Monroe County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Monroe County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 200 South Main Street, Clarendon, 72029 AR
  • Chief:
Phone: (870) 747-3811

Monroe County Sheriff's Office is located at 200 South Main Street, Clarendon, 72029 AR. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office phone number is (870) 747-3811.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office News

Recovered Property

Message from Sheriff, Michael K. Neal

The Monroe County Sheriff Department is responding to an assistance call in Prairie County of a missing 9year old on the White River.

Here's the improvements we've been working on at the Monroe County Jail. Please LIKE and SHARE our video on your pages so everyone in the county can see what we've been doing.

ATTENTION: We are aware of the threat that has been made against "chs" we are actively investigating this matter but it is unfounded at this time. Everything that we have found shows that the threat originated in new mexico several days ago against another "chs" high school . At this time there is no need for alarm at all and rest assure that we will keep everyone updated..

Cooking boston butts that the clarendon cheerleaders sold to raise money.

Welcome Spring! Sheriff, Michael K. Neal

Welcome Spring-Sheriff Michael K. Neal

My New School Safety Plan

My New Plan For School Safety

Please say a prayer tonight for everyone effected in today’s tragedy in Florida. Sad day in America.

We are now accepting applications for a full time dispatcher. Must be able to pass a background check and drug screening. Must be able to work any shift including nights and weekends. Shifts are subject to change. High school diploma or GED required. Pick up applications at the Monroe county sheriff's department.

This handgun was stolen earlier this morning from a vehicle park at a house on hwy 49. Any information on the whereabouts or persons responsible for this theft please let the Phillips County Sheriffs office or Monroe County Sheriffs Office know.

Updates at Monroe County Jail by Sheriff, M.K. Neal

A lot of the snow is gone from our roads now. There are a few patches here and there. And a lot of people think we are in the clear. That’s not the case! This is one of the most dangerous times now! You think it’s is all gone but it’s not. There is still moisture on the roads and bridges! Tonight when the sun sets this will become black ice! Please if you must get out tonight or early in the morning leave in plenty of time to get where your going. Just remember speed kills on ice!!

Hwy 302

Hwy 49 outside Brinkley!

17 from 79 to Brinkley

79 @ Roe Hill’s

Hwy 79 White River bridge!! At 1:56 pm

Ok guys we will be going live in about 3 mins, so if you have scanners on you can turn those on to hear the bolo or just watch the live.

Ok guus, trying to figure out how to do a fb live video for the ones without scanners so it wont be at 830, will keep you updated on the new time.

Okay all you guys with scanners, tune in at 830, we will be doing a santa BOLO for the kids to hear. Merry Christmas everyone.