Mountainburg Police Department

  • Agency: Mountainburg Police Department
  • Address: 101 Hwy 71 NW, Mountainburg, 72946 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (479) 369-2791

Mountainburg Police Department is located at 101 Hwy 71 NW, Mountainburg, 72946 AR. The Mountainburg Police Department phone number is (479) 369-2791.

Mountainburg Police Department News

We need your help. The weather has caused 55 units of blood to be cancelled today. Donate blood today at Mountainburg First Assembly of God from 2-6. Help us help others!!

Will be 8 degrees by morning!! Check on pets and shut-in family members!! #mpd #mountainburgpd #colderweather #freezingtemps #takecare

Please help find Bear and reunite him with his owners! “My Great Dane named Bear went missing last Thursday we let him out Wednesday and usually he comes back in at night but wanted to stay outside and we couldn’t find him the next morning. I was just wanting to message and if anyone turns in a Great Dane or says they found one he has a hurt front paw and he didn’t have his harness on.” This was in the area of Peters Rd.


Thank you Attorney General Rutledge for spending time listening to our concerns in Crawford County! #agrutledge #supportlawenforcement #roundtablediscussions #MPD @agleslierutledge @vinny_guns

Suzy has returned safe and sound! We think she will be grounded for a while, but happy she’s home especially on this cold night!

Road advisory!! As the temperatures drop and precipitation continues the roads will become slick and hazardous. Please avoid traveling if possible and use extreme caution if you must venture out. Many accidents in bad weather are caused by ‘traveling too fast’ for conditions. It takes extra time to stop a vehicle when friction is reduced between your tires and the road surface. If you are involved in an accident please call 911.

Haley Hughey interviewing Sgt. Chad Breeden on details of a search in Mountainburg for a suspect in a disturbance in Van Buren involving a firearm. #MPD #KNWA #keepingyousafe#protect&serve @haleyhughey

We are a little late in the day thanking all those who serve in law enforcement roles around the nation! We’d also like to thank the fine men and women who live and work in our communities who support local law enforcement. You are the reason Mountainburg and Chester are great to ‘protect and serve’! Without your help and support those few could not help the many. This year we will focus even more on connecting the dots in our community. Police, Fire, Medical, Schools, businesses, and churches; if we all come together we can accomplish more! Stay tuned for details on our future ‘More Than a Few’ campaign!

#makesensemonday If it isn’t bad enough, there is another drug working it’s way through American towns that is more lethal than anything experts have seen. Read this article for more details about what officials are calling GRAY DEATH. What can we do about this? Illegal drug use and abuse is not just a law enforcement problem. The epidemic affects all of us in one way or another. Laws don’t prevent it, arrests don’t slow it, rehabilitation helps but won’t cure it. In order for there to be a successful stop to illegal drug consumption we must stop it before it begins. It takes good leaders, teachers, pastors, neighbors, and loving parents to teach our children to never begin down that path. For more help and information please contact the Mountainburg Police Department.

Outstanding support for local law enforcement!


Eat for a good cause!

#KeepSafe #HappyNewYear #peace #MPD #2018

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING Be extra vigilant this Holiday weekend! To report suspicious activity, contact your local law enforcement agency. Describe specifically what you observed, including: Who or what you saw; When you saw it; Where it occurred; and Why it's suspicious. If there is an emergency, call 9–1–1.