Bearden Police Department

  • Agency: Bearden Police Department
  • Address: 10 North 2nd St, Bearden, 71720 AR
  • Chief: Mitchell Pate (Chief of Police)
Phone: (870) 687-3413

Bearden Police Department is located at 10 North 2nd St, Bearden, 71720 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Mitchell Pate. The Bearden Police Department phone number is (870) 687-3413.

Bearden Police Department News

It's almost time! Looking forward to seeing everyone out at the Gazebo park! And don't forget to go support the Bearden Ball League at their haunted house before you head home!!

Someone is calling around claiming to be from PCH again. They claim you've won and that you need to send money from nearest Walmart to get the prize. This won't happen if you actually win. I listened in on a conversation and the man became very rude and vulgar when he realized the person he called was on to him. Sadly people fall for this so please share.

The burn ban for Ouachita County has been lifted.

The haunted house in downtown Bearden starts tonight. We encourage everyone to please drive safely and slow down through that area. Watch for people walking near the event especially children. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time!!

Ouachita County is now under a burn ban.

Ok here is what I'm going to say about today and it might make some folks mad and that's fine but I'm going to set it straight regardless! The Bearden School was NEVER on lock down today nor was any student in any danger therefore the school was under no obligations to send an alert out! If the school had been on lock down and students were at risk that place would've been covered up with police from multiple agencies not just two officers like today! When a department is investigating anything that has to do with a juvenile the public will not be told any details because one it's an investigation and two because it involves a juvenile unless there is a serious threat in which there wasn't. No items were found inside of the school and no items were given back to parents like the crap on Facebook suggest!! Facebook can be a great tool but as was proven tonight it can also cause a lot of unnecessary issues that could've been avoided by just asking first! You may not be given all the details when you ask but could've had a piece of mind before panic was spread!!

If your driving on 79 you will notice a lot of smoke south of the Millville turn off on the north bound side. This is a controlled burn.

Phone scammers are once again calling local residents claiming to be from the IRS. They are telling residents that money is owed and they have a certain amount of time to pay or they will be arrested. Please do not give them any personal information nor send them money! The IRS will never contact you by phone nor will they ask for personal information. Sadly people do fall for this so please share and tell family and neighbors.

ATTENTION: We've had several different reports of a male subject(s) in a silver mini van going to people's houses trying to sell vacuums. Most of the reports have been from residents just outside the city limits so far. The subject(s) are reportedly asking if they can enter the home. Please remember to never let anyone inside your home and don't be afraid to ask for proper identification. If they are a legit salesman then they should be able to produce some kind of company ID or documentation. If you see this van or it stops at your house please contact the Bearden Police Department at 687-3413 or the Ouachita County Sheriff's Department at 231-5300.

I was advised yesterday that someone is taking the empty milk crates that are left outside the Bearden School cafeteria. These are left outside for the delivery man to pickup when he makes his delivery. The school has to pay for the crates that were taken. This is theft of property and charges can be filed if the person is identified. If you took these crates thinking they were being thrown away, please return them to the school.

We decided to post about the parking for the football games. We ask that everyone enter through the gate on North Plum and park facing the wood line at opposite end of field which is shown in green on the picture. The yellow marking is the gate at the other end which will be used for exiting the field only. The blue line indicates the handicap parking area which is along the fence on the North Plum end and also along the gate by the entrance to the field. The red lines along North Plum are no parking and are marked as so by signs along the road. Hopefully this will help clear up and confusion about how and where to park.

Remember that passing a stopped school bus in either direction when it's alternating red flashing lights are activated while loading and unloading is illegal and dangerous. If anyone sees someone passing a bus please report it to local law enforcement.

We all know school is starting back Monday and that means school traffic. Please remember that speed limits on North Plum, School Street and Jordan are posted 20MPH. This is the speed limit at all times around the school not just in mornings and afternoons. These children depend on us to be adults and do the right thing. They will be busy being kids, running, playing and having fun as they should. Also remember to not use electronic devices while driving. One change from last year for parents picking up their children on North Plum is there will be no parking between Jordan and Fourth Street anymore. This was causing the intersection problems at the four way. Parents will still park along North Plum up to Fourth Street then down Fourth Street.

Our prayers go out to the family of Lt. Kevin Mainhart of the Yell County Sheriff's Department. This Arkansas hero was shot and killed in the line of duty. We also pray for the families of the other two victims of this tragic event.