Bull Shoals Police Department

  • Agency: Bull Shoals Police Department
  • Address: 706 CS Woods Blvd, Bull Shoals, 72619 AR
  • Chief: Dan Sutterfield (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-445-4775

Bull Shoals Police Department is located at 706 CS Woods Blvd, Bull Shoals, 72619 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Dan Sutterfield. The Bull Shoals Police Department phone number is 870-445-4775.

Bull Shoals Police Department News

Please keep these officers,families, and department in your thoughts and prayers. Again, we have two young lives taken way to soon! Rest easy brothers we have it from here. #thinblueline

Found pup! This pit bull was found in the area of golf course terrace. Has a collar but no tags. Please share so we can reunites the pup with its family! Please contact Bull Shoals City Hall at 445-4775 if you are the owner or know the owner(s).

Mayor Nixon and Recorder / Treasurer Bailey congratulate our newest Bull Shoals Police Officer, John Ainsworth after he was sworn in by Mayor Nixon. John come to us with 6 years of experience. We welcome John and are glad to have him as a member of our department.

Please keep all officers, families, and departments in your thoughts and prayers! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/03/08/us/missouri-police-killed-wrong-house/index.html

Good morning everyone! We just wanted to remind everyone of a couple things as we move into spring. With the recent rain we have noticed a lot of people driving in the rain without their headlights on. Please turn on the headlights for a couple reasons! One is because it is a law in Arkansas to have your headlights on when your wipers are on (Arkansas State Statute 27-36-204(2)(a). Also it helps other vehicles see you on the roadway. Also we have a couple places in town that if we get the amount of rainfall they are calling for could possibly have standing water across the road. If you come to an area where there is water over the roadway do not attempt to drive through the water. It may look fine but you never know what the condition of the roadway is under the water. Everyone have a safe weekend!

There was another school shooting today in the United States. This shooting occurred in Broward County Florida. Details are still coming out. What we do know is that there are multiple casualties and injuries. Please pray for these students, faculty members, families, and law enforcement officers/agencies. All parties involved have been effected by the tragic events today.

Chicago Police Department commander fatally shot at Thompson Center – 18th District Commander Paul Bauer, 53, 31 – year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, was shot and killed at the Thompson Center Tuesday afternoon, Supt. Eddie Johnson said.

Westerville PD has lost two hero’s. Please keep officers Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli and their families and friends in your thoughts and prayers as they go through these hard times. There is a go fund me page set up for their families. https://www.gofundme.com/FOPLodge9HelpFund Also, the nation has lost 7 hero’s in the past 7 days. The nation has already lost 15 hero’s this year. Please keep all of these officers, families, departments, and friends in your thoughts and prayers. #thinblueline

It’s that time of the year again! Scams are going around again. Please share so we can get the word out!

We are experiencing some winter weather in Bull Shoals at the moment. Right now there is freezing rain falling. This is suppose to continue until late tonight into tomorrow morning. While the road conditions are not terrible at the moment, ice is forming on elevated surfaces. It will not be long until roads become slick. If you are not home once you get home we advise you to stay there until the roads improve tomorrow. We will do our best to keep you informed.

Thomas J Archey has been taken into custody. The Bull Shoals Police Department would like to thank everyone for their help in finding Mr. Archey!

Citizens we need your help! We are looking for Thomas J. Archey for the alleged battery of his pregnant girlfriend! Please be on the lookout for Thomas. Please share this so we can find Thomas!

Thank you to everyone that took time out of their day to spread the word!

Please share so we can get Arissa home!

FOUND FEMALE PUPPY Saturday 1/20/2018 at approximately 2:30 PM in the area of 708 honeysuckle in Bull Shoals. It appears that the animal was recently spayed at a veterinary clinic in Harrison. If you know who owns this dog or if it is your dog please contact the Bull Shoals Police Department Thank you very much

Bull Shoals is under a winter weather advisory. We are experiencing snow accumulation currently which is causing the roads to become slick. While this is not a major snowstorm, the amount we have has cause some slickness. We are encouraging everyone to stay home until the weather/roads clear up. Thank you and be safe.

The Bull Shoals Police Department would like to wish everyone a happy New Year. Please remember if you have a drink tonight, let someone else drive. We want everybody to have a fun and safe evening. Also stay bundle up we are suppose to have even colder temperatures tomorrow.

Merry Christmas from the Bull ShoalsPolice Department! Have a safe and fun day!

This morning the Bull Shoals Police Department handed out goody bags(candy bags ☺️🍬) at the Lutheran Church here in Bull Shoals while the Food Pantry handed out food baskets. We handed the bags out to families whom had children in hopes of giving the children a little something extra for Christmas. Pictures left to right: Officer Roberts, Officer Politte, Officer Alvirez, Sgt. Rhodes, and Chief Kuchenbecker

Where do you begin? Steve had such an impact not only on a few people but it was on everyone he talked too. Steve never met a stranger, once he met you he treated you like he had known you for years. If you were ever lucky enough to travel anywhere with Steve you know it was hard to go anywhere without some recognizing “the yellow hat” and then making sure they told him hello. Not seeing that yellow hat running all over town every day of year will take some getting used too. As everyone else I could go on and on about Steve’s character. Since Steve was a big supporter of our police department I find it fitting to leave you with this quote from Steve: “you never steal, always borrow.” Please keep the Eastwold family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this tragedy. Rest In Peace Steve, look out for us all from above.