Gosnell Police Department

  • Agency: Gosnell Police Department
  • Address: 307 South Airbase Highway, Gosnell, 72315 AR
  • Chief: Fred Roberts (Chief of Police)

Gosnell Police Department is located at 307 South Airbase Highway, Gosnell, 72315 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Fred Roberts. The Gosnell Police Department phone number is 870-532-2111.

Gosnell Police Department News

The Gosnell Police Department has no control over school closings or the drivers testing schedule. Officers with this department has nothing do with testing. The city provides the facility, facility only for your convenience. We will post as soon as we know of any changes.


Due to power related issues, there will be NO school today.

Driver testing for today December 27, 2017 is cancelled. Contact the Arkansas State Police @ 870.935.7302 for any questions thank you.


We have partnered with CARFAX for motor vehicle crashes. If you are involved in an accident you will be given one of the attached cards. Go to the website on the card and search your report number. You can still obtain a copy from the Police Department the cost for reports is $10.00.

****Public service announcement**** When raining and wipers are on headlights are required to be on. Thank you http://law.justia.com/codes/arkansas/2010/title-27/subtitle-3/chapter-36/subchapter-2/27-36-204 Section 2 A

Many leads were received on the vehicle break ins today. Want to thank the hard working officers but especially the citizens that came forward. We must continue this partnership to make our community better. Thank you.



All those men who are struggling with addiction. John 3:16 Ministries can help.

GPD wants to thank the alert individual(s) that provided the tip on this discovery. Its about Community Policing not Police Departments. Again, thanks for helping police our community.

Condolences for the US Marines

Prayers for NYPD and the officers three children.

Eaker AFB Alert Pad Building 1225

With upcoming holiday the Gosnell Police Department would like to advise our citizens of the current ordinance regarding fireworks. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and wish everyone and Happy Independence Day.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there.