Conway County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Conway County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 30 Southern Valley Drive, Morrilton, 72110 AR
  • Chief:
Phone: (501) 354-2411

Conway County Sheriff's Office is located at 30 Southern Valley Drive, Morrilton, 72110 AR. The Conway County Sheriff's Office phone number is (501) 354-2411.

Conway County Sheriff's Office News

The Conway County Sheriff's Office is accepting applications for the Conway County Mounted Patrol’s Search and Rescue Division. The Mounted Patrol is a volunteer branch of the Conway County Sheriff’s Office, the Search and Rescue Division’s primary duties include assisting the Sheriff’s Office in searches for missing persons, disaster response, water rescues and other functions. The Search and Rescue Division is a non law enforcement division, applicants must be at least 18 years of age at time of application. If you are interested in the Conway County Mounted Patrol Search and Rescue, come by the Sheriff's Office to pick up an application. Applications can be picked up at: 30 Southern Valley Drive, Morrilton AR 72110

Ramon Martar 00 Block of Overcup Lake Road Morrilton AR Level: 2 Internet stalking of a child

Clifford Hoyt 700 Block Caruthers Drive Morrilton AR Level: 2 Sexual Assault 2nd degree

Today is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Investigator Baker is fortunate enough to have K9 Dalgo at work everyday with him. Who else got to bring their canine companion to work with them today, let's see those photos!

The Conway County Sheriff's Office as well as Conway County 911 would like to seek the public's assistance. We are going to update our livestock books and need your help to do so. If you have livestock, we simply ask you to contact Conway County 911 using the non emergency line (501) 215-4911 and provide your contact information, description of livestock, and the location of the livestock. We use this information in the event that livestock gets loose and poses a danger to traffic, we can then quickly check and notify the owners of livestock in that particular area. Please share this, and let those who may not use social media know as well. Thank you.

I would like to take a moment to introduce the newest member of the Conway County Sheriff’s Office, K9 Dalgo. K9 Dalgo and Investigator Baker just completed training and state certifications for Narcotics Detection as well as Patrol Certifications. K9 Dalgo is a 16 month old Belgian Malinois. We believe K9 Dalgo will be a great fit and a great asset for the Conway County Sheriff’s Office. I would like to add that K9 Dalgo as well as the equipment required for him were purchased at no cost to the citizens of Conway County. This was funded through the seizure of money and property from criminal arrests by the Conway County Sheriff’s Office and the Morrilton Police Department.

Happy Birthday to Investigator Carl Boyce.

There has recently been an influx of counterfeit currency showing up at local businesses. The most common two are shown below, while we posted photographs of $100 bills, they are also appearing in $50 and $20 denominations as well. These bills are used as props for motion pictures and are labeled as such or have foreign language printed on it. These bills will not have the security features used on actual U.S. currency to include water marks or security bars. These bills are easily ordered online from various retailers and are not legal tender. We urge you to inspect any currency that you receive and notify the Conway County Sheriff's Office if someone attempts to use counterfeit currency.

It's National Telecommunicator Week and I would like to take a moment to thank the dispatchers at Conway County 911 for everything they do. Though unseen, they are usually the first contact the public has with emergency services (except you traffic violators, you meet us first 😉) and we depend on them to get everyone where they need to be. Heres to the hand full of people who get to tell us where to go and we listen!

Orlando Wadlow Sexual Assault 3rd Degree Level 3 100 block Cobblestone Rd Menifee AR

The Conway County Sheriff's Office and Detention Center is mourning the loss of an outstanding Detention Officer, Quincy Threadgill. Officer Threadgill tragically passed away on April 5th 2018. He had been with the Detention Center for 1 1/2 years and had recently started class to become a Reserve Officer. Officer Threadgill was enthusiastic about getting into law enforcement and making a difference in his community. Quincy, we will miss your smile and often goofy conversations, but most off all we will miss you. Please say a prayer for Quincy's family both blood and work as we move forward during this difficult time. In his honor the Conway County Sheriff's Office and Conway County Detention Center will be retiring the Unit number DC-13.

Level: Pending Sexual Assault Eddie James Brooks 400 Blk Springfield Rd

A message from District Court Judge Dale Lipsmeyer.

Just a fire safety reminder (even though they don't let us drive the shiney red trucks) it is recommended to check/replace batteries in your smoke alarms at the start and finish of Daylight Savings Time to ensure they are working properly.

Congratulations to State Champions Wonderview Lady Daredevils!

Let's get out there and support our hometown team!

BOLO (Be On the Look Out) MISSING SUBJECT The Conway County Sheriff's Office is asking for assistance in locating a missing subject. Last seen approximately 1 week ago and only for a brief moment. Subject is approximately 4.063 billion years of age, yellow to orangish in color and pretty hot to be honest. Known associates are clear skies and happiness. If located, do not make direct eye contact but plead for it to come back to Conway County.

Anthony Criswell Level 3 Sexual Abuse 1st Degree 7500 block of Hwy 124 Springfield AR