Leachville Police Department

  • Agency: Leachville Police Department
  • Address: 116 S Main St, Leachville, 72438 AR
  • Chief: Keith Evans (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-539-6713
Fax: (870)539-2490

Leachville Police Department is located at 116 S Main St, Leachville, 72438 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Keith Evans. The Leachville Police Department phone number is 870-539-6713.

Leachville Police Department News

PLEASE SHARE!! City Wide Clean up starting today until all the way through next week. Starting TODAY Friday September 21 Saturday 9-22-18 7am-5pm Sunday closed Monday-Friday 7am-6pm Free dumping to Leachville Residents.

Found this sweet baby boy on 3rd and Nelson Street in Leachville..If any one has any information contact City Hall during business hours or Call police line. 870-539-6713. Thank you

If anyone has any information regarding the vandalism to the porta potty behind the ball fields at the Leachville City Park please contact the Police Department. Thank you!

!!ANNOUNCEMENT!! PLEASE SHARE.. The Leachville Police Department has recovered many items. Please contact an "Officer" with the Police Department for more information. We want to return all items to the rightful owner. Several bikes have came up missing and we have recovered a few. Any help from the community and citizens would be helpful and we encourage the citizens of Leachville to contact us. Thank you!

SHARE PLEASE.. If anyone has any information to many stolen bicycles, power tools, hand tools. etc. We have recovered items and are wanting to return to the rightful owner. Please contact the Leachville Police Department for further information! Thank you.

UPDATE! The phone lines are now working! 870-539-6713

***Attention*** the phone lines are currently down at the Leachville Police Department. We don’t know when they will be back up please call 870-658-2242 or 870-762-2243. Also if Emergency remember to call 911. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST! We will update as soon as we hear something. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for supporting the City of Leachville.

If anyone has any information about these dogs please call the numbers on photo or contact the Leachville Police Department at 870-539-6713 thank you

Lost Dog in the 9th Street area He will be at 109 E 9th Street Leachville. On the Church parking lot.

PLEASE SHARE!!! Found on Lange Street across from Second Baptist Church. If this your baby Contact Leachville Police Department. 870-539-6713.

Be on the look out for this vehicle, 2005 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab. It was taken from owner in Leachville early this morning at 5:00 a.m. It has a dent in the front passenger side bumper also missing tailgate handle. AR LPN 067-XCY. Any information regarding this vehicle please contact Leachville Police Department 870-539-6713. Anyone with surveillance cameras in the area of 5th and ADA, please check the feed between the times of 5:00 and 6:00 Am. If anything was caught on camera please contact the Police Department.

This little boy is running around the 300 block of Nelson. If he belongs to you, you can find him there.

Anyone know who these dogs belong to? They are at the Leachville Pound

Anyone have a small pet carrier? The cat is back and the other carrier is already in use. Just need it long enough to run the cat to Jonesboro and back

Thank you Pugsley

Anyone missing a cat? Poor thing has been through it!

Thank you to whoever bought and brought the Police Department the pizzas.

This boy has broken his cable and is at 7th and Lange. If he belongs to you, go get him

Weather sirens will be tested at noon today

This baby was found on Main Street around the corner of 7th and Main. If this is your dog or you know who she belongs to contact the Police Department.

If this is your dog please contact me. It was picked up by a person in Leachville and he wants to return it to its owner.


Failure to provide shelter, food, and water for your animals is a crime and you will be arrested. Take your animals inside, get them a heat lamp, old blankets, clothes, something, anything to keep them warm. Make sure to check their food and water. In this Weather, it will freeze fast. If you are cold, they are cold. The difference is, they can’t open the door and go inside on their own. Nor can they plug in a heat lamp. http://aldf.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/ARKANSAS16_FINAL.pdf