Brinkley Police Department

  • Agency: Brinkley Police Department
  • Address: 233 W Cedar St, Brinkley, 72021 AR
  • Chief: Bill Geaters (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-734-3434
Fax: 870-734-3163

Brinkley Police Department is located at 233 W Cedar St, Brinkley, 72021 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Bill Geaters. The Brinkley Police Department phone number is 870-734-3434.

Brinkley Police Department News

We had a great time at Brinkley Athletic Association Auction! Lt. Brandy Quinn won the Pie in the Face for Chief Ed Randle and Harper Quinn did an awesome job with the pie!

A tractor that was stolen from an individual on Hwy. 302 in Monroe County was recovered at a residence on East Cypress Street today in Brinkley. The theft and possession of the stolen tractor are under investigation by Brinkley Police Department and Monroe County Sheriff's Department.

Joseph McNeal, 50, of Brinkley was arrested on March 1, 2018 for Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance by Officer Allan Spence of Brinkley Police Department. McNeal is currently being held at Monroe County Detention Center on a $25,000 bond.

Brinkley Police Department, Monroe County Sheriff's Department and the Arkansas State Police spent time at Brinkley High School and Partee Elementary School during the week to practice with students and staff on how to respond during an active shooter situation. A slow motion drill was conducted at Brinkley High School on Monday and Partee Elementary on Thursday. All students and staff did very well during the exercise. Officers spoke with each class offered ideas that could help them be more prepared in case of an event. We do encourage parents to educate their children on this subject, in hopes that it may eliminate false threats or threatening comments that are made in a joking manner. Due to the events around our nation, everyone is hypersensitive to any potential threat to our school, and every reported incident is investigated to ensure the safety of our students. We do encourage students and staff to report any threat made immediately so that it can be investigated and any threat eliminated. If you know of anyone contemplating an event or posing a threat to your school, your local law enforcement agency should be contacted immediately.

We love spending time with our students!

After testing by the Arkansas Department of Health, the boil order has been lifted and the water is safe for consumption and use.

Brinkley is under a boil order! The Water Department is expecting to know by Monday evening if the water is safe and will post on Facebook to let everyone know. We’ll try to update when more information is released. East Monroe County, United and Wheatley Water Systems are also under the boil order.

We are searching for family of Daniel Lease of Brinkley, born October 5, 1933. If you are a relative or know how to contact a relative, please call Brinkley Police Department at (870) 734-3434. Thank you.

Demarcus Allen is wanted by Brinkley Police Department for violent crimes committed in December 2017. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Demarcus Allen, please contact Brinkley Police Department at (870) 734-3434. All information will be kept confidential.

THIS PERSON HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED AND LOCATED. THANK YOU TO THE CITIZENS WHO ASSISTED IN LOCATING HER. Do you know this person? She is wanted for questioning in an investigation of credit card fraud. Please send replies in messenger only.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends affected by the tragic events of January 4, 2018. We, as a community, have to pull together and lift up all of the lives that were changed and pray for comfort and peace while the victims and their family and friends, and our community as a whole, grieves the loss we’ve endured. We would like to thank Arkansas State Police for all of their help and all agencies who assisted yesterday during this incident.

Happy New Year from all of us at Brinkley Police Department!

There was a shooting incident on South Chicago Street on November 16, 2017, where two victims reportedly suffered gunshot wounds. One of the victims was treated for a gunshot wound and has been released from the hospital, the second victim who has been named by witnesses at the scene, has not come forward or been located. Damond Olmetti, 23, and Cordious Daniels, 26, both of Brinkley, are wanted for questioning for their involvement in this incident. Anyone having any information regarding this incident, contact Inv. Brandy Quinn at Brinkley Police Department at (870) 734-3435

Albert Smith, III, 29, and brother Sasha Smith, 27 of Brinkley, and Sharmaine Stokes, 26, of Marianna, AR have all been charged in a shooting incident that occurred on October 16, 2017. Allegedly, after physical altercation between Kendall Bean and Sasha Smith, Albert Smith retrieved a firearm from Sasha's vehicle and fired at Bean's vehicle as he drove away. One of the bullets fired, entered the passenger door of Bean's vehicle, striking Curtis McNeal, Bean's brother, who was in the passenger seat of Bean's vehicle. McNeal was released from the hospital, but reportedly with need further medical attention for his wound. All charged have been bound over to Monroe County Circuit Court.

Edward Pye, 33, Gerald Richards, 34, of Brinkley, and Kevin Jamison, 41, all of Brinkley have been charged for involvement in a shooting incident that occurred on East Lynn Street in Brinkley on September 2, 2017. It is alleged that Pye and Richards went to East Lynn Street to retaliate against Jamison for an incident involving Jamison and Pye on September 1, 2017, where Pye received minor injuries. Jamison was treated for a gunshot wound and released from the hospital the same day. Jamison was charged for the incident on September 1, 2017 and was also charged for the incident on September 2, 2017, when allegedly, a stray bullet from Jamison's firearm entered the residence of a mother and her children who reside on East Lynn Street. All cases have been bound over to Monroe County Circuit Court.

Thank you to our citizens for recognizing this need in our community! There will be a new Brinkley City Jail! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on the community's behalf, Mr. Tommy Robinson and Mr. Gary Padgett, we appreciate you very much!

On August 1, 2017, Brinkley Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance after a female victim called and reported that her ex-boyfriend, Ronnie Smith, 47, of Brinkley, assaulted her with a weapon moments before officers were requested. When officers attempted to make contact with Smith outside his home, Smith fled into his home with a firearm from his waistband. Smith barricaded himself inside his home for approximately two and a half hours. Arkansas State Police were requested for assistance. Special Agent Jason Martin was eventually able to talk Smith into surrendering and Smith was taken into custody without incident. The firearm was retrieved by Brinkley Police Department. Smith is being detained with charges pending for the assault and resisting arrest.

There have been many questions and concerns expressed about the upcoming election for a proposed temporary one cent sales tax to build a new Brinkley City Jail and an extension and remodel of the court room at Brinkley City Hall. We will try to address some of the major questions and misinformation in this post, so that our citizens are well informed before casting their vote. The estimated cost of the project is $3,405,000.00 and the bond would be scheduled for a nine year period. The estimated projection of revenue from the temporary one cent sales tax is $630,000 per year, estimating the bond to be paid off in five years. Since the Brinkley Jail was changed to a twenty-four hour holding facility on August 1, 2016, the city has spent $120,000.00 to hold inmates at other facilities and GPS monitoring. This amount doesn’t include transport expenses, including salary of officers, overtime pay, mileage on police units and fuel, to and from the other facilities for court, doctor’s appointments, etc. We try to utilize city and county jails in the surrounding area, but often these facilities are at capacity, so we are forced to house inmates in facilities further away than are practical or economical. Housing inmates at other facilities cost the city $40 to $80 per day, per inmate, depending on what facility has bed space available and whether the inmate is male or female. While we try to house our inmates at Monroe County Jail, where we pay $40 per day, per inmate, they are often full due to housing inmates charged with felonies. The GPS monitoring system is utilized as often as possible, but is not effective in crime prevention or fine collection. We will not be able to sustain these costs for housing and GPS monitoring and will eventually have to release inmates that if incarcerated, would make our streets safer. The cost for us to house our own inmates is approximately $8 - $10 per day per inmate. We are often faced with having to release an inmate less likely to offend, to hold one we feel is more likely to re-offend. This temporary tax, if passed, will eliminate that choice having to be made. The bed space projected will also allow Brinkley City Jail to hold inmates for other agencies to generate revenue to help sustain the cost of daily operation of the jail. The citizens of Brinkley will not be solely responsible for the cost of the day-to-day expenses of the jail. The jail would also be energy efficient, as to keep costs to a minimum. Citizens also have concerns with the “Hamburger Tax” and why we can’t use the money for the jail. This is a two-cent tourism tax from 1993. This tax generates approximately $200,000.00 per year and is collected from motels, hotels, restaurants, cafes, cafeterias and similar establishments within the city to sustain Brinkley’s Convention Center. According to the ballot from 1993, this was not proposed as a temporary tax and an election will have to be held to repeal the tax. The amount generated by this tax yearly, would not pay back the proposed bond in the time allowed. Brinkley citizens are not only voting to build a jail, they are voting for the ability to feel safe in their homes and on our city streets. Vote YES on August 8, 2017 to making our community safer and keeping our tax dollars in our city.

Ridout Lumber Company at 915 South Main Street in Brinkley was burglarized and purposely set on fire over the 4th of July holiday weekend. Brinkley Fire Department responded to the fire at approximately 6 a.m. on July 3, 2017. Brinkley Police Detective Brandy Quinn was also requested to investigate the fire. Brinkley Police Department is being assisted by the Arkansas State Police Fire Investigation Division and the Criminal Investigation Division. During the investigation, evidence was found that Ridout Lumber company was burglarized in the early morning of July 2, 2017 and then an area of the store was intentionally set on fire in the morning of July 3, 2017. There is currently a $5,000.00 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. If anyone has any information, please contact Sgt. Brandy Quinn at Brinkley Police Department, (870) 734-3434.

Congratulations to Judy Brown! You are the winner of the "Glory Be"! Thanks to everyone who supported your Brinkley Officers and the recipient of the College Scholarship from our ticket sales.

We are all praying for loved ones of Lt. Weatherford and for our brothers and sisters at Newport Police Department.

Raffle tickets can be purchased from any Officer or Dispatcher of Brinkley Police Department! Tickets can also be purchased at City Hall at the dispatch office any time. Proceeds will fund a scholarship for a Brinkley High School Graduate and contribute to the Officer's Discretionary Fund. Thanks so much to Brinkley's Scrap Happy Quilt Club for donating this beautiful quilt!

We'd like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped this evening for their fast response and excellent work! Thanks to Brinkley Fire Department, Brinkley Street Department, Arkansas State Police, Monroe County Sheriff's Department, Office of Emergency Management, Landon's Towing, Roberts' Tree Service, Lewis Tree Service, Nick and Jacob Quinn, Arkansas State Highway Department, Entergy Servicemen, AT&T Servicemen, and anyone else who helped! There is some property damage, but no reported injuries at this time. It's so nice to serve a community where everyone comes together in a time of need!

There are lines down and debris blocking South Main Street at the intersection with West Spruce, there is also a blockage on South Carter between White Oak and Maple, and a blockage at Maple and South New York Street. Please avoid all travel if possible, but especially on the streets mentioned. Brinkley Officers, Brinkley Fire Department, Monroe County Sheriff's Department, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Highway Department, Brinkley Street Department and several volunteers are working to clear up the roadways. We will post when all is clear. Thank you for your cooperation.

Virgil Gettis, 85, of Brinkley was bound and robbed late Sunday evening at his home. While we are searching for the person of interest in this case, anyone having information should contact Brinkley Police Department at (870) 734-3434.