Cabot Police Department

  • Agency: Cabot Police Department
  • Address: 101 N 2nd St, Cabot, 72023 AR
  • Chief: Jackie Davis (Chief of Police)
Phone: 501-843-6526
Fax: (501) 843-5437

Cabot Police Department is located at 101 N 2nd St, Cabot, 72023 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Jackie Davis. The Cabot Police Department phone number is 501-843-6526.

Cabot Police Department News

The Cabot Police Department would like to Thank Mrs. Firman and Westside Elementary for hosting Officer's Holden Lester and Sylvester Starks for a 9-11 presentation. The Officer's participated in the presentation on the Heroes of 9-11 and ended with a Q&A with the students. Mrs. Firman is teaching a week long class and highlighting a different group of first responder's each day.

The City and the Cabot Police Department would like to recognize Lt. Robert Gibson who received an award today for over 10 years of outstanding dedication and service to the Arkansas Drug Evaluation Program. He serves not only as a Drug Recognition Expert but is a certified instructor for the program

A very distinct set of keys were found in the grass near Dollar Tree this morning and turned into Cabot PD. Please call Lt. Robby Gibson and identify if they are yours. 501-843-6166 Case # 18-01599. --Lt. Gibson

The post about Wal-Mart was deleted. Thanks to your tips the Male holding the child is now a Suspect and has been positively identified. The other man is not a suspect only a witness. A Warrant will be issued for the suspect. -Lt. Gibson

David Tabor. Level 2. Address: 300 Block of East Locust. Convicted of Sexual Assault 2 counts MISD. Documentation indicates this offense involved the offender engaging in Sexual Contact with a 6 year old female and a 7 year old female. All comments will be deleted. Please feel free to message the page with any questions or concerns involving this or any offender. -Lt. Robby Gibson

The City currently has (1) open Dispatch position and is hiring. For more information or to apply, please visit our website at and click on the employment tab.

The pictured suspects allegedly attempted to use of a Cloned Credit Card at Wal-Mart. If you can Identify them please call Detective Logan George at 501-843-6166 or e-mail him at Case # 18-1304. Thank you!

Congratulations to Patrolman Damian Gabriel on being selected as the City of Cabot Employee of the Month for the Month of July. Below is the citation received: The City of Cabot recognized Patrol Officer Damian Gabriel as the employee of the month for July for his hard work and dedication during the month of June. Recently, there was an extra daily patrol added to the parks on Richie Road and the area surrounding to aid and help prevent criminal activity. Officer Damian Gabriel was one of the numerous officers assigned to the area. On top of his normal duties, Officer Gabriel took it upon himself to gather popsicles and Kool-Aid drinks from the squad room. He then began a campaign of handing out the cool treats to kids playing outside at the various parks, school playgrounds and in the neighborhoods during this extremely hot, and humid summer. Officer Gabriel invited other officers on shift to aid him and enjoy the interaction with all the children. While he did all this not expecting any accolades, his and other officers’ interactions have brought quite a bit of public attention with multiple social media posts. Actions like these started by Officer Gabriel show the community why the Cabot Police Department is regarded so highly by the citizens. This type of community involvement builds trust between the citizens and the officers. Finally, Officer Gabriel transferred to his current position from CID. Because of this, he brings an extensive knowledge of investigative techniques that are extremely valuable to patrol. He has been a tremendous asset to the patrol division since his arrival. Between his knowledge and experience, along with his community involvement skills listed above, he was an easy choice for the July employee of the month.

As with many of you, we are excited for the Grand Opening of the Dairy Queen on West Main Street. The store will be opening Friday morning at 600 am. This will heavily increase the traffic in the area throughout the weekend. If you will be traveling in the area Friday, Saturday or Sunday, please plan accordingly or find an alternate route. We will do our best to keep traffic flowing on West Main Street. We would ask that those trying to get into the parking lot or drive thru to not stop on West Main Street. Also please do not park in adjacent business parking lots without approval from those property owners.

Saturday 6/30/2018 the Cabot Police Department responded and started an investigation into a death at 304 S. Rockwood. Wal-Mart parking lot, involving a firearm. The investigation is on going. No suspects are being sought after at this time.

We recruited over 40 cadets for this year’s event and they did not disappoint. They worked hard, they trained hard, and their abilities were showcased. We are so proud of what they accomplished. These cadets are truly an inspiration for all of us. Thank you to the community of Cabot for making this possible. This program is free for the cadets and their family thanks to generous donations of money and volunteer time. Thank you to Chief Davis and all the officers and dispatchers who volunteered their time on a Saturday. Thank you to Centennial Bank for providing our lunch for the cadets, their family, and the volunteers. Thank you to our Chaplain Tina Frost, Mt. Carmel Church, and Renew Community Church for your help. Thank you to the Cabot School District for partnering with us for all our Junior Police Academy programs. Thank you to our Junior Police Academy Alumni cadets who helped out. Thank you to our countless volunteers who made this another success. Our biggest thanks goes to these junior officers and their families for sharing their time and talent with the Cabot Police Department. Get some rest cadets…the 2019 Academy will be here before you know it!!!

Reminder: The shooting of fireworks is prohibited in the city limits of Cabot. The sale of fireworks is also prohibited. The tents you see on the outskirts of the city are NOT in the city limits. Please call 501-843-6526 to report fireworks complaints. This page may not be monitored 24-hours a day so please do not post complaints to this page. Other types of calls will take priority over fireworks so this may cause a delay in response to fireworks complaints.

Media Release in reference to report shown on local media. On 06/21/2018 Sarah Casasola made a report with the Cabot Police Department in reference to a Hispanic/Native American male trying to abduct her from the Exxon Gas Station on Highway 5. Detectives with the Cabot Police Department have been working diligently on this case and reviewed security footage from the Exxon Gas Station from the date and time the alleged incident took place. The security footage from the incident did NOT reflect Ms. Casasola’s version of the incident. On 06/27/2018 Detectives interviewed Ms. Casasola about the incident and at that time Casasola admitted that the incident never took place and that she “exaggerated” the story. Ms. Casasola was arrested for Filing a False Police Report and Disorderly Conduct.

Daily Activity for 6/27/2018 Total Calls: 87 Incident Reports: 5 Accident Reports: 5 Traffic Stops: 19 Arrests: 9 Disturbances: 5 House Watches: 10 Alarms: 4 Extra Patrols: 12 Welfare Checks: 5 Warrants Served: 5 Citations Issued: 14 Fireworks Calls: 1

Daily Activity for 6/26/2018 Total Calls: 118 Incident Reports: 4 Accident Reports: 1 Traffic Stops: 26 Arrests: 5 Disturbances: 5 House Watches: 19 Alarms: 7 Extra Patrols: 10 Welfare Checks: 1 Warrants Served: 9 Citations Issued: 21

Daily Activity for 6/25/2018 Total Calls: 70 Incident Reports: 2 Accident Reports: 4 Traffic Stops: 16 Arrests: 2 Disturbances: 1 House Watches: 11 Alarms: 7 Extra Patrols: 10 Welfare Checks: 0 Warrants Served: 11 Citations Issued: 13

Activity for June 22-24, 2018 Total Calls: 252 Incident Reports: 13 Accident Reports: 12 Traffic Stops: 18 Arrests: 6 Disturbances: 14 House Watches: 28 Alarms: 26 Extra Patrols: 33 Welfare Checks: 13 Warants Served: 14 Citations Issued: 24

Daily Activity for 6/21/2018 Total Calls: 93 Incident Reports: 10 Accident Reports: 7 Traffic Stops: 8 Arrests: 5 Disturbances: 5 House Watches: 8 Alarms: 4 Extra Patrols: 15 Welfare Checks: 3 Warrants Served: 6 Citations Issued: 3


Thomas Wooten. Level 2 Sex Offender. Convicted of Sexual Assault Second Degree. Offense involved offender engaging in sexual contact with an 8 year old relative. Resides in the 60 Block of Meadowlark Drive.

Thank you everyone who assisted in identifying the female from Wal-Mart neighborhood market. She has been positively identified and the post was removed. Lt. Gibson.