Johnson County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Johnson County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 301 Porter Industrial Rd, Clarksville, 72830 AR
  • Chief:
Phone: 479-754-2200
Fax: (479) 754-2210

Johnson County Sheriff's Office is located at 301 Porter Industrial Rd, Clarksville, 72830 AR. The Johnson County Sheriff's Office phone number is 479-754-2200.

Johnson County Sheriff's Office News

Thanks to the dive team from Arkansas Game and Fish and Ken's Towing Det. Beavers was able to locate and recover a safe in a local strip pit that was reported stolen on January 25, 2018. Without the help of citizens this wouldn't have been possible. As the Sheriff of Johnson County I say Thank You to all involved with helping solve this crime. Sheriff Larry Jones

This morning Chief Deputy Shannon Holman and I went to Oark School to be apart of the National Breakfast week. We shared our time with Smokey The Bear. I enjoy the invites that we get to come into the schools and interact with the children. These are things that I will miss when I retire at the end of my term this year. Oark thank you for the invites that I have been apart of during my term. Sheriff Larry Jones

The message below is one I received from a citizen that wanted to make not only the Sheriff's Office but others aware of these calls. Today I had another person share the same thing. Remember don't give out any information over the phone. Yesterday somebody called my daughter and said they were with American Life Insurance Company. They said that her step mom had given them her phone number. They said if she would let them come out and talk to her that she'd get all this free stuff. She said they knew her name, phone number and her step mothers name. They never asked her for her address, she said they acted like they already knew. They kept asking her what time would she be getting off work the next day. She wouldn't tell them anything. Today, they called my son and said his wife's grandmother had given them his name and phone number. Basically same thing. I don't know if this is somebody trying to get to come to their house or maybe trying to find out when they work. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that so you can maybe warn others or whatever you need to do.

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Roster is Back Online The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce that our inmate roster is back online. A recent upgrade to the internal network impacted the inmate roster briefly, but thanks to our team at the Sheriff’s Office and our web development team at by Brooks Jeffrey Marketing, we have been able to quickly bring our inmate roster back online. We invite the community to visit our site at to view the inmate roster. Having the inmate roster online allows the public to view photos and booking details for individuals in the detention center as well as those released within the last 48 hours. Our Website – – provides details on all aspects of the Sheriff’s Office. One of our goals when developing the Website was to provide a centralized location for current information such as press releases and where sex offenders are living in the county. The Website was developed by by Brooks Jeffrey Marketing, Inc. of Mountain Home, Arkansas. Brooks Jeffrey specializes in the production of law enforcement and government Website solutions. For more information about the Website please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 479-754-2200 or visit

I just got off the phone with our webpage provider about the inmate roster. They told me they are still working on it on their side. They were unable to tell me when it would be back up. Sheriff LarryJones

PRESS RELEASE FROM THE OFFICE OF JOHNSON COUNTY SHERIFF LARRY JONES The Johnson County Sheriff’s office and detention center computer systems have been infected with a virus. This has caused the disruption in service of the detention center jail roster, as well as caused problems in other areas of the day to day operations. All emergency functions are operational and have not had a disruption in service. This came to our attention over the weekend and we have been working since then to repair the issues that have been created. Sheriff Larry Jones

We are proud and excited about the progress being made at our Johnson County Detention Center. The Detention Administration and it's officers have been working diligently to develop, promote, and begin GED classes, which are now in place and operating. There will be several more positive and productive programs and classes that will be added in the near future.

Found: A large set of keys were found alongside the road near the Harmony Presbyterian church. They were turned in to the Sheriff's office. If you or someone you know are missing a set of keys, call or stop by the Sheriff's office to describe and claim them. 479-754-7810

Payments for Fines: We have several options for people to pay their citations and fines. We take cash, check, money order and credit/debit cards (additional fees apply). You may pay in person; you may mail in a check or money order, please do not send cash; or you may pay online at If you have questions about your fines, please don't hesitate to call the business office at 479-754-7810. We are open M-F, 8a-4:30pm. Our mailing address is: JCSO PO Box 39 Clarksville, AR 72830

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALERT: IRS Scammers Still Targeting Consumers LITTLE ROCK – The IRS scam has seen a dramatic increase in recent weeks. Callers to the Arkansas Attorney General’s office are reporting scammers posing as the IRS in an attempt to steal money and personal information. The recent scam calls have all been made from an Atlanta phone number with a 470 area code. “These scammers continue to update their tactics and try to intimidate Arkansans,” said Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. “We have seen a number of different versions of this scam, but Arkansans should know that the IRS will never call you in this manner.” The IRS recently reminded consumers how to easily recognize scam calls. Consumers should know that the IRS will not do the following: • Call demanding immediate payment. The IRS will not call if you owe taxes without first sending you a bill in the mail. • Demand that taxes are paid without providing the individual the opportunity to question or appeal the amount owed. • Require a specific form of tax payment. For example, demanding a payment with a prepaid debit card. • Ask consumers for credit or debit card numbers over the phone. • Threaten to bring in police or other agencies to arrest you for not paying. The IRS strongly recommends that Arkansans who receive these threatening calls not give out any personal information and hang up immediately, contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at (800) 366-4484 to report the call and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The agency also requests that any scam emails be forwarded to The IRS encourages Arkansans with any questions about owed taxes to contact their office directly at (800) 829-1040. For more information about other common scams and consumer-related issues, please call the Arkansas Attorney General’s office at (800) 482-8982 or visit or

At approximately 2:25pm today, Zachary Aaron Geels was taken into custody. He is currently incarcerated at the Johnson County Detention Center.

A warrant for first degree murder has been issued for a fourth suspect in the death of Vernice "Duwane" Ledbetter. We are actively searching for Zachary Geels, a white male age 25. Mr. Geels should be considered dangerous. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Johnson County, Arkansas Sheriff's Office at 479-754-2200 or your local law enforcement agency.

January 24, 2018 PRESS RELEASE Murder arrests/Discovery of body Today the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory positively identified the deceased individual that was discovered on January 23, 2018 in northeastern Johnson County as Vernice “Duwane” Ledbetter, who was last seen in Johnson County on December 31, 2017. With the positive identity of the body we are now able to release that the three individuals in custody for Murder in the First Degree have been arrested in connection with the death of Mr. Ledbetter. Those three individuals are Brian White, Phillip Raible and Isaac Vaughn. All three are being held on $750,000.00 bonds on the murder arrests. Initial court appearances for all three defendants are scheduled for March 1, 2018 in Johnson County Circuit Court.

We are excited to announce that beginning Monday, January 22nd, the Johnson County Detention Center will be offering GED classes at our facility. This has been a collaborative effort with the Johnson County Adult Education Center. In addition, the Johnson County Housing Authority donated four desktop computers to be used in our classroom. This program is just a first among many other programs and services to come over the next several months. Our first class will involve eight inmates who have signed up and qualified for classes. We are proud of the hard work our Administration and staff are doing at the Detention Center.