Marianna Police Department

  • Agency: Marianna Police Department
  • Address: 35 South Polar Street, Marianna, 72360 AR
  • Chief: Martin Wilson (Chief of Police)
Phone: (870)295-2508
Fax: (870)295-5550

Marianna Police Department is located at 35 South Polar Street, Marianna, 72360 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Martin Wilson. The Marianna Police Department phone number is (870)295-2508.

Marianna Police Department News

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If anyone has any information on the identity of the below individual, please contact the Marianna Police Department at 870-295-2508, or our CID division at 870-295-7873. The subject is wanted for questioning regarding a recent criminal incident. All call will remain confidential.

***ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!*** THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE. THIS ORDINANCE WILL BE STRONGLY ENFORCED BY THE MARIANNA CODE ENFORCEMENT AND THE MARIANNA POLICE DEPARTMENT!!! OCCUPATIONAL LICENSES Sections: 4.20.01 Occupational license required 4.20.02 Businesses not itemized 4.20.03 Issuance 4.20.04 Penalty 4.20.05 Annual renewal 4.20.01 Occupational license required. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation in the City of Marianna, Arkansas, to engage in, exercise or pursue any line of business without first having obtained and paid for city license therefore, from the City Clerk of the City of Marianna, Arkansas, the amounts of which licenses as hereby fixed in this ordinance as follows: 1. Abstract $30.00 2. Bakeries 40.00 3. Banks 200.00 4. Barber and Beauty Shop 20.00 Plus $7.50 per operation over one 5. Beer and Malt Liquor Off premises 20.00 On Premises 30.00 6. Bill Posters 20.00 per board 7. Bottling Companies 100.00 8. Butchers or Fish Markets 40.00 9. Cleaners and Laundries 100.00 10. Compress 150.00 11. Cotton Gins 150.00 12. Feed and Seed Processing and Farm Chemicals 75.00 13. Filling or Service Stations Plus $ 5.00 per person 30.00 Plus $ 10.00 if repair work is done 14. Florists 25.00 15. Graineriers over 1,000,000 Bushels under 250.00 1,000,000 Bushels 150.00 16. Hotels and Tourist Courts (With Dining Room or Coffee Shop see #34) 10 Rooms 40.00 Over 10 Rooms 60.00 17. Insurance Agencies 50.00 Salesmen not employed by local agent 25.00 18. Junk or Salvage 150.00 19. Laundry Self Services 45.00 20. Liquor, Retail 200.00 21. Mail Order Business (See # 35 for Repair Shop) 150.00 22. Manufacturing Concerns 200.00 23. Merchandise Inventory to 1,000.00 15.00 5,000.00 45.00 20,000.00 75.00 50,000.00 90.00 100,000.00 150.00 Over 100,000.00 200.00 24. Milk Dist. Wholesale 25.00 25. Newspaper and Printing Officers 50.00 26. Nurseries 50.00 27. Peddlers 25.00 28. Petroleum Dist. Gas and Oil 100.00 29. Petroleum Dist. LPG 75.00 30. Pool Rooms and Recreation Hall- Per Table 25.00 31. Coin Operated Machines- per machine 7.50 For the first 10 machines and $ 1.00 for Each machine over ten 32. Professionals: Physicians, Dentist, 50.00 per indiv. CPA- Accounting, Lawyers, Optometrist, Surveyors, Engineers 33. Real Estate Agencies and Agents 40.00 34. Restaurants 25.00 35. Radio Stations 50.00 36. Services (a) Electrical (b) Plumbers (c) Carpenters (d) Mechanics (e) Photographers (f) Auctioneers (g) Exterminators (h) Repair Shop (i) Cotton Buyers (j) Shoe Shop (k) Painters (l) Welders (m) Other Services Business Full Time 40.00 Part Time 20.00 37. Savings and Loans Association 100.00 38. Taxi Services with One Vehicles 25.00 plus 15 per each added vehicle 39. Undertakers 80.00 40. Vendors 15.00 4.20.02 Businesses not itemized. Occupation Licenses not specifically mentioned herein shall be the sum of Five Hundred Dollars ($ 500.00), provided, however, that any business or person objecting to said amount may post a bond with the City Clerk and within thirty (30) days petition the City Council to specifically itemize said business by amending this ordinance and the amount of said occupation license. 4.20.03 Issuance. The City Clerk of the City of Marianna shall issue occupation licenses upon the applicants completing application forms furnished by said City Clerk after a three (3) day waiting period; provided, however, that completion of application forms shall not be required of any individual or business having previously held an occupation license from the City of Marianna. 4.20.04 Penalty. Any person violating the provisions of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined an amount equal to the cost of the occupation license such occupation license had the same been purchased and shall further be required to purchase such occupation license. 4.20.05 Annual renewal. Occupation license shall be renewed annually on or before November 1 of each year and the City Clerk shall commence the issuance of renewal license on November 1 of each year. The cost of all licenses issued after the first six months of the issue periods shall be pro- rated using calendar months remaining as the basis therefore. (Ordinance No. 506) CITY OF MARIANNA 35 SOUTH POPLAR STREET MARIANNA, AR 72360 870-295-3813 Your City of Marianna Occupation License is due November 1, 2017. Please note that the Fee for License will double if not paid before January 1, 2018 as allowed for by city ordinance 10-9-01. Please note two changes that apply to 2018 licenses: 1.The fee for arcade style gambling devices with the ability to print or produce any document or item that can be exchanged for proprietary credits, merchandise exchange, refunds or cash rewards is now one thousand dollars per machine in addition to the license for the actual business. 2. Any business renting space for space for special events such as parties, reunions, etc. must purchase a license of $250 for non- alcoholic events or $500 for alcoholic events. Please note that a security officers must be present for these events. Each business must make the City aware of the type of business they are conducting and purchase license accordingly. Any business not having proper license may be license may be closed by the police department with no notice. Feel free to contact the Mayor Office at 870-295-3813 with any questions or concerns. Kim Miles, Clerk /Treasure

National Wear Red Day!!! Thanks Sgt. Burnett & CPL. Smarr

On February 1, 2018, Officers responded to a call regarding subjects in a vehicle driving around threatening people with a firearm out the window. Officers made contact with the vehicle in Double Quick parking lot, where one subject, identified as Jason Larry, exited the vehicle and began to flee. Officers pursued on foot and apprehended Larry. After securing Larry, Officers conducted a search of his person, and found approximately 1/2 pound of marijuana in two large bags in his waist area, along with a loaded 9MM Tuarus handgun. Larry is currently being held awaiting a bond hearing on multiple felony charges.

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Thanks Mayor Williams for all of your hard work and dedication that you give to the city of Marianna!!! We love and appreciate you!!!

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Over the past few weeks, we have been investigating several break ins involving storage units. Early this morning Ofc Cameron Hogan was sitting stationary at Alabama st observing Higgins Mini Storage when he seen an unknown individual exit the area by climbing over the fence onto Alabama St. He made contact with the suspect, Identified as Boyce Wiley, and was able to obtain a small case with items inside. Wiley was transported to the Marianna PD where he is being held pending a bond hearing for Breaking and Entering on this incident and has several other incidents still under investigation. we would like to commend Ofc Hogan for keeping an watchful eye

We are currently accepting applications for employment in our Jail Facility. Applications can be picked up at our department at the Dispatch desk. Applicants must be 18 years old, valid drivers license, must pass criminal, psychological, and drug screen, and complete mandatory state training

***WANTED*** If anyone has any information on Prater's location, please contact the Marianna Police Department. All calls will remain confidential. 870-295-2508 Please share and help spread the word.

MPD's Officer James Wright spreading lots of Christmas joy on today!!!

Marianna PD 911 Dispatchers Sgt. Burnett Cpl. Smarr Operator Taylor Operator Jackson Operator Lee Operator Griffin You all are the best!!!

Two of the 2017 firearms qualification awardees for the Marianna Police Department.

On November 28, 2017, Jimmy Stone was detained for questioning regarding a recent commercial burglary, as well as for outstanding misdemeanor charges. During the course of the investigation, evidence was discovered linking Stone to a residential burglary from October. Stone was charged with Residential Burglary and Theft of Property. He was given a $25,000 bond.

On November 28, 2017, Officers were dispatched to a commercial burglary of the Family Dollar Store on Chestnut Street. The initial investigation led to Officers arresting Antwone Howell. Investigators were able to speak with Howell, and obtain a confession. Howell was subsequently charged with Commercial Burglary and Theft of Property. He was given a $25,000 bond.

On November 20, 2017, Officers responded to an aggravated robbery at the Tobacco Super Store on Chestnut Street. On December 4, 2017, the initial investigation led to one the store employees to be charged with involvement in the robbery. Chari Agnew was charged with Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Robbery, and was given a $35,000 bond.

Lieutenant Strickland speaking with the executive staff of the Arkansas Parole and probation board.

We'd like to recognize our veterans here at the Marianna Police Department, and thank them for their service! OFC K. Moore OFC J. Holcomb OFC J. Harper DET R. Esmon

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Open House at Tender Loving Care Private Home Care, LLC Congratulations to Mr. Larry Parker and his wonderful staff!!!

Mrs. Wanda Williams and myself posing for a picture beside the grateful project board at Farmers & Merchants Bank. There is so much to be thankful for!!! What are you thankful for?