Carlisle Police Department

  • Agency: Carlisle Police Department
  • Address: 120 W. Main St, Carlisle, 72024 AR
  • Chief: Eric Frank (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-552-3687
Fax: (870) 552-1188

Carlisle Police Department is located at 120 W. Main St, Carlisle, 72024 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Eric Frank. The Carlisle Police Department phone number is 870-552-3687.

Carlisle Police Department News

Thanks to the fabulous support of St. Rose Circle of Friends, Joe and Cynthia Svoboda, Ray and Vickie Glover, Vantage MidSouth, Don and Vicki Elder, Elder Drilling & Supply, Hillman Brothers, Don Kittler Farms, and Carlisle Banking Center, Shop With A Cop 2017 was pretty awesome! The kids and their officers had a great time shopping, hanging out, entertaining the other customers at Walmart, and making some happy memories.

Lonoke County is once again under a burn ban.

Lonoke County is now under a burn ban.

Congratulations Sgt. Farris McClain, Winner of the 2017 Readers' Choice Award for Law Enforcement Officer! Proud of our "Brother in Blue!"

The Carlisle Fire Department will be testing all fire hydrants, on Tuesday evening, in the area between Bobby L Glover Hwy and Tate Ave from 10th St. north to I-40. Residents and businesses in the affected area are cautioned that their water may be discolored for up to 24 hours afterward. While the water is safe to drink, avoid doing laundry until the water clears to prevent staining.

ALERT-IRS Issued An Urgent Warning Against An IRS/FBI-Themed Ransomware Phishing Attack

Calisto I. Duke - Level 2 200 Block of W. 2nd St. Convicted of Sexual Assault - 2nd Degree

Donnie Alfred Jenkins - Level 2 300 Block of E. Lilly St. Convicted of Sexual Assault - 4th Degree

Thank you to this year's supporters of Shop With A Cop: Carlisle Banking Center, Don Kittler Farms, Hillman Brothers, Jeff & Beth Plafcan, Jason & Gigi White, Cathy Smith, Micki Elder, Don & Vicki Elder, Vantage Midsouth, St. Rose Circle of Friends, and Lonoke Walmart. You put the Merry in Christmas for some special children. The officers and kids really had a fun time shopping, and apparently the employees and other customers were getting a kick out of watching them! A special thanks to Walmart for donating a Christmas tree and decorations to one of the families.

K-9 Atlas managed to chew through his lead while he was tied out earlier today and is on the loose. He is wearing a blue collar and should be dragging a portion of a blue lead behind him. Anyone who sees him is asked to call the Carlisle PD at 870-552-3431.

Ladies, A local business turned in an item of jewelry that they found on their parking lot a couple of months ago. Since nobody ever came in looking for it, they turned it over to us. If you think it might be yours, call the police department at 870-552-3687. If you are able to describe it and tell us where you think you could have lost it, we will let you come look at it and see if it's yours.

If you receive a phone call that claims to originate from the IRS or the Treasury Department, IGNORE IT! The IRS isn't going to call you, text you, e-mail you or contact you via social media. This information came out last year, but is still relevant.

We have several items of fishing equipment that were recovered over the weekend. We believe that all of it was taken from residences within the city limits. Some of it has already been returned to its owners. If you've had fishing rods and reels and/or tackle boxes come up missing recently, call us with a description of your property. If we have it, we'll be happy to return it to you.

Beware the Secret Shopper scam! One of our residents received this in the mail and brought it to our attention. She has already been in contact with the issuing bank and confirmed that the check is fraudulent.

We had a visit Tuesday from a very sweet lady, Ms. Donna Saldana Donna is a cancer survivor who now lives in Conway. She grew up around law enforcement, as her late father retired as a captain from the Fort Smith Police Department and her family was close friends with the Sebastian County Sheriff. Donna heard about Jayden Witsell, a 9-year-old boy from Slidell, Louisiana who, with the help of his mother, had begun chasing down police officers and sheriff’s deputies and presenting them with St. Michael (the patron saint of police officers) coins and handwritten thank you cards in envelopes with “Police Lives Matter” written on the outside. Last summer, when she observed a Conway police officer calmly working a traffic accident involving one of the women in her cancer support group, Donna was inspired to launch her own crusade, capitalizing on what Jayden had started in Louisiana. Donna began visiting police departments and sheriff’s offices and distributing thank you cards, cards containing the “Police Officer’s Prayer” and the “Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel,” and necklaces containing a medallion of St. Michael on one side and a Guardian Angel on the reverse. Along with the mementos, she tries to meet with officers at each agency she goes to, giving them hugs and telling them how important they are to her. She also encourages each officer to wear or carry the necklace with them for protection. The Carlisle PD was number 1,022 on the list of agencies she’s visited so far! Thank you, Ms. Donna! You made us feel very special and, yes, we’re carrying the necklaces where you told us to.

Fraud Alert - Apparently, someone has used Caller ID "spoofing" to make it appear that he/she is calling from the Carlisle PD in an attempt to defraud at least one individual that we know of. The Carlisle PD does not call people to inform them that they have active warrants, we do not attempt to collect fine payments/warrant fees over the phone, and we do not use a collection service or tell people to call another phone number to set up payment arrangements. Finally, district courts don't issue arrest warrants in civil cases. The state police are aware of this situation, and at least one other police department is experiencing a similar issue. If you receive one of these calls, you may report it to our department, at 870-552-3431, or just hang up on them.

Thanks to the great folks who sponsored Shop With A Cop 2015: Don L. Kittler Farm Partnership, Jeff & Beth Plafcan, Precision Ag Partners, Carlisle Banking Center, Joe & Cynthia Svoboda, Dan & Tanya Hogan, Don & Vicki Elder, Jason & Gigi White, St. Rose Circle of Friends, Jane Ann Harper, and Hillman Brothers.

Outstanding job by Ofc. Dan Hogan, Sgt. Farris McClain, and K9 Atlas! A traffic stop yielded 55 grams of methamphetamine, a couple of marijuana roaches, and packaging materials. The drugs were wrapped in multiple layers of plastic wrap and petroleum jelly to try to mask the odor. Atlas is very good at his job. It didn't even slow him down!

Bradley Carroll Hubbard - Level 2 600 block of S. Greenlaw Ave. Convicted of Incest and Sexual Abuse - 1st Degree

The Carlisle PD is investigating a hit-and-run traffic crash that occurred, just prior to 6:00 PM, on N. Court at 4th St. by the First Baptist Church. The suspect vehicle is described as a blue short-bed/short wheelbase Chevrolet pickup occupied by a young white male driver. The vehicle should have damage to the left front corner. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police department at 870-552-3431.

Thanks for using our prescription drop box to keep these drugs out of the wrong hands and out of our water supply!

Laura's Card - Rights & Responsibilities of Victims of Domestic Violence is now available on our webpage at

We are thrilled to announce that Cody and Tiffany just got wonderful news. Children's Hospital called them and informed them that a follow-up test ruled out SCID. Tyler has Selective Immunoglobulin A Deficiency (SIgAD) and low iron. Both conditions are treatable by his primary care physician, and his prognosis is excellent. He's going to be running around, fighting with his brothers, and getting into mischief before his parents know what hit them! Cody and Tiffany give all of the credit to our totally awesome God and all of the people (over 528,000 of them) who viewed the original Facebook post and prayed for Tyler and his family.

We've had several questions from folks asking about Tyler's diagnosis. He has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease (SCID), also known as "Bubble Boy Syndrome." There are several different forms of the disease and, in Tyler's case, it was discovered during routine screening for the disease which, according to his dad, Arkansas just began testing for in newborns in May of this year. Both Cody and Tiffany are handling the situation really well, and are very thankful to everybody who has viewed the post, especially those who've offered up prayers and words of encouragement on behalf of their little boy.