West Memphis Police Department

  • Agency: West Memphis Police Department
  • Address: 626 E Broadway Blvd, West Memphis, 72301 AR
  • Chief: Robert Paudert (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-732-7555

West Memphis Police Department is located at 626 E Broadway Blvd, West Memphis, 72301 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert Paudert. The West Memphis Police Department phone number is 870-732-7555.

West Memphis Police Department News

Eight years ago today WMPD lost two of their own. Officer Bill Evans and Sergeant Brandon Paudert were great men who loved serving their community. These officers and their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

Update!!!!!! Mr. Barry has been located in Mississippi. Thanks for all the shares and support!

Officer Neal spent the morning hanging with the students at Maddux Elementary. Great kids who had a blast spending some time with WMPD. The kids also made some awesome cards for the PD to thank the officers for being there for them!!

Community Outreach event at the Ridge Apartments attended by our officers and COC Tawana Bailey!

Our COC Tawana Bailey stopped by to talk with students, during their reading period. Great group of kids!

Two students from East Junior High decided to shadow Officer Singleton for a day. They spend the day here at the station, as well as went over to the Visitors Center, where we had a table set up. Great learning experience for the kids!!

We had a table setup for National Tourism Day at the Visitors Center. Over 75 people passed through there. Our main focus was, letting the visitors know that next week is National Police Week. If you see a cop, thank a cop!

George Henderson had been arrested in the shooting death of Oliver Johnson. The West Memphis Police Department would like to thank the Multi Agency Gang Unit and the Shelby Co Fugitive Unit for assisting in the apprehension. Henderson was taken into custody near Danny Thomas and Alabama Street in Memphis. He will be extradited back to Arkansas to face multiple charges including Capital Murder.

George Henderson (01/19/1996) of West Memphis is currently wanted in the April 28th, 2018 homicide of Oliver Johnson. Johnson was a Forrest City Police Officer who lived in the Meadows Apartments in West Memphis. Johnson was struck when a bullet from an altercation outside in a parking lot entered his residence. Henderson was involved in the altercation outside which resulted in the shots being fired. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Henderson is asked to contact the Crittenden County Crime Stoppers at 870-732-4444 or the West Memphis Police Department 870-735-1210.

In recognition of our City and County Police Officers that serve our city, Faith International Ministry Center Church we like to show honor to them by dedicating the month of May as Police Appreciation Month.

WMPD begins its 2nd Citizens Academy on June 5th, for eight Tuesday nights this summer. If you have ever wondered how WMPD goes about day-to-day operations then this is the perfect opportunity for you to find out. Learn about Criminal Investigations, SWAT, patrol operations, Narcotics Investigations, our community outreach initiatives and how we train our officers. You can pick up an application in our Records Division or online at westmemphishr.com.

WMPD appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with the Academies of West Memphis Criminal Justice Program. AWM students learned about the Taser and watched as police academy students received their Taser exposures today.

Great job West Memphis School District!

Officer Bohanon and Community Outreach Coordinator Tawana Bailey got to read to kids at Maddux Elementary today. The kids loved it and it looks like Officer Bohanon did as well.

WMPD has a prescription drug collection site at the west entrance to the police department. You can drop of your unneeded or expired prescription drugs in this box 24 hours a day.

On 04/05/2018 at around 3:40pm officers were dispatched to Southland Gaming & Racing in reference to a Breaking & Entering of a vehicle. Upon arrival officers found a black Chevrolet pickup with the lock punched on the driver side door. A review of the video footage from Southland Gaming& Racing was then done. On the footage a silver Ford F-150 bearing TN license plate 5632H16 was seen involved in the break in. A check of the license plate was done and the truck was found to be a rental vehicle. The truck was rented to a female named Lemetria Herron out of Memphis, TN. One of the items stolen out of the victim’s vehicle was a America Express Credit card. The victim was able to show where the card was used at a Game Stop in Memphis, TN. A review of the video footage from the Game Stop was done and attached are two still photographs of the male suspect who used the card on 04/05/2018 at approximately 2:42pm for the amount of $436.99 at Game Stop. The West Memphis PD is asking for anyone with information on the suspect in the photos to call the Crittenden County Crime Stoppers at 870-732-4444 for the West Memphis Police Department at 870-735-1210.

Beginning April 16th, 2018 the West Memphis Police Department will begin the next phase of the inoperable vehicle removal project in West Memphis. This project began several months ago after receiving numerous complaints about hundreds of inoperable vehicles city wide. These vehicles were eye sores in many locations and were the first step of a city wide cleanup project after WMPD took back over ordinance enforcement in March of this year. The WMPD went out in all the neighborhoods and warned citizens in violation of the ordinance that a new fine and fee schedule was being put into place and gave violators of the ordinance sufficient time to correct the issues. During this sweep the WMPD located over 600 vehicles city wide which met the criteria of an inoperable motor vehicle. WMPD provided car owners options to get inoperable vehicles removed from their properties at no cost to them from local wrecker services and junk yards. Starting April 16th the WMPD will begin to issue citations to vehicle owners who have not come into compliance with the ordinance. The new fine schedule includes significantly higher fines than the ordinance originally contained which is thought to be why such low compliance was seen previously. “We don’t want to cite people for this ordinance. We would prefer to issue no tickets and for people to just comply with the ordinance and get these vehicles cleaned up. We have tried to give vehicle owners ample time and no cost ways to come into compliance. However beginning April 16th if vehicle owners have not taken action to comply we will issue them a citation which will result in a first offense fine of $250,” said Captain Joe Baker. Fines will increase from there if owners still choose not to clean the cars up and will top out at $1,000 for repeat violators.

Mark Barker is in custody as of late last night. He is being held at the Crittenden County Jail.

Light it up Blue event for Autism this morning at the WMPD! It was awesome to see!

The good news is the academy students are finished with week 8 of training. The bad news is today was OC day!

The WMPD will be celebrating Autism awareness month this Friday at 6:45am at the police department for “Light it up Blue” where all the police cars in the parking lot will have their blue lights on to spread awareness for Autism. Please drive by and show your support!!

The West Memphis Police Department's Easter Egg hunt in Horton Park was a great success! The kids and officers both had a great time. Thanks to Sgt. Welsh and Community Outreach coordinator Tawana Bailey for getting this great event pulled off!!

We would like to remind everyone about the community meeting tomorrow night at Richland Elementary. This meeting is open to the public and begins at 630pm. We hope to see you all there!!

Remember our event!!!