Texarkana Police Department

  • Agency: Texarkana Police Department
  • Address: 100 N Stateline Ave., Texarkana, 75504 AR
  • Chief: Robert H Harrison (Chief of Police)
Phone: (903)798-3130
Fax: (903)798-3023

Texarkana Police Department is located at 100 N Stateline Ave., Texarkana, 75504 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert H Harrison. The Texarkana Police Department phone number is (903)798-3130.

Texarkana Police Department News

TAPD Officers have been on duty all weekend at the Four States Fairgrounds. Saturday we saw unprecedented attendance and after meeting with Fairgrounds management, we learned that the crowd that day was estimated at 20,000 people (and we agree with that number!). We have received a few questions, and some complaints related to the traffic situation that night and we would like to explain a few of those issues. By 8:00pm there were NO AVAILABLE parking spots on any fairground property, including all overflow areas. Bobby Ferguson Park, which is City owned property, was also completely full and several vehicles had already become blocked in due to the owner's decision to park in an un-designated area. Many of our officers have years of experience working events at the Four States Fairgrounds and none of them can recall ever seeing as many vehicles on and around the property. At around 8:20pm the decision was made to not allow any additional vehicles in to the fairgrounds parking areas after they had reached capacity....there was simply no place else to put vehicles. This caused many people who were stuck in traffic to be directed out of the area by traffic officers. While this was very inconvenient for anyone who was caught in the middle of this, the vast majority of those affected took it in stride and either parked outside the area of the fairgrounds and walked in, or simply went home. A few took the opportunity to yell at our officers, and others accelerated recklessly out of the area. By 9:30pm the Fairground management made the decision to close the gates for all entry, and it wasn't until around 11:00pm that we began to notice any significant numbers of people exiting the parking areas. There were no major incidents to report and by all accounts it seemed like those in attendance had a good time. We will be here until the Fair is over, providing security and traffic control. Our officers would love the opportunity to visit with you, and we will answer any questions that we can. Please be patient as we do everything possible to make sure everyone has a good time at this year's event!

Thank you Veritas Academy for the invite to speak with your outstanding students.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department would like to announce the recent promotion of Officer Les Colley to Sergeant. Sergeant Colley began his career with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department in 2007. During his time with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department Sgt. Colley has served in the Narcotics section of the Criminal Investigations Division, the Special Operations Section in Housing and Crime Suppression, and is currently assigned to the patrol division. Sgt. Colley has been a member of the TAPD honor guard and a field training officer. He holds a general certification along with receiving numerous letters of commendation and appreciation. Additionally, he as served our great country in the United States Marine Corps. as a sergeant, serving time in Iraq, Japan, and the Philippines. On September 2, 2018 Officer Les Colley was promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Thank you Texas High School Student Council for the delicious cupcakes today!

Join us this morning in moments of silence to honor and remember: • 8:46 a.m.: in observance of the first plane striking the North Tower • 9:03 a.m.: Moment of silence in observance of the second plane striking the South Tower • 9:37 a.m.: Moment of silence in observance of Flight 77 striking the Pentagon • 9:59 a.m.: Moment of silence in observance of the South Tower falling • 10:03 a.m.: Moment of silence in observance of Flight 93 crashing near Shanksville, Pa. • 10:28 a.m.: Moment of silence in observance of the North Tower falling Never Forget. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

In case you’re looking, here is an easy way to download our app! So download it and if you see something, say something! https://texarkan.appbuild.io/#~ZGV2aWNlX3V1aWQ9d2ViYXBwLXk5NGwwaWJ4cHA=

Talking with 5 Star on getting your home secured! They are offering a great service to our citizens. You can contact them at 903-832-3474.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has received numerous reports of vehicle break-ins and burglaries in the past several weeks. In most reported cases the vehicle was left unlocked with valuable items in plain sight. TAPD is working diligently including providing extra patrols, detective investigations, and undercover surveillance to cease this type of criminal activity. We are asking that all of our citizens become persistent in locking their vehicles. Ensuring all valuable items are not located inside the vehicle in plain sight. And remember if you see something, say something call 911 immediately if you’re hearing any type of activity that sounds suspicious or unusual in anyway. We ask that you don’t attempt to investigate but just to call 911 immediately. Please utilize the TAPD mobile app to register your security cameras for our security camera surveillance database. In doing so you can help yourself and your neighbors from being a victim of a vehicle burglary or theft. Several arrests have been made from the video surveillance that our citizens are providing to us in these cases.

Each year, Americans mark the end of summer with the Labor Day holiday weekend, a time to celebrate the hard work and many accomplishments of our country. Friends and families eagerly await pool parties, backyard barbecues, and other occasions to enjoy the last days of summer sunshine. Sadly, the Labor Day holiday has also become one of the deadliest, with drunk drivers endangering themselves and others on their way home from these holiday festivities. This year, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department is partnering with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to get drunk drivers off the roads and help save lives. The high-visibility national enforcement campaign, Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over, runs from August 17 through September 3, 2018. During this period, local law enforcement will show zero tolerance for drunk driving. Increased State and national messages about the dangers of driving impaired, coupled with enforcement and increased officers on the road, aim to drastically reduce drunk driving on our nation’s roadways. Drunk driving isn’t the only risk on the road: Drug-impaired driving is also an increasing problem on our nation’s roads. If drivers are impaired by any substance—alcohol or drugs—they should not get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Driving while impaired is illegal, period. The bottom line is this: If You Feel Different, You Drive Different. Drive High, Get a DUI. It’s that simple. The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department recommends these safe alternatives to drinking and driving: • Remember that it is never okay to drink and drive. Even if you’ve had only one alcoholic beverage, designate a sober driver or plan to use public transportation or a ride sharing service to get home safely. • Download NHTSA’s SaferRide mobile app. SaferRide allows users to call a taxi or a predetermined friend, and identifies the user’s location so he or she can be picked up. • If you see a drunk driver on the road, contact the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department. • Have a friend who is about to drink and drive? Take the keys away and make arrangements to get your friend home safely. For more information about the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, visit www.TrafficSafetyMarketing.gov.

Here it is!!! The 2018 PRIDE Academy video! Big thanks to Officer Christine M Parker Knouse for another year for us to reflect back on our successes.

TAPD Detectives went to eat at Fuzzy’s today. Once there, Lisa Walker and Ruth Reynolds-Robinson came up to say thank you for the services our agency provides. Further, they insisted, quite strongly, that they buy lunch today. We want to thank these lovely ladies for their kind gesture and support for law enforcement!

With the 2018-2019 school year already here, we want to remind you that the speed limit in school zones decrease during active school hours. Most school zones are clearly posted with signs that indicate a school zone is in effect when children are present. Sometimes it is not clear to motorists when these zones are enforced by law enforcement officers. A good rule to remember is an hour prior to school beginning and an hour after school lets out. Why the whole hour? The signs posted usually say "when children are present". Children start walking to school early and buses start running early based on the routes. School may start late due to weather or let out early due to in service or testing schedules. Same applies after school, it takes a while to get the kids off campus and home. The purpose is to get kids to school and home safely, so please be aware when you’re driving of your surroundings. Ask yourself, are kids walking? Are kids present, in cars, on buses, on foot, riding a bicycle? Most people know where the schools are located in their neighborhoods, some may forget the private schools in Texarkana. Trinity Christian School clearly has school zone signs posted on Four States Parkway. Be aware most of these children are riding to and from school in private vehicles and often may be on foot after school in the area. The school zones around Trinity are enforced from 730 am until 815 am and 245 pm until 330 pm. These times can change based on schedule changes, so be aware of high traffic volumes in the area. Let's be safe and have a great school year!

Tomorrow is a big day for our kiddos! We want everyone to have a safe and fun school year!

Throughout the day the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has received numerous phone calls from concerned citizens who have reported a suscpicious telephone call from an unknown person claiming to be a representative from the IRS. The phone numbers have been 305-897-0565 and 631-865-3048. The storyline varies, but in each case the citizen was warned that they would be prosecuted if they did not comply with the callers request to pay some sort of fine (in this case the caller added a 24-hour deadline or "the cops would be called").....THIS IS A SCAM!!! This activity takes place from time to time and generally originates from areas outside of the United States. Rest assured, no agency will ever call anyone and attempt to solicit that person's financial information or payment over the phone. Please make sure to share this information with friends or family that do not have access to social media as they are often victimized by these types of criminals. In these cases, once payment is made it is very unlikely that it will ever be recovered and the information that is shared can cause irreparable damage to a victims finances.

***SCAM ALERT*** Two residents recently reached out to the Texarkana Police in order to notify us of a scam. Both subjects reported they recieved a text message indicating their debit cards were locked. The text message requested personal inforamtion in order to "unlock" the card. This scam is aimed to get the potential victim to give up their debit card number and other personal information. If you have any questions about the status of your credit or debit card, call the phone number printed on the back of the card itself.

We had an excellent training day for Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, and Tele-communication Personnel! We would like to thank all who have participated in the last few weeks. We have one more course and slots still available for August 9-10th. https://www.ktbs.com/news/tapd-hosts-active-shooter-training-this-week/article_d7e34b1a-99b5-11e8-96f9-e3230343d62b.html

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Dr. Kemp and Tuck visited PRIDE Academy today!