Chicot County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Chicot County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 513 Main Street, Lake Village, 71653 AR
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Chicot County Sheriff's Office is located at 513 Main Street, Lake Village, 71653 AR. The Chicot County Sheriff's Office phone number is 870-265-8020.

Chicot County Sheriff's Office News

On August 21,2018 at 7:13 PM, Chicot County 911 received a call from 1379 Sixteen Section Road, Lake Village, Arkansas. A man on the line stated that he had accidentally shot his son. Deputy Ashley, Auxiliary Deputy McNemar, Sheriff Nichols,and two ambulances responded to the scene, which Air-Evac was contacted. Upon arrival we found a 14 year old male with gunshot wound to the head. He was air-lifted to UMC in Jackson, Mississippi by Air-Evac. Investigator Tony Booker was contacted immediately, in which he worked the accident scene. The father, Ronnie Nelson, was taken to Chicot County Sheriff's Office for questioning. On Thursday morning at approximately 12:16 AM, Christopher Nelson, died from the gunshot wound he sustained. Due to the circumstances of this case we were unable to release information earlier, thank you for your patience in this matter. Please remember this is an on-going investigation by Chicot County Sheriff's Department. I would just like to ask everyone to pray for this young man and his family, also us at the Chicot County Sheriff Department and the EMS employees. Thanks and May God Bless, Sheriff Ronald Nichols

Johnnie Marie Glass: Thanks Trooper F 39 (Bryson Schulz) for changing my tire this morning.... it has been a long day already. I'm forever thankful Thank you for sharing this with us at Chicot County Sheriff's Department. We are very blessed at Chicot County! Thank you Trooper Schulz!!!

***UPDATE*** The stolen truck has been recovered on Hwy 65 South at the Mason Bridge. It was located just south of the Fish Plant right outside of Eudora, where it had been wrecked. We are still looking for the persons of interest. If anyone has any knowledge or information to this crime, please call us at 870-265-8020. We would like to thank all who has helped in locating and recovery of the truck.

We had a 911 residential burglary call come in at 10:51 PM, Sunday night, on 08/12/18 from 1032 Grand Lake Loop at Readland. Chad Hensley seen someone through the window of his house when he turned into his residence, he pulled around to the back of his house. He encountered a white male with scruffy beard or facial hair, in which they got into an altercation outside the residence. One subject left the residence thru the front door fleeing on foot. The one that Chad had altercation with stole Chad's truck and headed north on Grand Lake Loop. The vehicle stolen is a Silver Ford, 2014 F-150, 4 door, tag number 217WFP. If you see the vehicle please call the Sheriff's Office at #870-265-8020 or 911. If you have any information at all, please call. I would like to express to each and everyone to please watch your surroundings at all times. If you ever feel uneasy about any situation, please don't hesitate to call us. We are here for you at all times. May God Bless, Sheriff Ronald Nichols ***UPDATE*** The stolen truck has been recovered on Hwy 65 South at the Mason Bridge. It was located just south of the Fish Plant right outside of Eudora, where it had been wrecked. We are still looking for the persons of interest. If anyone has any knowledge or information to this crime, please call us at 870-265-8020.

Good morning everyone! I want all to know we are receiving many calls and complaints about a caller who is stating that he is with the Social Security Administration Office. He is stating it is very important that he speaks with you immediately. The name he is using is Shawn Murphy. One of the numbers he has called from is 972-763-9927. I called the young man and identified who I was!!! I asked him why is he calling residents in my County and asking them for personal information!!! He hung upon me, so I kept calling back and calling back to let him know we are onto his scam!!! I will continue to aggravate him too!!! Shows me he is a SCAMMER!!! If Shawn Murphy calls you, stating that he is with Social Security Administration asking you for your personal information, please hang up immediately!!! Do not ever give your personal information, checking account information, or a credit card to anyone calling you, that you haven’t actually contacted them yourself!!! There is so many scams going on and they seem to be preying on a lot of our elderly residents!!! Please get word out to everyone you know, to never share Information on the phone to all these scammers!!! There are many saying you have won something, need your checking account to deposit money in, IRS or we are coming after you!!! We have new ones everyday!! My advice hang up immediately!!! If you have any questions or need help contact my office at 870-265-8020. May God Bless, Sheriff Ronald Nichols

Arkansas Game & Fish Cpl. Doug Starks notified me at approx. 3:30 p.m., 5/15/18 of a abandoned boat found on Grand Lake in Eudora. His examination of the of boat determined it was still at full throttle & was out of gas. After running boat verification number it was determined the boat was registered to Tom Willis Stovall of Fouke, Arkansas 71837. There were several attempts made by game & fish officers to locate a relative of Mr. Stovall. Through a friend officers were able to locate his daughter, who stated that Mr. Stovall was indeed at Grand Lake fishing. I notified my deputies and Sammy Angel of Lake Village Fire & Rescue of the incident, where along with Ark. Game & Fish officers, we began the search for Mr. Stovall. Tom Willis Stovall, age 79, of Fouke Ark., body was recovered from Grand Lake on 5/16/18, he was pronounced dead at the scene at 1:10 p.m. by Deputy Coroner Patrick Hicks & transported to Bishop King Funeral home of Lake Village. Stovall's body has been sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for autopsy to determine the cause of death. I would like to thank all of the agencies involved, especially Lake Village Fire & Rescue. They are all a group of volunteers that give of their time for the good of Chicot County. I would also like to give thanks to Mr. Roger & Mrs. Vickie Hensley, Allen & Antionette Woodall, Vivian, Chester, & Henry Hensley for all that each of you done for the rescue crew members & the family of Mr. Stovall's May God Bless Sheriff Ronald Nichols

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