Paragould Police Department

  • Agency: Paragould Police Department
  • Address: 101 North 3 1/2 Street, Paragould, 72450 AR
  • Chief: Todd Stovall (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-236-7621
Fax: 870-239-7554

Paragould Police Department is located at 101 North 3 1/2 Street, Paragould, 72450 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Todd Stovall. The Paragould Police Department phone number is 870-236-7621.

Paragould Police Department News

June 15, 2018 At approximately 9:20 a.m., officers responded to the area of Hwy 49 South near the Walmart Neighborhood Market for a one-vehicle crash involving a pole. Upon officers’ arrival, the single occupant of the vehicle was still in the driver’s seat with the vehicle still running and in drive. After multiple attempts to get the vehicle turned off and the driver assessed for injuries, the driver backed out of the accident scene and fled northbound on Hwy 49 South. The vehicle continued northbound, crossing over into southbound traffic and narrowly missing a southbound ambulance responding to the original crash report. The vehicle remained northbound in the southbound lanes up to the intersection of Pruett’s Chapel Rd and Hwy 49 South. At that time, the vehicle struck the Paragould Fire Department’s rescue truck, sitting stationary at the stop light in the inside southbound lane. The sole occupant of the vehicle was transported to Arkansas Methodist Medical Center, where they succumbed to their injuries. The name of the decedent will not be released at this time, pending notification of next of kin. Due to the ongoing investigation into this crash, no other details will be released at this time. ###

Thanks to kiddos from Woodrow Wilson Elementary for thinking of us! This awesome drawing was sent in the mail to Chief Stovall this past week. We certainly appreciate their kindness and thoughtfulness!

We would like to thank everyone for their past donations of stuffed animals that were occasionally passed out by officers to our local children. Unfortunately, we must discontinue accepting such items from this point forward. Numerous reasons, with lack of storage space and public health concerns being the top two, contributed to this decision. Our department will continue to reach out to the children of our community in various ways to help foster positive relationships with our kiddos. Thanks again for your unwavering support of our young citizens!

Fairview Rd is now back open for use! Please be advised that there will be rock/chat in place where the street was dug up for repairs. This rock will be in place until significant settling has occurred. Once the settling is finished, street crews will be able to overlay the location with asphalt. Use caution in this area, and be advised that small bumps/holes will be present for a period of time. Drive safe, and have a great weekend!

We currently have trees down on S. 7th St, Carroll Rd, and W. Thompson. As power lines are also down, please avoid these areas. City street crews and PLWC are on scene.

Beginning June 4th, Fairview Road will be closed between N. Rockingchair Road and Cherokee Lane. This closure is due to roadway repairs being performed by street department personnel and is expected to last a few days. Please plan ahead for this temporary closure and leave yourself plenty of extra time for the necessary detour. Feel free to share this post with anyone you know that travels this route.

***Roadway now back open*** At this time, Reynold’s Rd just north of Country Club Rd is closed due to high water. Please avoid this area until further notice.

Thanks to Sherrie Gramling for this awesome photo! Jessie Mack Gramling on the department's Harley Davidson Servicar working the Pruett St. parking meters. You will recognize Jessie Mack in our cover photo. He's wearing the blue uniform shirt.

As a reminder, the deadline for applications to be turned in is Friday, May 18th. If you are considering a career in law enforcement, now is a good time to apply!

We have gotten numerous reports of phony $20 bills being circulated in our city, more specifically at weekend yard sales. The bills in question are just like the ones pictured below. We urge all citizens who plan on hosting a yard sale to be aware of these bills and to vigilantly inspect any bills they accept for payment. Should an attempt be made to pay you with one of these bills, do not accept it and try to take note of descriptions of persons and/or vehicles involved. DO NOT attempt to detain or confront anyone regarding this matter. Simply reporting the incident, with whatever details you can provide, will help out tremendously in our investigators' efforts to identify and charge the person or persons involved.

Officer Jessie Mack Gramling and Captain Jack Rogers having some coffee at an unknown café in the mid-1960's.

Congratulations to Patrolman Aaron Schenk on his graduation from the Black River Technical College Law Enforcement Training Academy. Ptl. Schenk endured 13 weeks of intense curriculum and physical conditioning to earn the honors of becoming a certified police officer. To add to his accomplishment, Ptl. Schenk received first place honors for emergency vehicle operations. Without a doubt, Ptl. Schenk is excited to get back to working the streets of Paragould and serving our citizens with pride. Great job Aaron!

The Paragould Police Department will be testing for police officers on June 8th. If you are interested, and meet the qualifications listed below, submit an application. You will be contacted prior to testing for further instructions.

Today starts a week of appreciation. It’s a week that comes and goes. A week that can seem insignificant to others not in this line of service. This week is important to many of us, but not more important than every other week. For those behind the phone, the radio, the headset, may be recognized this week for their service. These men and women I speak of, are those you call when your neighbors blaring their radio too loud, when your controlled burn is out of control, when someone stole something from you, or when you’ve been in a car accident. They are the voice that calms you when you’ve been robbed, the one that instructs you to get to safety when your house is burning, the one that stays with you while hiding in the closet when someone has broken into your home, the one that cares about you when you just don’t feel like you can live another day, and the one that counts with you as you give chest compressions to the one you love, providing you with encouragement and compassion so that you may give the needed circulation and air that your loved one has stopped getting on their own. They feel your pain, your screams, your stress. They are the voice on the radio when you initiate a traffic stop, walking with you in their minds to approach the vehicle. They are with you when you checking that house, waiting patiently on the other side to hear you are safe. They hear your stress and the pain in your voice when you are in pursuit or arrive to find tragedy. They hold their breath while you make an interior approach on the house that’s on fire. They sit tight waiting to hear when you load the baby in the ambulance and head to the hospital that wasn’t breathing. They care about you, they feel for you through your voice and tone, they are your dispatcher. These men and women are dedicated, compassionate, loving moms and dads, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and to you they are a friend, your teammate, they are your first first responder. They hear you at your darkest hour. They will never give up on you. They are not perfect, but strive to always do their best. Because they love each and every one of you. To those who are just starting, or who have moved on, to those who are still working and even manning a console today, I appreciate your commitment and the love you have for others and for each other. Thank you for your service! Happy National Public Safety and 911 Telecommunicators Week! If you happen so see any of these guys out and about this week please stop and tell them thank you for a thankless job they do every day!!! Thanks for all you guys do!!!!! Mike

The Paragould Police Department and the family of Corporal Chris Bunch have been very humbled by the outpouring of love, prayers, and support for the Bunch family as both Corporal Bunch and his daughter have endured significant health issues in the last several months. The numerous fundraisers and donations have taken a tremendous load off of the Bunch's while they have been facing the challenges head on. The police department and the Bunch's are very thankful for these selfless acts of kindness that our wonderful city has shown our department and Corporal Bunch's over the last few months. Recently, Paragould School District employee Toni Johnson spearheaded an effort to sell t-shirts to benefit the Bunch family. Mrs. Johnson came up with the design, and was directly involved with the shirts from conception to delivery. Mrs. Johnson's efforts resulted in a $1700 donation to the Bunch family that will greatly help offset not only the mounting medical bills, but the day to day living expenses that never go away. We thank Mrs. Johnson for her support of one of our own. ***From Mrs. Johnson: We are going to take up one more order and turn it in Friday morning. You can order at PHS or Swirlz. Money must be turned in with order. Also, First National Bank is still has an account set up for Chris, if anyone would like to donate. Thanks!***

The Paragould Police Department has been made aware of several social media posts regarding alleged school shooting rumors at Greene County Tech Middle School last night, 2-23-18, during a 6th grade dance. These rumors were investigated last night by school staff and an off-duty Paragould Police officer who attended the dance as a chaperone, and again today by on-duty officers who conducted further interviews. The information gleaned from these investigations concluded that the rumors were unsubstantiated and untrue. The safety and security of our young people is always paramount in the eyes of law enforcement and school districts alike. Any type of threat is taken seriously and investigated as such. Considering the recent reports of school involved shootings across the country, we understand that parents and students are going to be hypervigilant and on guard. The same holds true for school employees and law enforcement. However, the mass distribution of inaccurate information via social media does nothing but exacerbate the problem and can cause mass hysteria within communities. We would ask that you please refrain from posting information that has not been confirmed by official sources so that investigations are not hindered, and citizens are not alarmed unnecessarily. Should you hear or see anything that you feel is pertinent or emergent, please do not hesitate to notify the applicable entity or agency so that the information can be investigated properly. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Assistant Chief Les Rogers, behind the wheel, and Officer Roy Henson trying out the first police radio installed in Paragould PD history. This was taken in approximately October of 1947.

Paragould Police Department Officer of the Year 2017 In a ceremony at the Paragould Police Department this morning, Corporal Adam Newby was awarded the honor of Officer of the Year for 2017. Corporal Newby led the department in DWI arrests for 2017, in addition to making numerous other arrests throughout the year. Corporal Newby's dedication and tenacity in removing impaired drivers from the streets of Paragould certainly makes this a much safer community in which to live. Further, Corporal Newby is oftentimes seen helping other officers with their own DWI stops/arrests, and offering guidance with respect to those contacts. Corporal Newby also requests to attend schools to further his knowledge to help with the enforcement of impaired drivers. Newby hopes to attend Drug Recognition Expert school, which will certainly assist in detecting and evaluating drivers impaired on controlled substances. We appreciate Corporal Newby's dedication to the safety of our citizens, and are glad to have him as a member of our department.