Leachville Police Department

  • Agency: Leachville Police Department
  • Address: 116 S Main St, Leachville, 72438 AR
  • Chief: Keith Evans (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-539-6713
Fax: (870)539-2490

Leachville Police Department is located at 116 S Main St, Leachville, 72438 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Keith Evans. The Leachville Police Department phone number is 870-539-6713.

Leachville Police Department News

This is the ditch on East Swihart road. If you saw know who dumped this please contact the police department. It was done last night or today.

Anyone know where these babies belong. They are at the bank on north Main

Thank you to all the officers for your help during the Harvest Festival. You all did a great job!! We all had a good time and had very little trouble. No one went to jail. Great event!!

If this is your dog or you know who it belongs to please go get it. It's st the apartments on 11th street

Is this your dog? He has either ran off from somewhere and got lost or has been dumped on a county road. Please contact me if he belongs to you?

LOCATED!!!! Big thanks to Mississippi County Sheriff's Department and Poinsett County Sheriff's Office. Also all of my Officers for you dedication!! Jimmy Irvin, aka Oreo, has been missing since 7/29/2017. He is 29 years old, 6'0-6'2 weights between 150 and 175 lbs black hair, and brown eyes. Last seen in Leachville, Ar If you have seen him or know his whereabouts please contact Leachville Police Department 870-539-6713.

If you know who this poor girl belonged to please let me know. She has sever pneumonia and starved. She has a 20% chance of survival. If you would like to help with her vet bills please contact rescued paws. This is a non profit rescue. She pays for everything out of pocket. She has 33 dogs as if this morning. Her vet bill is over $1200.00 right now. Any help would be appreciated. She rescues dogs from The Leachville area as well as Paragould. Donations can also be made to the Kennett Veterinary Clinic in the name of Rescued Paws. Thank you for your help!!! Please share this post

If this is your dog, or if you know whose it is let me know. I found it on 3rd out by the factory running around in the road.

Leachville Police Department is now accepting applications for full time certified officers. For more information please contact Leachville Police Department at 870-539-6604. Email jisebell@leachvillepd.org

Due to the fact that this page is tied into my personal Facebook, it is being deleted since I resigned my position with Leachville Police Department.

We will be testing the tornado sirens at 12 pm Wednesday 5/3/17.

County Road 49, across from Hwy 119, off Hwy 18 is closed due to water.

If you live in leachville and need to go through state Line, we currently have the road shut down. You will have to take a detour due to powerlines down in roadway. Roadway is shut down until it can be cleared. Please share to let everyone know

*ATTENTION SCAM ALERT* If you receive a phone call from a person stating she is a process server by the name of "Vanessa Perkins" hang up, it's a scam... She will give you a phone number to call (1-855-887-1183) you will have someone answer stating "Steinburg Russo & Ass law firm. Today "Shawn Green" is answering the phones. He will tell you that some sort of law suit is being filed against you and if you pay it today no ungodly additional charges will be added. Shawn will ask if you want to pay with credit card, debit card, or money order. If you choose to pay with money order he will give you the address of: 2910 S Archibald Av Suite A-334 Ontario, Ca. 91761 Folks this address is a mailbox in a UPS store in Ontario California and this is a confirmed SCAM!!!!!! If you receive one of these phone calls please report it to your local law enforcement agency... AND PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!!! P.S and if you would like to harass these folks like they are trying to scam incident hard working people please remember to dail *67 first

***Announcement*** The Leachville Police Department will be testing the severe weather sirens today April 14th 2017 at 12:00pm to check for any necessary repairs.


***UPDATE*** Entergy is now reporting power restoration at 6:00pm

According to Entergy, they have a issue with a main sub-station at this time and are working as fast as they can to repair it. Meanwhile power will be out in Leachville, Manila and Monette until the repairs are done. The estimated time for power to be restored is 12:30pm at this time. Thanks Leachville Police Department

Neighborhood Watch In recent weeks, the Leachville Police Department has been approached by a few citizens and asked about starting a neighborhood watch program. Over the past few weeks we have been considering different ideas and begin to put together plans to start a neighborhood watch program if enough citizens are interested. We are asking for feedback from the community to let us know if you are interested and collect as many ideas as possible. We feel that this could be very beneficial to the community, especially as the spring and summer months come. Please feel free to email Lt. Brandon Womack at bwomack@leachvillepd.org with any suggestions or ideas. If we receive positive feedback and interest in the program, we can schedule a meeting and discuss issues and ideas to begin this program. Thanks, Leachville Police Department

Please share Last night at approximately 1:05 am two people forced entry into Gary's Food Mart taking a undisclosed amount of money from the ATM, and safe area of the store, the two suspects then forced entry into Corner Mart were they again forced the ATM open and stole another undisclosed amount of money. The two suspects are identified as possibly two black males, one having long dreadlocks. The two suspects were able to park their vehicle out of all camera views and escape with a significant amount of money. The Leachville Police Department will post updates with information as we gather it, however we are asking at this time, anyone with information please contact the Leachville Police Department. Thanks, You can also email any tips to police@leachvillepd.ord