Mountainburg Police Department

  • Agency: Mountainburg Police Department
  • Address: 101 Hwy 71 NW, Mountainburg, 72946 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (479) 369-2791

Mountainburg Police Department is located at 101 Hwy 71 NW, Mountainburg, 72946 AR. The Mountainburg Police Department phone number is (479) 369-2791.

Mountainburg Police Department News

Nothing beats a fresh hot pizza from the new Pizza Den in Mountainburg when you’re working late!

Chance of damaging wind up to 70 mph and half-Dollar size hail.

Weather status update

Check it out!

It’s Officially Summer! Did you know we do home security checks? Consider letting us know if you will be out of town for vacation and Officers will do random security checks for you! PM us for more details #summerishere #summer18 #mountainburgpd #mountainburgpolice

We’ve just noticed this scam has started in our area too.

Here is an update on Officer Duke! Duke was having a rough time the first week after surgery on his CCL. A second visit to the surgeon led to more medicine to help him eat and stop the vomiting. Since then he has slowly been improving but still confined to ‘bed rest’. Have you ever tried to keep an 85 lb dog off his feet?? Sgt. McIntosh carries him outside to “do his business” and reports that when Duke sees the patrol car, he immediately tries to get in it! Duke we appreciate your spirit, but get all healed up first!!! There will be plenty to do when you’re all better buddy. We were concerned about being able to meet the financial obligations however you, friends of Duke came through! We were able to pay for the surgery and have some funds left over to ensure continued quality medical care for our boy. Thank you!! #mountainburgpd #officerduke

Farmers Market is open!!!

Weather update

How about this for service.....?!

Duke was up all night and uncomfortable but he is healing well. The next couple of weeks are important for him to get a lot of rest. He needs to be carried outside to take care of business, but is being well cared for by Sgt. McIntosh and his family. Thank you all for the prayers and support and well wishes!! #prayforduke #dukewillbeback #mountainburgpd

Update on Officer Duke He is out of surgery and doing OK, vomiting a little bit of blood due to the anti-inflammatory medicine But should be just fine. He is confined to bed rest for the next two weeks. Please keep him in your prayers!!