Conway County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Conway County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 30 Southern Valley Drive, Morrilton, 72110 AR
  • Chief:
Phone: (501) 354-2411

Conway County Sheriff's Office is located at 30 Southern Valley Drive, Morrilton, 72110 AR. The Conway County Sheriff's Office phone number is (501) 354-2411.

Conway County Sheriff's Office News

We wrapped up our last class off building searches last Wednesday and last night. Training included members of the Conway County Sheriff's Office, both Conway County School Resource Deputies, CCSO K9 Dalgo and Morrilton P.D. Sgt. Force and K9 Thor. #ManItWasHot #WeDoThisForYou #PewPew #ThoseLittleSuckersSting #CCSOReady #RunningOnlyMakesYouTiredWhenYouGo2Jail #FurMissle #K9isFasterButTryIt #KoolAidManWasSweatin #JustComeOutBroYouGonnaGetBit

Within 15 minutes of posting the suspect Ram, we had a call that told us exactly where it was presently located and stolen property has been recovered including two stolen puppies. Thanks to everyone who shared and commented to help us reach more people. Also a thanks to Faulkner County Sheriff's Office for assisting on scene. #YouDaBest #OurFollowersRock #QuitStealin #GimmeBackThemPups #KnockItOffCruela

*You guys found it* Great job!* *No further need to share this post* The Conway County Sheriff's Office is looking for your assistance with identifying the owners of this truck. The vehicle was used during a theft in the Plumerville area and may be involved with the white Ford we posted last week. *Truck has been located no further need to share* Pay attention to the damage to the tailgate and upper bed, the rear window is busted and the vehicle has temporary paper license plates. The vehicle also has chrome step bars. If you have information contact Investigator Eoff at 354-2411 or message this page. This can be kept anonymous at request.

Today members of the Conway County Sheriff's Office, CCSO Mounted Patrol, Oppelo Chief Wilson, and Sgt. Brewer from AGFC conducted building search training. This training was conducted in very low light with simulated gunfire. Emphasis was on conducting safe searches and improving communication and teamwork. Almost no one was harmed during this training. We had a good time and are taking the time to improve our skillset for the citizens of Conway County. I think K9 Dalgo had more fun than anyone. #IStepUpInTheBuildingEverybodysHandsGoUp #AndTheyStayThere #ComeOutComeOut #Marco #Polo #DalgoHideNSeekChamp #ChompChomp #NotTyson #DidntBiteThatEar

LOST AND FOUND: It appears that someone lost the below posted item last night at the Country Store in Plumerville. Deputies were notified and did collect it. If you or someone you know lost this, please contact Investigator Baker and come up to the Sheriff's Office to claim it. #FindersKeepersLosersTweakers #ThatsMethedUp #ComeClaimIt #ItsNotATrap

The Conway County Sheriff's Office is seeking assistance with identifying the owner of the vehicle pictured below. This truck was photographed in the area of a theft of a set of wheels that are identical to those below. If you recognize this vehicle or have any information on who may have taken the wheels, please contact Investigator Randall Eoff at the Conway County Sheriff's Office. 501-354-2411 or cell at 501-208-4413

If anyone knows or can identify the below subject, please contact Investigator Ken Eubanks at the Conway County Sheriff's Office. These still photos are from fuel theft at the Hickory Hill Church on Highway 95.

Joshua J Bryant Level 2 Sexual Misconduct 100 Blk E. Rock St Morrilton

Starting tomorrow....

We are thankful to be awarded this for K9 Dalgo. This is an awesome organization providing Narcan kits for K9s all over.

Just a friendly reminder, school will be starting back soon and school zones will become active. We want to ensure the safety of students as well as those traveling through these areas so we will be stepping up and providing extra patrol for speed enforcement at both Nemo Vista and Wonderview School Districts. The reduced speed limit in school zones will be enforced and warnings will be minimal. Remember, the Conway County Courthouse is open 5 days a week for visits, we don't want to have to set an appointment for you.

Someone has got to be missing this guy, he showed up at the Dollar General in Overcup about 30 minutes ago and we aren't sure where it belongs. Please share and let us know if you know where he is missing from.

We would like to thank all those involved with today's Active Shooter Training at Wonderview School District. This training included Conway County Sheriff's Office Administrative, Patrol, CID, Reserve Unit and a Morrilton P.D. SRO in law enforcement capacities. Medical and first responder training included Med-Tech EMS, St. Vincent Volunteer Fire Department, Springfield Volunteer Fire Department, and Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department. This training was organized in conjunction with the Conway County Office of Emergency Managment who also provided simulated dispatch. Though we pray we never have to use the training utilized today, I feel that the county is better prepared now to respond to an event should it take place. Thanks as well to Mark Stogbaugh and Buck Joyner for providing lunch for those training today.

If you know someone who fits this description, please contact the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit.

Gavin Rankin Level: Pending Sexual Indeceny w/a Child 500 Blk Turkey Pond Lp Center Ridge

The Conway County Sheriff's Office will be conducting training at the Nemo Vista School campus tomorrow, Friday July the 20th, in Center Ridge. We would like to make the community aware that there will be several law enforcement vehicles and officers present during this time as part of the training.

***UPDATE*** ***Thank you everyone for the comments and shares, both have been located at this time and are fine. There is no further need to continue sharing the post.***

If your 4th of July celebration includes alcohol be responsible, don't drink and drive. While we're at it, don't drink and fight, drink in public, have open containers or commit any other violations this holiday. It'd be a shame to celebrate Independence Day and freedom while you're locked up....

In all seriousness, we again urge everyone to be safe with their fireworks this year. Try and avoid going to the ER or ending up on YouTube.

The fireworks stands are busy and it's almost time for Independence Day celebrations! We want to take a moment to remind everyone to use caution and be safe while handling fireworks.

The Conway County Sheriff's Office is accepting applications for the Conway County Mounted Patrol’s Search and Rescue Division. The Mounted Patrol is a volunteer branch of the Conway County Sheriff’s Office, the Search and Rescue Division’s primary duties include assisting the Sheriff’s Office in searches for missing persons, disaster response, water rescues and other functions. The Search and Rescue Division is a non law enforcement division, applicants must be at least 18 years of age at time of application. If you are interested in the Conway County Mounted Patrol Search and Rescue, come by the Sheriff's Office to pick up an application. Applications can be picked up at: 30 Southern Valley Drive, Morrilton AR 72110

Ramon Martar 00 Block of Overcup Lake Road Morrilton AR Level: 2 Internet stalking of a child

Clifford Hoyt 700 Block Caruthers Drive Morrilton AR Level: 2 Sexual Assault 2nd degree

Today is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Investigator Baker is fortunate enough to have K9 Dalgo at work everyday with him. Who else got to bring their canine companion to work with them today, let's see those photos!