Gosnell Police Department

  • Agency: Gosnell Police Department
  • Address: 307 South Airbase Highway, Gosnell, 72315 AR
  • Chief: Fred Roberts (Chief of Police)

Gosnell Police Department is located at 307 South Airbase Highway, Gosnell, 72315 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Fred Roberts. The Gosnell Police Department phone number is 870-532-2111.

Gosnell Police Department News

Road construction in front of the school will continue tomorrow. Expect delays. Thank you for your patience.

The Arkansas Highway Department is going to be doing road work on Airbase Hwy starting at Bevill Ave and going 2.8 miles North. There will most likely be heavy equipment in the area, traffic flow will be affected during school hours. Be mindful of workers and pay close attention to directions to avoid any issues and obey ALL traffic laws. Please avoid area if all possible.


No reports of damage occurring in Gosnell. Department received report of a tornado on ground between us and Hornersville, Mo. Be safe and monitor weather conditions, especially this time of year.

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Some lawmen from the past at GPD

The following is a link to Arkansas State Police website with information about drivers license testing. Any questions about please refer to this website. http://asp.arkansas.gov/services-and-programs/detail/driver-examination

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The Washington County Sheriff's Department has requested activation of a Arkansas AMBER Alert, Level 1. Point of contact for additional information is Detective Andrew Morris who can be contacted by calling (479) 790-6603. https://www.ark.org/asp/alerts/mnaa/index.php?ina_sec_csrf=3e84961255b06cb81356e0f0853fad41&do:alert_detail&id=22


I would like feedback from our community on the possibility of a meet with the chief/officers to hear concerns of our community. I just ask that it be civil and bring solutions to problems, not just complaints. Community participation is a must to help our Police Force. Thank you.

We have a couple cases now with fake US currency, we urge everyone to pay close attention to your money and if you come across any please turn it in to your local Police Department. ARKANSAS CODE ANNOTATED 5-37-201 FORGERY (a) A person forges a written instrument if with the purpose to defraud the person makes, completes, alters, counterfeits, possesses, or utters any written instrument that purports to be or is calculated to become or to represent if completed the act of: (1) money a security a postage or revenue stamp or other instrument issued by a government; Forgery in the 1st degree is a class B felony.



The Gosnell Police Department has no control over school closings or the drivers testing schedule. Officers with this department has nothing do with testing. The city provides the facility, facility only for your convenience. We will post as soon as we know of any changes.


Due to power related issues, there will be NO school today.

Driver testing for today December 27, 2017 is cancelled. Contact the Arkansas State Police @ 870.935.7302 for any questions thank you.


We have partnered with CARFAX for motor vehicle crashes. If you are involved in an accident you will be given one of the attached cards. Go to the website on the card and search your report number. You can still obtain a copy from the Police Department the cost for reports is $10.00.