Lamar Police Department

  • Agency: Lamar Police Department
  • Address: 437 W Main St, Lamar, 72846 AR
  • Chief: Arron Arnold (Chief of Police)
Phone: (479)885-3865
Fax: (479)885-6171

Lamar Police Department is located at 437 W Main St, Lamar, 72846 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Arron Arnold. The Lamar Police Department phone number is (479)885-3865.

Lamar Police Department News

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Lamar Police Department was given a BIG tray of cookies and handmade cards (the best kind) for Valentines Day from the Frontier Girls-Troop 160. Thank you girls for the Valentines and your support.

The Lamar PD would like to send out a HUGE Thank you to the Smith Family for the delicious Police/Inmate cookies and the Christmas Card! We appreciate yalls family so much!

The Lamar Police Department would like to send out a HUGE Thank You to the Cake House Bakery, Debra Dickerson and all the ladies at the Bakery, for the Delicious cup cakes that were delivered today to the officers! We appreciate the recognition and the yummy treats! Thank You!!!

A special thank you to Hedgeway Church for dropping of BBQ lunch plates to the officers of Lamar Police Department! We gratefully appreciated it and it was a great surprise. Thank you for your continued support for the Lamar Police and our community!

SUBJECT HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED The female subject in the green shirt is a suspect in a break in and theft of a purse from a residence in Lamar. The suspect used cards in the purse to make purchases in Russellville. Later, while accompanied by the older female subject, the suspect made purchases in North Little Rock. The two subjects are believed to be in a newer model silver Tahoe or a small red SUV. If anyone knows the identity of either subject please contact Lamar Police Department at (479) 885-0405.

*DESIGNATED PARKING FOR 2017 GRADUATION* The Lamar Police Department would like to let everybody know in advance that during tonight's graduation ceremony the parking lot in front of both gyms inside the fenced area will be designated for vehicles with a disabled/handicapped placard or license plate. The parking in front of the Elementary Building and playground will also be designated for the same purpose. Due to possible inclement weather, traffic will be allowed to drive through the designated area to drop off passengers near the front doors. Traffic will be heavy and congested at times and a large amount of pedestrians will be present. We ask that everyone be patient and cautious as they make their way to the ceremony. Officers will be present to help keep the traffic moving and to assist those who are unaware of the changes in the parking. We look forward to sharing a safe and memorable evening with you all. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Chief Gaston Griggs

The Lamar Police Department and other assisting departments are preforming a mock DWI accident around the city park and school. This is A MOCK SCENARIO, not an actual event, that is put on once a year for the high school students. Please do not be alarmed by the lights and sirens. Thank You