Johnson County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Johnson County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 301 Porter Industrial Rd, Clarksville, 72830 AR
  • Chief:
Phone: 479-754-2200
Fax: (479) 754-2210

Johnson County Sheriff's Office is located at 301 Porter Industrial Rd, Clarksville, 72830 AR. The Johnson County Sheriff's Office phone number is 479-754-2200.

Johnson County Sheriff's Office News

At approximately 7:30am today, the Johnson County 911 received a call of a possible body in the yard at the residence, on the corner of Ash and Highway 64 in Knoxville. Deputies responded and found a deceased male subject in the yard. The Arkansas State Police and Johnson County Sheriff’s office are currently working on the investigation. Foul play is suspected. The male has not yet been identified. No other details are available at this time. More information will be released as it becomes available. We are working only ONE death investigation. No other bodies have been reported today. The shots fired in Knoxville this afternoon were the result of someone discharging their firearm at their residence. Although multiple officers and agencies responded, no foul play was suspected.

If you want Emergency Services to respond quickly to your home, it is imperative that your address is clearly marked. There was an incident recently where an ambulance crew was looking for an address for about 20 minutes, going from one unmarked drive to the next. Unmarked property delays response times. Here are some ideas for markings.

Thanks to Area Agency on Aging for bringing homemade goodies to the Office yesterday (09-11-2018). We appreciate you for your show of support. Sheriff Larry Jones

This young lady has been found. Thank You to all that helped out. Sheriff Larry Jones

Congratulations to these fine officers on your hard work, commitment, and future law enforcement success!

On Sunday July 29, 2018 at approximately 9:12 p.m. the Johnson County Sheriff's Department received a call of a stabbing at 192 Line Street Hartman, Ar. Upon arrival of deputies, EMS and First Responders it was determined that there was a 50 year old male victim that had been stabbed. Before the male was able to be transported he succumbed to his injuries. The Johnson County Coroner's Office was notified. The victim has been identified as Craig Evans. The suspect in the stabbing has been identified as Ambra Evans, the victim’s wife. Mrs. Evans is currently being held in the Johnson County Detention Center and will have a first appearance and bond hearing within 48 hours. The body has been sent to the Arkansas Crime Laboratory for an autopsy. This is an ongoing investigation and anyone that may have seen or heard anything in the area is asked to contact the Johnson County Sheriff's Department at 479-754-2200.

Without the help of Gabe Hickey the annual Greased Pig Chase wouldn't have been possible. Thank You Gabe for helping out for the second year. Thank You mom and dad for your help as well. Sheriff Larry Jones

On Saturday July 21, 2018 we held our annual Greased Pig Chase during the Johnson County Peach Festival. The winners left to right was Adden Richardson in the 7-9 age group, Trinton Evans in the 10-12 age group and Kadden Richardson in the 5-6 age group. Thank You to all that was able to come out and support the event. Sheriff Larry Jones

Thank you Captain Greg Donaldson for all of your amazing community involvement, hard work, and lasting impressions upon others. You will truly be missed!

Parents bring your children out for the Greased Pig Chase at the Johnson County Peach Festival tomorrow July 21. Hope to see you there. 9:00 AM Greased Pig Chase - Across the Street behind Fred's, go past Mustard Seed. We will have three age groups. (Ages 5-6, 7-9, 10-12)

If your property went missing, would you be able to provide serial numbers, photos and receipts for your property? This information is vital to any investigation. Take some time to securely register your property online with ReportIt. Knowing what you own could be the difference between recovering and not recovering missing property. We suggest that you register your property online with ReportIt. The information you enter is completely secure and you can access from any computer with internet access using your username and password.

If anyone has any information on the below post please contact your Local Police or Sheriff's Department. I know the lady that made this post and she has helped so many in need and now someone does this to her. If anyone tries to sale you any of the below items or if you know who did it please contact the Johnson County Sheriff's Office. You don't have to leave your name unless you want to so we can obtain more information if it's needed. Sheriff Larry Jones I hope that the ones who broke into our place at Lamar, needed the items they took. Just a few things to mention my kids go cart, a pressure washer, red Yard Machine riding mower, bags and bags of clothes. Who the heck steals bags of clothes? I appreciate you taking those off of my hands...that's what I had intended to sell at Bargains galore to replenish my children's clothes for school. Also the food you stole that's what I help those in need with within our community. I've probably fed you a time or two. The cookers you stole those help keep food warm for the less fortunate when we hold holiday dinners for our community. Once again I'm sure I have made sure someone you know has a warm meal. The mess that you left was ridiculous. As if stealing wasn't bad enough but you had the audacity to destroy the deer arrangement that I change out for my brother's grave. It was obvious what it was. I hope the hours that you spent going through each and everything between the house, shop and outbuilding were worth it. God sees all so in time you will get yours. I want to be furious with you but instead I'm going to pray for you that God will direct you in a better direction and that you get your life together and get a job and take care of your own needs. P.S if you need anything more just ask. Chances are I'd give it to you.

Sgt. Scott makes a point to visit with the local police when he goes on vacation. Today he met Craig Knecht, volunteer mounted patrol officer for Jackson Wyoming . During the conversation Sgt. Scott learned Mr. Knecht has close family in Clarksville and knows exactly where Johnson County is. He wishes us all the best.

Come on Sheriff Jones! We need someone to represent Johnson County SO in this nationwide challenge!!