on duty as well as officers from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will be stepping up patrol in that area. Deputies from the SCSO and officers from the AGFC have the authority to enforce Arkansas Criminal Laws, as well as AGFC Regulations, in/around the Cherry Gingles Park. SCSO deputies are permitted to write citations under AGFC Regulations for: AGFC 19.01 Activities Prohibited Where Signs are Posted • This includes drinking of alcohol • It is a Class I violation with a fine of $100 - $1,000 • A citation can be written and a court date for Saline County District Court will be provided AGFC 19.03 Motorized Vehicle Restrictions • This includes the riding of ATVs on AGFC land • Yellow signs have been clearly posted throughout the park by AGFC • It is a Class I violation with a fine of $100 - $1,000 • A citation can be written and a court date for Saline County District Court will be provided • NO points will be administered as this is NOT a moving violations • The ATV can be towed at the owner’s expense The SCSO and AGFC want to keep this park clean so it can be enjoyed by families for years to come. Attached are before and after photos as well as several ariel photpgraphs.

Arrest of Sunday Morning’s Shooter Collaborating with local, as well as Federal agencies, Ricky ASHLEY was arrested last evening after a short foot pursuit in Little Rock. Members of the United States Marshal Service (USMS), Eastern Arkansas Fugitve Task Force, working closely with Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) and Little Rock Police Department ,received information from concerned citizens that ASHLEY was in a specific area of Little Rock last night at approximately 10:00 pm. Officers from the Little Rock PD and Task Force Officers from the USMS spotted ASHLEY and quickly made the arrest. ASHLEY was transported to the SCSO Detention Center where he is being held on a warrant for Aggrevated Assault. The victim in that case remains in serious condition at an area hospital. SCSO Sheriff Rodney Wright would like to thank all of the agencies who particpated in this search and apprehension. Equally, he would like to thank the media for posting ASHLEY’s photograph and the public for their support and assistance in notifying law enforcement of ASHLEY’s whereabouts.

ARREST OF SHANNON HILLS MAYOR MIKE KEMP This morning deputies from the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) arrested Tommy Mike KEMP, without incident, on Allen Road in Shannon Hills. KEMP was arrested on a warrant, charging him with Burglary, Theft and Criminal Trespassing. Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division are actively working this case. Due to the fact that this is an active investigation, the SCSO will not comment further.

Shooting on Chicot Road Shortly after 8:00 am on Sunday, May 13, 2018, Patrol Division deputies from the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) were dispatched to the 13000 block of Chicot Road for a shooting. Upon arrival and after securing the scene, Emergency Medical Services personnel treated one victim and transported him to an area hopsital. Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Divison (CID) responded to both the scene as well as the hospital and the investigation is on-going. An arrest warrant has been issued for Ricky ASHLEY, B/M, 48 years of age from Mabelvale for Aggrevated Assault. ASHLEY should be considered armed and dangerous and if anyone has information as to his whereabouts, they are urged to call 911. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE CONTACT!

WATER SAFETY AND INCREASED ENFORCEMENT AT LOCAL SWIMMING HOLES Swimming in unprotected waters is dangerous. Even an experienced and/or well-trained swimmer can encounter sudden emergencies. Basic Underwater Demolition School lasts 6 months at the Naval Special Warfare Training Center in Coronado, California. From the first day in the pool, these aspiring elite warriors are told that, “Murphy is alive and well and whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” Whether a U.S. Navy SEAL operating in waters thousands of miles away from America or a Bauxite High School teenager cooling off on a warm summer day at a local man-made quarry....dangers are still present! Things can, and will, happen very quickly. Unfortunately the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) was on scene last year at a tragic event which unfolded at a “Blue Hole” near Bauxite. Knowing that if rescued soon after going unconscious in cool water, there is still a chance for survival. Fire/Rescue personnel went over and above the call of duty that day while searching the waters of the “Blue Hole”. There was a very sad ending to that incident. One that no police officer, fire service personnel, EMT, coroner or chaplain want to experience again. During the hot weather, going for a swim can be a temptation. But any lake, quarry, waterway or “Blue Hole” can hold hidden dangers. “Blue Holes” were never designed for swimming and are unsafe. They are full of hidden rocks, fallen trees and unstable ledges. The depths fluctuate suddenly and the water visibility is poor. If called to swimmers in these “Blue Holes”, the SCSO will have a zero-tolerance policy. The intent of the SCSO in arresting, citing or warning trespassers is based 100% on keeping the violators safe. By notifying the public through our SCSO website, our Facebook page, the media and through the schools, our hope is deter young folks from exposing themselves to the dangers associated with swimming in unprotected waters,

DUI CHECKPOINTS The Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) will be conducting impaired-driving checkpoints throughout the county during the month of May. The checkpoints will run from late evenings thru early morning hours, primarily during the weekends. Sheriff Rodney Wright asks drivers to obey the speed limits, travel at a safe distance from the car in front of you, wear seat-belts and make sure your passengers are properly belted in and always signal when turning or changing lanes and when taking an exit. Keep yourself and others safe by putting the phone down and out of sight while driving. Never consume alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel.

The 15th National Prescription Drug Take Back event is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, April 28, 2018. This year’s Take Back Event is dedicated to the memory of Tristan Thomas who tragically passed away from an overdose on June 18, 2017. You can read more about Tristan and what his family is doing to “reduce the rate of addiction and overdose in Arkansas and around the country.” Deputies will be standing by at the Saline County Sheriff’s Office, 735 S. Neeley Street, Benton, Arkansas from 8:00am through 2:00pm

HELP NEEDED IN IDENTIFYING AUTO THEFT SUSPECT The Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) is investigating the theft of an F-350 utility truck stolen from a construction site in the 4700 block of Sloan Drive. The vehicle was property of a construction company and was equipped with a GPS tracking device. The vehicle was tracked to a Murphy Oil Gas Station in Cabot, Arkansas. The vehicle was recovered by law enforcement personnel in Cabot, but the suspect was not arrested. Attached to this posting is a photograph taken from a security camera at the Murphy Oil Gas Station in Cabot. This subject is believed to have been the driver of the stolen F-350. If anyone can help provide information as to the identity of the person shown in this photograph, they are asked to contact the Criminal Investigation Division of the SCSO, specifically Detective Michael Bowden, at 501-303-5609.

PLEASE DRIVE SAFE! In addition to Arkansas, five other states are joining together for a weekend Drug Impaired Driving Campaign from April 20-22, 2018. The Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) will be participating in this campaign. Sheriff Rodney Wright urges all citizens and visitors of Saline County to drive responsibly.

High Speed Pursuit Ends Safely

DEPUTY TYLER LOVELL SWORN IN AS SALINE COUNTY'S NEWEST DEPUTY Deputy Tyler Lovell graduated from the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy (ALETA) on Friday, April 13th, and is the newest sworn deputy in the Saline County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Lovell called 10-8 (in-service) yesterday, assigned as unit 642, under the supervision of Sergeant Everette Davis. Sheriff Rodney Wright praised Deputy Lovell’s work ethic while attending ALETA. In Deputy Lovell’s ALETA class, he finished in the top three in Physical Fitness and Firearms, while finishing with a 91% average in Academics. The Saline County Sheriff’s Office is honored to have Deputy Lovell wearing their uniform. Sheriff Wright (l), Deputy Tyler Lovell (c) and Chief Deputy Jay Fitzpatrick (r) are pictured below.

Sheriff Wright and Lt. Dodson - Interview with Channel 4 regarding DWI efforts in Saline County.

DWI CHECKPOINTS The good news is that alcohol and drug-related traffic fatalities are at an all-time low. The bad news is that impaired driving fatalities account for 38 percent of all motor vehicle deaths. That's one person killed every 33 minutes and one person injured every two minutes. Law enforcement has come a long way in the battle against impaired driving, but it continues to be serious problem. Our road to success has been a long, steady climb. By working together with other law enforcement agencies in Saline County, the number of impaired driving incidents has declined. Among the many methods of enforcement, two of the most effective tools for law enforcement agencies are sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols. THE SALINE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE WILL BE WORKING CLOSELY WITH NEIGHBORING LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AND CONDUCTING SOBRIETY CHECKPOINTS THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF MARCH. Drink and drive in Saline County and our deputies will show you some new bars.

SCHOOL THREAT FOUND TO BE NOT CREDIBLE In response to a recent threat toward Sheridan High School that has been circulating: Both the Sheridan Police Department (SPD) and Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) take all threats against our community seriously. Yesterday evening concerned parents began contacting the SPD and SCSO about social media posts indicating a threat at “SHS”. Immediately, officers from the SPD contacted the SCSO sergeant on duty and began providing details of the parents’ concerns. Because many school-aged students who live in the eastern part of Saline County attend schools in the Sheridan District, it was important to work this investigation in a collaborative manner. Detectives from the SCSO Criminal Investigation Division, as well as employees from Juvenile Services, were notified and responded to the Sheriff’s Office where everyone was briefed. At the same time, officers from the SPD were keeping school and public officials advised of updates. Detectives, Deputies, Officers and Juvenile Service employees followed up leads throughout the evening and well into the early morning hours. There is evidence that the original social media post that started this incident was hoaxed, but the Sheridan Police Department, the Saline County Sheriff’s Office and Sheridan School District officials have taken appropriate security measures and there is a police presence at area schools. It does not appear that this hoax originated from anyone in Saline County, Grant County or even Arkansas. It is believed that this post was shared, and then shared several more times, but originated from a state several hundred miles away from Arkansas. Investigators have made contact with the law enforcement agency from that state and that jurisdiction and leads are being followed up. Sheridan Police Chief Adams and Saline County Sheriff Wright would like to thank all of the parents who contacted law enforcement yesterday. It is exceedingly important to adhere to: SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING! Both law enforcement agencies immediately responded and dedicated a large amount of manpower to follow-up all leads to this potential threat. Although there is a police presence at the Sheridan School District today, parents, teachers, students and the community should know that this threat was quickly addressed, investigated and it has been determined that there was no criminal intent by anyone in our area to cause harm at the school.

PUBLIC SUPPORT PAYS OFF! Individuals (identities withheld at their request) contacted the Saline County 911 Center yesterday to provide the location of missing person James Herndon. CID Detective Michael Bowden was immediately notified and the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) is pleased to report that Mr. Herndon has been located and is in a safe environment. Sheriff Rodney Wright would like to thank all of the citizens who contacted the SCSO’s Criminal Investigation Division with information, but would like to especially thank the two individuals who contacted the 911 Center to report Mr. Herndon’s current whereabouts.

PUBLIC'S HELP REQUESTED The Saline County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) is currently investigating a missing person from the Alexander area. Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Divsision (CID) have asked for help in locating Mr. James Herndon. Mr. Herndon is a white/male, 40 years of age, 5'10", 145 lbs with brown hair, with a beard and a mustache. He was reported missing last Thursday evening near Alexander.. If anyone can assist, it would be greatly appreciated if they contacted the SCSO, Detective Bowden, at 501-303-5606 (M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm) or 501-303-5647 (non-emergency 24 hour). Citizens can also call 911 if they feel the information they have is in need of immediate attention.

SCSO AND ASP GUEST STAR IN THE “ALF” SHOW Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) Corporal Logan Knight and Arkansas State Police (ASP) Corporal Quinn Best visited the 3rd grade class at Harmony Grove Elementary School this morning. Although both officers are good looking and extremely bright, it was K-9 “Alf” who stole the show. Principal Donaldson had notified the SCSO that 3rd grade students recently completed a chapter in Social Studies focusing on police and the use of police K-9 dogs. Corporal Knight and Corporal Best showed about 75 students how K-9 units can search for missing people, sniff out narcotics and be trained to bite and release. Corporal Knight brought his Golden Retriever, “Alf”. “Alf” is a dual-purpose K-9 trained in tracking and trained in narcotics detection. “Alf” is passive and very friendly. The 3rd grade students got a chance to watch “Alf” work in detecting narcotics. They were told by Corporal Knight and Corporal Best that police K-9 dogs are rewarded by praise and are often rewarded with a play-toy. “Alf” has been trained that when successful drug sniffs are conducted, he gets rewarded by his handler, Corporal Knight, who tosses him a tennis ball. Corporal Knight hid a small bag of marijuana inside of a podium on the stage and demonstrated how “Alf” uses his nose to detect the smell of the drug. Once “Alf” alerted twice, Corporal Knight tossed the tennis to him and praised him. At the end of the presentation, any student who wished to meet and greet “Alf” was permitted to pet him. A few students were apprehensive in getting near “Alf” and those students sat down with Corporal Knight individually and were able to ask as many questions as they wished. All of the students seemed to enjoy the presentation and meeting with “Alf”. To make the event an even bigger success, ASP Corporal Best presented each student with a gift certificate for a free ice cream. KARK 4 television reporter Chanley Painter was present and will air her story at 4:00 pm tonight. Sheriff Rodney Wright would like to thank Principal Donaldson for giving the SCSO and ASP an opportunity to meet the 3rd grade students and help them in the Social Studies class.

SUPER HEROS OF SALINE COUNTY Sheriff Rodney Wright was profiled in SALINE COUNTY LIFESTYLES' magazine this month. Sheriff Wright's interview can be viewed by clicking the below link:

UNWANTED DOOR TO DOOR SOLICITORS Prior to the Christmas holiday through today, the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) has received numerous complaints about individuals going door to door selling cleaning supplies. Whether it is phone calls to the SCSO, emails to the SCSO or phone calls to the 911 Center, citizens of Saline County are very concerned about these individuals going door to door. There are no ordinances which prohibit solicitation in Saline County. For that reason, there is nothing that our deputies can do to stop this conduct. The company that is promoting their products is Kleen-n-Kleen. There is no doubt that the product is of good quality and in no way, shape or form is the Saline County Sheriff’s Office discouraging anyone from buying products from Kleen-n-Kleen. However, if citizens would like to voice an opinion to that company as to the door to door solicitations that are occurring on a daily basis, they are free to contact the company at 1-850-586-0560 or visit their website at