Hampton Police Department

  • Agency: Hampton Police Department
  • Address: 121 N 2nd St, Hampton, 71744 AR
  • Chief: Jeff Jackson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-798-4610
Fax: 870-798-3201

Hampton Police Department is located at 121 N 2nd St, Hampton, 71744 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeff Jackson. The Hampton Police Department phone number is 870-798-4610.

Hampton Police Department News

Update on the two men in the blue van selling steaks and meats. They do have a permit for the city of Hampton. If anyone else comes up please let us know. Thanks

We would like to let the people of Hampton know to be on the look out for people selling things out of there vehicles. If anyone comes to your door trying to sell anything please call 870-798-2323 and we will check it out as soon as possible. Thank you

The City of Hampton will be serving a hot dog lunch at the Fire Department located on Hunt Street from 11 am until 1 pm. Come on by.

Yesterday Officer McGilton visited the kids at Hampton Head Start and gave the kids bags with coloring books and crayons and other stuff. They really enjoyed the police car lights and sirens.

The Hampton Police Department would like to remind the community that it does still have a leash law for dogs. They are getting a lot of complaints of loose dogs out roaming around and bothering other people and their property. So if you have a dog please keep he or she on your property. Thank you. Have a wonderful day and stay safe.

The Hampton Police Department is currently looking to fill one full time patrol officer position. Officers will work an assigned 8 hour shift and will be expected to answer citizen calls for police service, enforce traffic laws of the state of Arkansas, investigate suspicious activity, as well as decisions when to arrest or detain individuals based on investigations at scenes they may be called to or from traffic stops. Officers will also be required to write good, precise incident reports, testify in court, and any other duties deemed necessary by the department. If an applicant who is hired is uncertified, they will be required to attend and pass the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy within 9 months of hire. Also officers will be required to live in the city limits of Hampton, or within 10 miles from the city of Hampton before they can start work. Applicants cannot have any felonies or violent crimes on their background and have a valid Arkansas Driver's License. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to contact Chief Cole Knoedl at 870-798-4610. Any other questions such as pay, vacation and other benefits or any other inquiries can be answered.

Hampton City Police Department would like to ask our followers to invite family and friends to join our page. We would love to reach more citizens of Hampton and help them reach us. Thank you.

We have had several complaints of this issue and are trying hard to assist with this matter. If a vehicle is seen illegally parked please do not hesitate to call. These vehicles usually are not in the spot long, which they think justifies the action, and are difficult to catch. We take calls at 870-798-4061 or from the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office at 870-798-2323. Thank you

Hampton City Police and Calhoun County Deputies are actively out with wind damage and falling trees. We encourage residents to stay inside and off the roadways. Stay safe and away from any down lines. Any concerns call the Calhoun County Sheriffs Office.

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